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A Shift In Creative Industry – Expert Survey


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Key findings of Trendbuero's expert survey about the future of the creative industry (focused on Europe and Asia)

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A Shift In Creative Industry – Expert Survey

  1. 1. Trendbüro Asia-Pacific 2007-10-10 A Shift In Creative Industry Expert Survey Key Findings >> 1
  2. 2. Q1: In the next five years, which countries will be the most important for the CI in a global context? 60% 40% 20% 0% CHINA USA JAPAN GERMANY UNITED KINGDOM INDIA Key Findings >> 2
  3. 3. Q2: Which factors are responsible for the growing importance of the CI? 43% Fashionisation of Commodities 37% Design Becoming the Next Competitive Advantage 25% Increasing Need for Unique and Customised Products 23% Use Design to Simplify Functions of Complex Products 21% Global Shift Towards an Entertainment Society Key Findings >> 3
  4. 4. Q3: What are the five most important drivers of change for the CI in Europe? – The growing importance of Intellectual Property Rights and the adoption of industry standards on a global level is causing further internationalisation of the CI. – Increasing competition and the availability of information, finance and resources are making design the USP and giving well-designed products a competitive advantage. – Global network of consumers and a shift towards digital lifestyle requires the CI to get even closer to the individual and get even more interdisciplinary. – Enduring saturation of mass markets and the economic empowerment of developing countries will make niche markets and customised solutions more important. – Decreasing product quality due to rapid development and shorter lifecycles are triggering a counter trend where people desire quality and locally produced goods. Key Findings >> 4
  5. 5. Q4: What are main impacts of these changes? – Increasing global convergence of culture, concepts and trends require improvement of intercultural competence from companies as well as the their ability to ignite desire for global values and visions. – It is better to be the first with a good-enough solution than the last with a perfection one. To satisfy increasing demands of consumers with limited purchasing power, companies should focus on quality and the basic functionality of products. – Product lifecycles are evolving. To keep pace with increasing consumer demands and rapidly changing product environments, products are continuously tested, improved, and marketed. Beta markets are the new mass markets. – Fields such as biology, technology, social science and artificial intelligence are increasingly important in the development of consumer-oriented solutions in a complex and continuously changing environment. Key Findings >> 5
  6. 6. Q5: Which brands, products or concepts are pioneering the CI today and in the future? Key Findings >> 6
  7. 7. Q6: Where will the fertile grounds for innovation in the CI be in the future? 77% Digital Communication 56% Entertainment and Event Marketing 32% Advertisement 21% Biology/Biotechnology 15% Energy and Environment 12% Interface Design Key Findings >> 7
  8. 8. Q7: Which parts of the CI will grow the most within the next three years? Advertisement Internet Mobile Communication Interface Design Technology Education Visual Arts Video Games Design Architecture Key Findings >> 8
  9. 9. Q8: What are challenges the CI face today and in the immediate future? 57% Slow Unification of Laws vs. Quick Globalization of Design 43% Disparity Between Purchasing Power and Higher Consumer Demands 38% Lack of Cultural Understanding 24% Open-Source Culture Key Findings >> 9
  10. 10. Q9: Which fields within the CI are facing the most difficulties? 67% Music and Film Industry 58% Classic Forms of Advertising 38% Print Publishing 23% Fashion 12% Fine Arts Key Findings >> 10
  11. 11. Q10: Which current examples best illustrate how the CI is changing? – Consumers are more involved in product development, becoming co-producers. – Classic product lifecycles turn into a continuously evolving process, e.g. American Idol (research, development and promotion are occurring the same time). – Design is becoming the crucial competitive advantage. iPod created a new product category where traditional mp3 players cannot compete. – Customers promote their favorite brands and products via platforms like YouTube. But these platforms need creative minds providing content that is worth sharing. Key Findings >> 11
  12. 12. Research Design – Trend Farm, Beijing: an expert workshop was conducted with 12 experts from the CI with working experience in the EU/USA/Asia attending – Online Expert Survey: 78 experts from the CI in the EU/Asia participated in the survey – Visionairs Studio, Berlin: a one-week workshop during the Creative Industry Conference in Berlin with 10 experts from the CI from the EU/Asia attended Key Findings >> 12
  13. 13. ©2007 Thank you! Trendbüro Asia | Europe Dirk Jehmlich General Manager Asia-Pacific Trendbüro #2108 Xintai Building | 8 Xiaguangli | Chaoyang District | 100016 Beijing | China Email: | Contact >> 13