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The future Infrastructure of IOT


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The time to develop IOT infrastructure is now. Find out about the innovating strategies for transforming today's cities into tomorrow's smart and sustainable cities, through Narrowband IoT, and which are the main industries it impacts.

Author: Bogdan Nitulescu, CTO of Tremend Software Consulting

Presentation held at the "Different City - Smart City International Conference", Bucharest, Romania

Published in: Technology
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The future Infrastructure of IOT

  1. 1. Tremend Software Consulting The future infrastructure of IoT BogdanNitulescu CTO November4rd2016
  2. 2. Smart cities live on wireless networks: • Easy to deploy • City-wide range • No cables needed Utilities Smart meters Parking Traffic sensors Health care Medical devices Lighting Environment Sensors Security Detectors and alarms Industry Asset trackers Low Power Wide Area Networks
  3. 3. • Technology already deployed: 2G, 3G, 4G • National coverage, fast networks. • Built for smartphones, not sensors • Barriers: - expensive devices - expensive SIM cards and data plans - battery - low signal in hard to access places Why are we not already there?
  4. 4. • “Things” don’t need fast Internet • They need low cost and coverage New wireless technologies NB IoT Cat M1
  5. 5. • Low hardware cost. Adds 4€ per device** • Low communication cost • 10 year battery. Zero maintenance needed. • NB-IoT power boost. Signal reaches basements. • 10-30 km range • 50.000 devices in a cell Advantages
  6. 6. • Smart parking Parking sensors in the road • Smart lighting Light, traffic, air quality sensors in each pole • Waste management Smart garbage bins call back when filled up New use cases - Smart City
  7. 7. • Water and gas meters Read meters, close valves, detect tampering and theft • Agriculture Measure soil and track animals Used now in Romania and Moldova • Retail Track packages and items sold New use cases - Smart Economy
  8. 8. • Health Care Monitor patient activity • Security Access control and alarms Easy to deploy on wide areas • Home and office Control A/C, heating, lighting Setup is no longer complex No hub needed anymore New use cases - Smart Life
  9. 9. • Right now - major operators are doing pilots across Europe • Narrowband IoT - fast to deploy, only a soft- ware upgrade • Expect to have coverage everywhere, soon The time for development is now Coming to Romania in 2017
  10. 10. Automotive Vehicle communication IoT IoT platform for watering control Oil and Gas Sensor network in low coverage areas Selected projects @Tremend
  11. 11. • Smart connected devices controlling irrigation • User friendly mobile applications • Sprinkler network managed from one central place Case study - Rain Machine
  12. 12. Software solutions. Delivered as intended. Tremend is the technical partner you can trust for implementing your vision. 11+ years of software development 300+ high complexity projects 60+ million users of our solutions Clients in 15 countries on 3 continents 20 internationally awarded projects 5 global car manufacturers served Top EU telecom clients Banking expertise