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Grenfell-Muir CV Jun 2015


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Grenfell-Muir CV Jun 2015

  1. 1. 1 Trelawney Jean Grenfell-Muir 45 W Plain St Apt 1 Wayland, MA 01778 (617) 922-7358 Education 7/14. Boston University, University Professors Program; Ph.D. in Conflict Studies & Religion; courses include Islamist Movements and the Middle East, Multiple Modernities of Religion and International Relations, Islamic Political Movements and U.S. Policy, Sociology of Religion, Religion and Globalization, Zionism and the State of Israel, Religion, Ethnicity, and Conflict, and Religion and Conflict Transformation; Comprehensive Examinations completed in: Religion and International Relations, Religion and Conflict, Comparative Religion and Theologies of Dialogue, and Islam in the Middle East and Africa. Dissertation used interviews of clergy in Northern Ireland to examine methods, limitations, and effectiveness of grassroots peacebuilding in the local parish setting in conversation with political science and social science theories of multi- track diplomacy, statebuilding, power, identity, leadership, and intergroup relations. Additional analysis of interviews with religious leaders/scholars in Lebanon and Syria to be published separately. 5/04. Boston University School of Theology; M.Div. (summa cum laude) 12/98. Harvard University Extension School Course, The History of Medicine. 6/96. University of Minnesota; B.A., Biology – Preparatory Medicine. 6/93. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Biology. Work/Research Experience 1/15-Present. Adjunct Professor, Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance, University of Massachusetts, Boston. Design and teach graduate level course on Cross-Cultural Conflict. Course uses theories from the fields of International Relations, Political Science, Social Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Ethics to explore the topics of culture and conflict. Specifically, it examines identity, nationalism, ethnocentrism, intergroup dynamics, collective hate, the role of religion and gender in conflict and peacebuilding, and how to equip peacebuilders for negotiation, mediation, dialogue, and diplomacy work in cultural conflicts. 5/07-7/08. Doctoral Research, Religion and Conflict in Northern Ireland and Lebanon. Research the role of local clergy in ameliorating inter-communal conflict by their influence on laity via interpreting religious symbols/traditions, attitudes toward identity formation (constructivist vs. primordialist), and attitudes toward nation-state formation (state’s ability to represent multiple religious communities equally) and security (state vs. human). Discusses the roles of theology, personality, and experience in shaping clergy beliefs and activities among a range of activism levels, constraints on activism, and develops a typography of activist efforts. Explores questions of efficacy based on theories of social power, outgroup contact, diplomacy, and governance. Includes interviewing
  2. 2. 2 clergy, surveying laity, attending political conferences and rallies, and meeting with politicians, educators, activists, and various peace efforts. 1/12-5/13. Lecturer and Teaching Assistant, Boston University School of Theology. With Rodney Petersen and Raymond Helmick, S.J., designed and co-taught courses on International Conflict and the Ministry of Reconciliation. Took students to the United Nations Headquarters to tour the complex, speak with representatives at the Church Center for the United Nations, and discuss the intersection of religion, conflict/peace, and global governance. Lectured on Patriarchy, Gender, and the application of gender analysis to studies the following topics: Global Economics and International Conflict; The United Nations and Global Governance; The Role of Environmental Ethics in Global Conflicts; Theories of Church and State in Light of Imperialism, Militarism, Economic Injustice, and Diversity; Non-Violent forms of Social Power; Secularization, Secularism, and their Impact on Diplomacy and International Relations; Public Theology; Theologies of Religions and their Implications for Dialogue and Peacebuilding; Humility as an Interfaith Virtue and its Sociological/Psychological Role in Peacebuilding; Mission as Peacebuilding; Racism and the Prison System; Interfaith Dialogue as a Means of Healing and Empowerment of Religious Communities; 9/03 – 4/08. Young Adult Minister, College Ave United Methodist Church/Tufts University. Organize programming for young adults age 18-40 including: Facilitate discussions and weekly small group studies on topics including: inter-group intolerance; restorative justice; the death penalty; just war theory/pacifism; conflict zones (including Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland); Islam and the Middle East; racism, sexism, ageism, handicappism, heterosexism, classism; environmental ethics; human sexuality; Facilitate and mediate dialogues using Affirmative Inquiry to address conflicts within the church; Organize/lead rallies, gatherings, marches, letter writing campaigns, and petitions for cease-fire and peace in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Darfur, and for promotion of equality and justice in response to issues of race (Jena), gender (V-day, Take Back the Night), and marriage equality. As Mentor to the Tufts Protestant Student Fellowship group, I also facilitated Tufts University discussions including: world religion, inter-ethnic conflict, environmental ethics, queer theology, and feminist theology. 5/05-6/05. Research course: Religion and Conflict in Lebanon and Syria. Invited participant. Research conflict and promote reconciliation with a group of seminary colleagues. Included interviewing patriarchs from major churches in Lebanon and Syria, leaders of AMAL and Hizballah, visiting Palestinian refugee camp, religious schools, churches, mosques, monasteries, and communities, and participating in Muslim-Christian dialogues. 5/03 – 9/03. Intern, Church of Ireland, Newcastle, Northern Ireland. Research conflict and promote reconciliation. Included networking with local politicians, church leaders, and community leaders, participating in rallies and peace efforts, designing and implementing youth curriculum to inform and encourage tolerance, preaching, visitation, and conflict mediation. 6/02 – 8/02. Chaplain, Camp Aldersgate, Gloucester, RI. Train staff and lead programs, including exercises on inter-religious and inter-cultural diversity, group cohesion, diverse forms of spirituality, mediating stress and conflict; promote positive atmosphere among diverse campers and staff; counsel/mentor staff on personal and spiritual issues.
  3. 3. 3 12/01 – 5/02. Research Assistant for Dr. Jensine Andresen, Boston University. Assist in compiling and editing research on genetics and ethics for publication. 5/00 – 8/01. PreClinical Manager/Laboratory Manager/Safety Officer/IACUC Chair, InfiMed Therapeutics, Inc. Write SOP’s, animal protocols, reports, abstracts and data presentation; interview, hire, train and supervise 4-6 employees; oversee in-house and contract pre-clinical study design and implementation; project management; design, implement and oversee IACUC program. 1/98 – 4/00. Research Assistant II/Laboratory Manager: laboratory of Dr. Cindy Lemere, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Independent research in neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic brain injury. 3/96 – 1/97. Undergraduate research thesis/Senior Laboratory Technician: laboratory of Dr. Russell Johnson, Dept. of Microbiology, Univ of MN Medical School. RFLP analysis of Flagellin genes in strains of the Lyme disease bacterium B. burgdorferi. Publications Like the Teeth of the Comb: Leaders in Inter-Religious Tolerance in Lebanon and Syria. Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue (May 2, 2009). articles/like-the-teeth-of-the-comb-leaders-in-inter-religious-tolerance-in-lebanon-and- syria-by-trelawney-grenfell-muir/ “Lebanon: Hope Amid the Storm,” in Overcoming Violence: Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding, ed. Rodney Petersen & Marian Simion (Newton Centre: Boston Theological Institute, 2010), 302-304. Temporal Accrual of Complement Proteins in Amyloid Plaques in Down’s Syndrome with Alzheimer’s Disease. Sarah E. Stoltzner, Trelawney J. Grenfell, Chica Mori, Krystyna E. Wisniewski, Thomas M. Wisniewski, Dennis J. Selkoe and Cynthia A. Lemere. (American Journal of Pathology. 2000;156:489-499.) Copyright © 2000 American Society for Investigative Pathology: Regular Articles Nasal administration of amyloid- peptide decreases cerebral amyloid burden in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Howard L. Weiner, MD 1, Cynthia A. Lemere, Ms, PhD 1, Ruth Maron, PhD 1, Edward T. Spooner, BS 1, Trelawney J. Grenfell, BA 1, Chica Mori, BA 1, Shohreh Issazadeh, PhD 1, Wayne W. Hancock, MD, PhD, FRCPA 2, Dennis J. Selkoe, MD 1(Annals of Neurology. 2000: 48(4) 567-579.) Copyright © 2000 American Neurological Association The AMY Antigen Co-Occurs with Aß and Follows Its Deposition in the Amyloid Plaques of Alzheimer's Disease and Down Syndrome. Cynthia A. Lemere, Trelawney J. Grenfell and Dennis J. Selkoe. (American Journal of Pathology. 1999;155:29-37.) Copyright © 1999 American Society for Investigative Pathology: Short Communication Research Conference Presentations The JustPeace Triad: How Local Clergy Peacebuilders Influence the Peace Process in Northern Ireland. Boston College, New England-Maritimes American Academy of Religion Conference, March 2015.
  4. 4. 4 Deadly Zeal: the striking similarities between Ian Paisley and Osama bin Laden. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Christ in Cultures Conference, Sept 2006. Immunohistochemical analysis of A-beta, alpha synuclein, APP, gliosis, tau, and neurofilament in brain following head trauma. American Alzheimers Association, Regional Conference, Massachusetts General Hospital, 2000. Reduced incidence of inflammatory proteins co-occurring with Aß plaques in Alzheimer’s mice following nasal administration of amyloid peptide. Fidelity Investments: personal presentation to President Ned Johnson (donor), 2000. Immunohistochemical analysis of Aß, ßAPP, GFAP, tau, neurofilament and α-synuclein in human brain following head trauma. Society for Neuroscience, Annual Conference, 1999 Accrual of Aß-associated proteins in plaques in the PD-APP transgenic mouse brain. Society for Neuroscience, Annual Conference, 1998. Invited Lectures Fall 2014- Present Harvard University, Religions and the Practice of Peace colloquium: Regular Discussant on topics related to religion, conflict, and peacebuilding; Presented lectures on topics related to the ongoing violence and peace efforts in Northern Ireland and the role of women’s peacebuilding efforts in the Middle East. Sep 2013. Crawford Memorial UMC: Theologies of Humility and Inclusiveness as tools for Peacebuilding. Sep 2012. Boston University, Anna Howard Shaw Center: Exorcising our Inner Demons: Theology and Practice of Self-Love in a World that Negates Women. Oct 2012. Boston University, Religion and Conflict Transformation annual retreat: How to connect communication strategies to the scientific study of conflict transformation. Feb 2012. Boston University, Religion and Conflict Transformation Program and ThECOlogy group: The ethics of how women are portrayed in media. Apr 2012. Boston University, Anna Howard Shaw Center: Ministry of Gender Empowerment: "Miss Representation," and how churches can offer an alternate narrative to the violent sexism in our mainstream media culture today. Nov 2011. Boston University. Panelist, “What’s Faith Got to do with It?” A Conversation about Race, Gender, Economics, Social Justice, and the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Sep 07- May 09. Boston Area Rape Crisis Center: Topics related to Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women. Mar 2007. MIT Multicultural Conference: The Role of Religion in Conflicts. Winter 2004. Boston College. Conflict in Northern Ireland. Spring 2004. Boston University. Religion, Ethnicity, and Conflict. Fall 2003. Boston University Religion and Conflict Transformation Program: The Role of Religion in the Northern Ireland Conflict. Mar 2002. Boston University, Bioethics conference, moderator for sessions on Genetic Engineering and Cloning.
  5. 5. 5 Scholarships/Fellowships 2004-2014. University Professors Program Merit Scholarships 2004-2009. Frank and Bertha Howard Fellowships, B.U. School of Theology July 2006. Boston University Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs: Scholarship recipient and invited scholar for course on Religion and Globalization 2005 Alan and Elise Williams Fund 2005-2006. H.B. Earhart Fellowship 2001-2004. B.U. School of Theology Merit Scholarships Highest Level Awards 1992-1993. National Merit Scholar Professional Societies/Student Organizations 2006-present. Boston University Social Science and Religion Network 2008-present. Boston University ThECOlogy Group 2001-present. Boston University Anna Howard Shaw Center 2002-present. American Academy of Religion 2002-2004. Boston University Theological Students Association; President 03-04 1997-1999. Society for Neuroscience