Physical Therapy Junior Paper


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Physical Therapy Junior Paper

  1. 1. Physical Therapy Tre D Knight 12/9/2011
  2. 2. Knight1 You get hurt on the football field, basketball court, or even the job, maybe any activityyou may do that ends you up in an injury.The doctors have given up, some may have told you,and there is no chanceyou’rewalkingagain. You can call a physical therapist to guide youthrough your situation. Don’t think that your experience means they cannot do anything for you;there are physical therapist for all needs. Physical therapists keep the world moving. Physical therapists, P.T’s for short, are professionals.The word “professionals”means thatthey are trained and skilled, to help even individuals who think they can do everything on theirown. They are professionals who diagnose and treat individuals of all ages. Theseprofessionalsthey have to have now a post bachelor’s degree; in the past all they needed was acertified diploma. Those who went for their Masters will have to spend up to 2 years in aphysical therapy program. See now if you want to just be a P.T Assistant all you have to do is go2 years for yourMaster’s, which is what it used to be to be for a physical therapist. To be aphysical therapist you must spend up to three years in that program and have a Doctorate’sdegree in it. All stateshave regulations to practice physical therapy.You must have one of thesedegrees and passing scores on all state examinations. It’s hard being a physical therapist(physical). Physical therapists try to make a difference that impacts you day to day. They try to makea difference by encouraging you through exercise. They are not just there to increase yourmobility and you endurance to get around in daily life, but also to motivate you to keep trying.Physical therapy is not all peachy, from personal experience. Most people don’t understand, butmost patients make the job hard on the physical therapist, because of what they cannot do. Forexample, there this man at the Wake Med rehab and he could not talk or walk, since he could doneither, every day they would try to get him to exercise and all he did was cry because of what
  3. 3. Knight2he was going through, but when you look there was a therapist always encouraging him, that hecan do it, when I came back two weeks later, he was exercising his legs, but not only that he wassinging too. So a physical therapist work with patients instead of giving up on them, cause givingup on themwon’t do any better. Physical therapist is patient, because patient with mind to donothing want help at all. Physical therapist jobs can be physically demanding, because thetherapist may have to stoop, kneel, and crouch, lift, and stand for long periods. Indeed not onlyare patients doing a great deal of exercise, so is the therapist. Reason I say this is becausestretching legs, holding legs and standing up people for a certain time is a hard job, reallyphysical have to exercise and make sure that they keep in shape. It you don’t understand,physical therapist focuses mostly on decreasing pain and increasing mobility. ( I don’t want to travel each day to a hospital for rehab, you may say. I have an answer foryou, physical therapist work all over, they do house visits, clinics, rehabs, rest homes, hospitalsand etc... Physical therapist often can travel from state to state, showing now techniques, andlearning now ways to do something’s. Physical therapists are also teachers to P.T.A’s (physicaltherapist assistants). The physical make up to $24- $75 an hour working in an facility with othersand $75-$105 an hour working on their hour. The work they do show that they deserve it.Physical therapist come all over, those that travel stay in different places of the U.S, like duringmy interview the physical therapist says she has people working in her facility from SouthCarolina, the beaches, and they work all week and go home on the weekends, those are somededicated individuals. The week for them may be rough, but the money they make is worth it. ( ) As I was shadowing Ivy, I saw a lot of things, like I seen individuals climbing stairs andwalking around on walkers. Some were riding the bike, which is use to put strength back in therefeet and legs. They have this machine that is used for people that cannot walk, it is made to hold
  4. 4. Knight3them up and put weight back into there hips. Many of my think physical therapist are juststretching or exercising there patients muscles, when really they have them stand up, walkaround exercising there bones. There were so many who could only move their hands, who couldonly get out of the bed if someone, took them out bed with a lift machine. Physical just don’t useexercising machines they also use his device that stimulates the muscles and bring back feelingin the muscles. I talk too few of the patients; they said that the therapy is fantastic, but they needa few more things in there rehab to help more people in there mobility. I actually have a personal experience with physical therapy. One day my grandfather waspainting the house and he was home alone, he fell off the ladder. He broke his neck in threeplaces. The doctors told him that many people that went through what he did don’t live. Thisaccident left him paralyzed. He came through surgery, stayed in the wake med rehab for 6months, doing stretches and exercise with some of the best physical therapist. I went maybe toeveryday, until school started to rehab with him, because they encouraged family members toattend physical therapy, to show that they care. The people I seen when I went, couldn’t walk, sohad no feeling in their legs, arms, etc. someone had to do everything for them. I actually got tointeract; I got to stretch him and help bring strength in his muscles. The thing about it is youcould tell that the people enjoy what they did.” No matter the amount of money, if I can makedifference for one person will be enough”. I seen men and women that who thought they wouldnever walk, walking and getting around. What really showed me that they enjoy what they do, iswhen one of their rehab patients, came to visit that had a similar accident as my grandfather,because they loved what they do and never gave up on him. He came in walking, not rolling,drove his own self to the rehab, thanking them for all they done. My grandfather he couldn’t liftone leg. When they put the muscle stimulator on his legs, now he can lift both legs. He can move
  5. 5. Knight4both of his arms, hands, see when he started out he had no feeling in his hands, couldn’t evenbend his fingers, he can turn his neck. He cannot walk, but we yet believe he will. Let me be real,because of God giving the physical therapist the brains, he is doing better. Physical therapists not only help patients, they also help the family by teaching the familyhow to stretch the individual. The family is taught how to turn their loved one. I was taught howto stand him up and hold my grandfather. Physical therapists teach you how to be patient withyour loved one and how to take all the weight off of you. Physical therapist also teach the patienthow to go to the bathroom, if you don’t know when you mess up your spine you lose all controlof your muscles and you don’t use the bathroom when you want to, now you use it whenever itwants too. See they also show the family how to properly push the waste out of the individual’sbody. The ultimate goal of a physical therapist is a least every day inspire, motivate, encourageone person. Like today we are going to pick my grandfather up from the rest home that he istaking physical therapy at. They don’t help your loved in the vehicle you have to do it. I thankGod that Kelly, the head physical therapist at wake med taught us how to properly use the hoyerlift. Even though it’s a struggle using a pump hoyer, at least we know how to make it easy on ourself. Before I forget physical therapist also help people who haven’t walked in a while andhaven’t drive a car, how to get in a car easily. The great thing about the rehab is it looks like acity, teaching people how to get around in the daily life. Places that look like general store,gyms, golf course, those are the great things they use to help you. Physical therapy is a difficult job, you know that means we have to make a decision onwhat to do to help an individual to gain there mobility back. Sometimes what they do may notwork out for them, that’s when it becomes difficult, to see a person leave back out in the statethey came in. don’t be fooled, because like the man who came back to show how great process
  6. 6. Knight5has come, that is really a reward. ”Am I my brother’s keeper”, yes i do really believe that, that iswhat a physical therapist are mostly labeled. Many may think well there job easy or I can do itmyself, I thought that, but I found out that it isn’t.Before I close, when I’m immobile, I can counton a physical therapist to do the job.