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FAO: Community Managers (and their brand bosses)


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There's no denying a Community Manager is a must have position for every brand in the social space.

In this short presentation we outline how this role is changing...

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FAO: Community Managers (and their brand bosses)

  1. 1. FAO: COMMUNITY MANAGERS (And their brand bosses)
  2. 2. 10:30AM 100% Setting editorial / content calendars Reporting analytics Responding directly to consumers Handling crisis management Setting strategy and holding creative briefings Provide creative & strategic insights Creating content Liasing with agencies & business Community Manager Online There’s no denying a Community Manager - CM - is a must have position for every brand in the social space. It’s a role - as you can see - that arguably has the most diverse range of responsibilities in the whole of the digital industry. Therefore it’s little wonder every brand has its own definition and view of a CM. Subsequently, the ways in which brands approach, use and support CM’s, varies. 12:00
  3. 3. Reasons why: Given the obvious and ever growing importance of community managers. Many leading brands have rightly identified that the best place for community management, is IN-HOUSE. 547k 900k Following In reply... It’s about time! If the community manager operates outside of the brand, than it can become a silo. They need to be integrated & connected to key business functions. I agree. The crossover of disciplines such as internal PR, customer support and product development, means community management is a skill best kept in-house. CM’s need to be always on, and fast to react. External agencies not only cost a lot to be ‘always on’, but their unavoidable distance from the brand means they are not always able to take swift action and seize brand opportunities.
  4. 4. Bringing #CommunityManagement in-house, combined with another key trend of needing to empower CM’s with evermore content - at an ever increasing speed. Has led to the client-agency relationship inevitably needing to change. 8.2 Likes 335 Comments 217 Shares CommentLike Share
  5. 5. Where brands once heavily relied upon big agencies for their digital and social content. They now realise that smaller agencies are better suited to their content needs - by being more aligned with the fast paced nature of the digital and social world.
  6. 6. There’s the age-old axiom that out of better, faster, cheaper, you can only have two. Wendy Clarke CEO of Omnicom’s DDB The new model, in the next few years, will be to create great work at the speed of the marketplace at an efficient cost. Those days are over.
  7. 7. THE ‘NEW MODEL’ IS FOCUSSED ON THE INCREASED USE OF SMALL AGENCIES. WHICH WHEN USED, WILL EMPOWER COMMUNITY MANAGERS, BY: - Allowing them to quickly turn their ideas into content. - Removing the frustrations of budget constraints. - Providing them with a direct source of fresh creative & strategic thinking, and a valuable external perspective. - Giving them realistic access to a greater range of specialist skills.
  8. 8. It’s time brands now focussed on enhancing the abilities of community managers, whilst at the same time easing some of the pressures they face. And it is through the use of small agencies, like us, that this can be best achieved.