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Water Matters


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In this UN year of water cooperation, it is important to examine what are some of the water issues humanity is facing and how important human cooperation is for dealing with these problems. This presentation has been created in particular for a drama education project 'The Water Reckoning'.

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Water Matters

  1. 1. WaterThings to think about!
  2. 2. Why Water?• Water is the source oflife• Humans are made up of60-70% water• We depend on waterfor our daily life• We often take it forgranted… until …
  3. 3. Water is part of earth’s naturalsystemsThe amount of water on earth always has been and always willremain the same
  4. 4. Amount of fresh water on the planet
  5. 5. Water – major 21st century local andglobal challenges
  6. 6. Increase in extreme water relatedweather events• Countries like Australiaand Indonesia haveseen an increase inheavy rainfalls, heatwaves and droughts;and similar patterns arebeing observedworldwide
  7. 7. Impact of rising sea levels
  8. 8. Clean water access & distribution• Water is always integralto the success or failureof a civilization• The amount ofclean, potable drinkingwater available topeople is not fairlydistributed around theplanet and cultures
  9. 9. Overcoming issues – humanrelationships and cooperation• Humans have overcomewater issues throughinvention, technologicalchange, throughmigration, and throughcooperation
  10. 10. Responding to hardship – can bringout the best in people
  11. 11. UN Year of Water Cooperation
  12. 12. Human relationships and cooperation• Future of water use andhumanity’s future• At the heart of dramaWhat can we do and what do we care about?• People• Place• Planet