Top Rated Scoliosis Doctors


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Top Rated Scoliosis Doctors

  1. 1. Top Rated Scoliosis DoctorsHaving scoliosis can be a difficult and trying time for many. There is so much information on the internetthat often patients and parents of children with scoliosis just want to know who the top rated scoliosisdoctors are and consult directly with them rather than wasting precious time with doctors who are lessexperienced and don not have the advanced training or heavy exposure to adolescent idiopathicscoliosis. The first criteria for understanding who the top rated scoliosis doctors are is to understandwhat type of treatment you are considering. The basic breakdown is scoliosis brace treatment versusnon-scoliosis brace treatment, pro-scoliosis surgery vs con-scoliosis surgery debates, or pro-active, earlystage scoliosis intervention treatment versus watching and waiting (observation only).As far as scoliosis brace treatment and scoliosis surgery goes I think my recommendation would be toconsult with your local medical doctor or pediatrician and flat out ask them who the best scoliosissurgeon is in your area. Often these doctors will know based on reputation and length of time they havebeen in your area. Doctors don’t usually personally make scoliosis braces so this is a little trickier basedon the fact that scoliosis brace makers termed orthotists are bit more hidden from the limelight ofmedia and public. For this category it may be best to consult the local orthopedic community to see whothey have gotten the best results with as far as rigid scoliosis brace for scoliosis.The non-scoliosis brace, non-scoliosis surgery doctors are limited and hard to decipher through all theinternet nonsense and marketing to this category. As far as chiropractors are concerned really the onlylegitimate group of doctors performing direct treatment for scoliosis, C.L.E.A.R. Institute chiropracticleadership education and research are the top rated doctors in this category. These doctors have muchmore training in scoliosis biomechanics and rehabilitation and have to pass very intense testing tobecome certified in this type of non surgical non bracing treatment for idiopathic scoliosis. Within theCLEAR Institute group there is a subgroup of elite doctors who are called Intensive Care Certified whichis essentially the highest level of training achievable within CLEAR Institute and the chiropracticprofession. Often general chiropractors and even standard certified CLEAR Institute doctors will referpatients to this specially trained group.In addition you may want to find out who the instructors are for the organization as well. These doctorstend to be the innovators and have the most experience and a more advanced skill set where resultsmay be increased with this small group. Obviously harder to get to them and you may have to travel butit may be worth it to have a non-scoliosis surgery, non- scoliosis brace approach stabilize the scoliosis tohalt progression and achieve a sustainable correction.I would stay away from the doctors whom “mix” different treatment philosophies. Many attempt tooffer everything from a dynamic brace (Spine Cor), to Scroth exercises, in addition to CLEAR Institutescoliosis treatment. These doctors often are not committed or not getting good results with a particularprogram so they dabble in everything in hopes of achieving some type of result. Throwing the kitchensink at a problem rarely is effective or providing a one stop shopping experience for the scoliosis patientis probably the wrong approach. You don’t go to your general dentist for a filling, braces, and gum
  2. 2. surgery or your family practitioner for antibiotics, a colonoscopy, and knee surgery. Also stay away fromdoctors that are pushy or try to convince you that their clinic is the only place to get good results.As far as proactive treatment for scoliosis the chiropractic group at is veryimpressive. Dr Clayton Stitzel and Dr Brian Dovorany both CLEAR trained Intensive doctors andinstructors are very knowledgeable with beating the odds as far as early stage scoliosis intervention.They have developed a very complete treatment model for early stage mild curvature which includesScoliscore genetic testing and neuromuscular based rehabilitation that trains the brain to “learn” how tohold the scoliosis spine in a straighter position. Most scoliosis experts and researchers agree that earlystage scoliosis intervention is ideal and can even halt progression and stabilize the scoliosis preventingthe need for more invasive treatments (scoliosis brace/scoliosis surgery) later on. The top rated scoliosis doctors are going to always be the leaders, the innovators, the doctors that arepioneering advancement for scoliosis treatment. Whether it is for a new scoliosis surgery procedure likevertebral body stapling (VBS), an advanced classification system for scoliosis, a new less invasive, moreeffective scoliosis brace, or a new non-scoliosis brace/ non-scoliosis surgery treatment strategy usingsound scientific principles, these are the top rated scoliosis doctors. These are the doctors that youshould chose to get the desired result because when it comes to scoliosis treatment and especially whenit comes to your child, who deserve the best chance at success.About the Author:Treating offers alternatives to scoliosis surgery when treating scoliosis of the spine inadults and children. Visit our site for more information on our non-invasive scoliosis treatment plans.