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Make Fifty Dollars


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How it Works

Published in: Technology, Business
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Make Fifty Dollars

  1. 1. “What are you willing to do for Fifty Dollars?”
  2. 2. Buy & sell“jobs” up to $50
  3. 3. Post a job you are willing to do I will: write reviews for two of your products for $10
  4. 4. First Step: Write a Leave Type the Select a description instructions for name and category that the buyer so they that clearly will know what price for best fits the states what they need to do your job job’s name your job will in order to help consist of fulfill the job Second Step: Provide tag descriptions, Include images separated by Enter the # of and/or video that commas. days it will take to will help promoteTags are used to help complete the job your job search for your job. Third Step (optional):FEATURE JOB: JOB EXTRAS:For an extra fee of $1, your Create up to three extras forjob will be “featured.” your job
  5. 5. ReviewerProd Purchase Now 10.00 $ Contact SellerIn less than 10 minutes, you can register at and create a job post. Also, your page displays several options to spread the news about your job!
  6. 6. Search and browse through dozens of available jobs!
  7. 7. Click the“Purchase Now” button Purchase Now $ Sent to PayPal or another payment system
  8. 8. Looks Great!The buyer confirms thejob has been completedand releases thepayment to the seller.