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  1. 1. Exchange HARRY POTTER
  2. 2. Fan Videos This video shows different fan reviews ofthe film and what they thought of it This shows a fan who is video blogging his thoughts on thefilm so that people can see others perspectives on the films.
  3. 3. AmazonThese images shown are showing amazon reviews onthe last harry potter DVD being sold on amazon. Thisexchange shows that even on websites selling productsthe audience can be influenced by other audiencemembers.
  4. 4. The Potter Pals YouTubewebsite is made by fans andcreates a musical puppet showfor people to access. They usethe characters out of harrypotter and create humorousvideos that people across theworld watch.
  5. 5. TwitterThe use of the twitter site createsanother platform for fans to belinked to the movie and its actors. Italso allows fans to express theirviews about Harry Potter foreveryone else to see.
  6. 6. FacebookThe Facebook page is used bythousands of fans and is theofficial site for Harry Potter.The use of this creates a linkbetween the characters of theharry potter films and thereaudience. They can also showexclusive content and learninformation about the actors.
  7. 7. Official WebsiteThe use of the official websitecreates a place for fans to watchclips and look back onto the films.The use creates an idea of beingpart of it – like the users mousebecoming a wand.
  8. 8. PotterMoreThe Potter More Website allows fans tolearn more about the films and books andbe a part of the harry potter experience asyou enter into the Hogwarts school and seeexclusive content as part of being in theHarry potter world. The use of being in ahouse allows you to interact with otherharry potter fans and talk about it to oneanother.
  9. 9. Marketing Marketing: Marketing is definitely one of the most affected areas of film from technological convergence, and the leap in technology has actually been beneficial to institutions attracting their target audience. For example with the film ‘Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2’. With the increasing use of computers and internet the web page was easily passed about between people through things like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Whereas marketing used to rely on billboards and posters today companies can use these as well as the technological approach and through doing so spread their films to a wider audience. Twitter is also a social website predominantly used by younger age group and so would aim at the films target audience of minimum age 15, the films certificate. The news about the upcoming UK film could of been easily be spread far more quickly to the required target audience by word-of-mouth so it is more cost effective due to having access of having a greater number of the target audience.
  10. 10. Distribution Distribution: The luxury of distribution of film has greatly improved with technological convergence, relating back to the idea of filming in digital as opposed to film reels. films like Harry Potter and deathly hallows part 2. This instantly become easier, cheaper and faster to distribute to cinema as each cinema doesnt require an entire film reel, and converting to DVD is almost instant. It can also create different revenue streams by selling the production right to someone e.g. Sky or iTunes. And after a number of months it’s been released, there is a further revenue stream from the likes of net flicks and Also as most of the unreleased films are put online for people to stream on their computers or any other technological devices, these films have been distributed illegally and also legally based on what it is like now for the access.
  11. 11. Production Production: Harry Potter used CGI (computer-generated imagery) and when deciding to use this, who would work with them to help make the CGI look as realistic as possible and also how it would improve the film. This would also be the case when Shane Meadows was deciding what new technology to use in This is England and how it would help sales and also make the film better, Meadows would have to decide whether to work with another company who uses and can offer e.g. High Definition, and if he did then this would create Technical convergence. So Technological Convergence is important to the production of films as it gives films the opportunity to use new technology and really improve or in some cases ruin a film.