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Drake digipack

  1. 1. Post 8 Digipack Drake Album: Take Care By Travis Quailey
  2. 2. Background Released November 15, 2011 Recorded 2010–11 Genre: Hip-Hop Length: 86:52 Label: Young Money, Cash Money and Universal Public Canada (2x Platinum) 160,000 United Kingdom (Gold) 100,000 United States (Platinum) 1,000,000
  3. 3. The Design The design of this presentation describes the theme that Aubrey Graham formally known as drake uses black and gold throughout his album artwork and digipack. He has also begun to carry on that theme with his OVOXO which supposed to be the Canadian based callabo group that includes rapper Drake (the OVO ), and the R&B singer The Weeknd (XO). OVO stands for October's Very Own. The black and gold represents how he has developed throughout his music career by turning into a very successful rapper.
  4. 4. Drake Front Cover The theme of black and gold which denotes the duality of his life by what he is completely surrounded by such as money, fame and luxury. You can see the jewellery he is wearing is completely gold with also the paintings and the items placed on the table. , the font shows the theme the artist was trying to portray as the album names font is done in a paint brush kind of font it matches the artists background with all the paintings in the background alongside the golden candle and owl statue to represent his group OVOXO. The positioning of the title is simply based on the fact you would be able to see it clearer.
  5. 5. Drakes Back Cover The back cover seems to be pretty basic based on the fact that it doesn’t have any pictures with a type of mood like in the album artwork and inside the booklets, it simply just has a black background with gold text to display the song titles. They have also included the bonus tracks on the album with the same text and colour which shows how it is pretty basic. It does carry on the same theme throughout the digipack and it shows the music production company at the bottom.
  6. 6. Inside CD Case To be honest Inside the CD case it seems to be very simple, with Drake written in capitals and Take Care once again in an italic artistic font. The simplicity of the inside of the cd case is implying that he is not trying to sell himself anymore, he is very famous already, and he lets the music speak for itself. He also promoted his music company by putting there website inside the CD case including other artists who are in the same music company as he is.
  7. 7. Take Care Booklet Page 1 Inside the photographs of the booklet that is included in his album and have allowed me to realise that there is not a single photograph in the album where he looks straight at the camera, and most of the photographs portray materialistic luxurious objects. He is also smoking a cuban cigar which shows partly of what he does in his personal life and what he has purchased and been around during his fame in the music industry.Inside the booklet and he has also written a short paragraph on all of the songs explaining who the songs were produced by and who was involved and etc.
  8. 8. Take Care Booklet Page 2 Near the end of the booklet he begins to write a massive thank you letter about his upcoming in the music industry, this shows his personality as an individual and not only a rapper. Based on him doing this it shows that he is thankful for everyone who has made an input on his life and has helped him get towards where he is today, it means that he doesn’t forget about his family, friends, fans and business partners. It proves he is a brilliant representative towards being a rap artist.
  9. 9. Reflection My reflection is clearly based on the fact that Drake has chosen a theme and kept it the same in his digipack by using colours such as Black and Gold to represent his lifestyle, he also has chosen something that he can relate to himself by the fact that he has developed so much in the music industry that he can now enjoy what he has achieved in his career, He shows the audience throughout his digipack what he can now afford based on everything he wears and uses is made out of gold which shows that him as an artist has become very wealthy.