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How Law Firms Are Using Technology To Master A Niche


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Travis explains how technology can be used in a law firm to create better client outcomes, communication and a more profitable law practice

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How Law Firms Are Using Technology To Master A Niche

  1. 1. Using Technology To Master Your Niche
  2. 2. Travis Hise CEO of James Attorney Marketing My Passion is: Blending MARKETING and TECHNOLOGY to Help SMALL to MIDSIZE Law Firms GROW.
  3. 3. Any attorney interested in using TECHNOLOGY to help them GROW their FIRM. Our Ideal Client
  4. 4. Today’s Legal Crisis "Being a good lawyer is no longer enough. These are uncertain times for our clients, in an increasingly complex world, in an industry facing disruption. We need to redesign how we deliver legal advice in a way that makes sense for our clients." - Erik Scheer, Baker McKenzie Executive and Innovation Committee Member
  5. 5. How To Address The Crisis Phase 1: Phase 2: Phase 3: Software selection and implementation Develop and document systems for everything in your firm. “The Power of a System” by John Fisher Mindset - Develop a plan and follow it.
  6. 6. Technology Blueprint For Law Firms - Develop and document - Choose the right software - Automate the process
  7. 7. Where To Start Gravity Forms Live Chat Chat Bots Call Tracking SMS Client Portal Open Source Website - Wordpress opens up a world of possibilities for law firms
  8. 8. Customer Relationship Management - Ingest Data - Trigger Campaigns - Integrate with Third Party Systems - Admin and Marketing Automation Your system should have the ability to automate anything and everything
  9. 9. Embrace The Cloud - Work from anywhere - Fixed costs - HIPAA compliance - Bank grade security - Scalable
  10. 10. The Ideal Process - Engages from Website - Data automatically ingests into CRM - Trigger Automatic Campaigns - Autocreate Retainer - Agreement Automatically sends via SMS/Email Prospect
  11. 11. Docs and Information Stored in one location - Tasks - Calls - Filings Creates consistent client communication Signed Agreements Create
  12. 12. Automated testimonial/ referral campaigns - Emails - Calls - SMS Tracks every part of the process Single location for client communication
  13. 13. Marketing a Niche - Clean and effective website - Mobile focus - Robust Yelp, Facebook and LinkedIn Profiles - Well written content - Online and offline - Paid Advertising or PPC - Local SEO - AKA Google Local
  14. 14. - Reviews - Referral program - Focused content about your NICHE - Automated campaigns for client lifecycle - Lead magnet/campaigns for Paid Advertising Marketing a Niche
  15. 15. - Paid Advertising - Local SEO - Automated Marketing Campaigns - SMS - Referral Program via Automated Campaigns What Works
  16. 16. Did You Know 37% fewer clicked through to a business website from Google in 2017 Voice Search increased by 53% in 2017 Website visits decreased by 37% in the last 12 months
  17. 17. Contact Information Travis Hise Direct line: 714.918.1848 Email: