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Tcn free market for syndication


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Tcn free market for syndication

  1. 1. WhatIsGold.netHave You Ever WonderedWhat a Real Free MarketEconomy Feels Like?Travis Grier 31-03-2011
  2. 2. Have You Ever Wondered What a Real FreeMarket Economy Feels Like?I’m always amazed when people blame the ‘free market’ for all the ‘problems’ in theworld. Truth is, and this is the absolute truth, seriously, we’ve never ever had a real freemarket in the known history of mankind. We certainly do not have one now!Laissez faire is an idea – a great one! A real free market is 100% free of governmentintervention and regulation of any kind. I guarantee 99% of you can’t put your headsaround this. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I’m still betting that way!A true free market is a system in which individuals come to markets to tradeeverything….everything! This is a system in which there are zero regulations.Capitalism, the word, is so misused by duck-quacking, loud-mouthed, pin-headed mediacharlatans on the left….and right…100% of the time!I bet you’re starting to think of all the ways in which you are dependent on governmentfor your ‘well being’ and your ‘quality of life’ and your ‘security.’ Imagine, peopleeducated in government-run schools believing that.Me too! I grew up in rural Canada and was spoon-fed all sorts of Disney-like versions ofhistory and economics. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever that government isnecessary for. The individuals in the free market can do everything better and we will allbe far richer.Happier too! Imagine how happy you will be when you keep 100% of your income.Now, brainwashing exists, so I don’t expect this to be easy. Google: “The Market forLiberty, free audio book” and download the book to your iPod. Listen to it as slowly asyou need to. Listen to it again.If you’re a judge, lawyer, cop, soldier, or teacher there’s still going to be work for you.You can still be useful – what you have learned is not useless. You will have to study.But mostly you will have to just plain forget everything you were trained to believe.There’s always a better way so enjoy working harder for way more money!Everybody will make more money through different ways like Trade Gold Online andlive better.Oh wait. Politicians, bureaucrats and military generals: you will all have to find otherways of earning a living, those of you who aren’t jailed for war crimes, fraud, or theft.After all, government is a coercive monopoly, hell bent on growing and enforcing itspower at all cost.
  3. 3. Take your time and enjoy the audio book, you may be amazed at how completely andabsolutely parasitic governments of all shapes and sizes actually are.Rest assured, you will have more money and enjoy a higher standard of living when theinstitution is no longer; when this global, coercive gang is relieved of its ‘duties once andfor all.