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Getting Started with Azure Pipelines


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Azure Pipelines is a DevOps cloud-hosted tool from Microsoft that enables you to build efficient and streamlined CI/CD build and deployment pipelines for just about anything. Contrary to its name, it is cloud-agnostic and can provide your small or large team with a very flexible and inexpensive way of delivering your software with a high degree of consistency. Let's dive in and take Azure Pipelines for a ride and learn how you can very quickly get your team rallying around CI/CD.

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Getting Started with Azure Pipelines

  1. 1. GETTING STARTED WITH AZURE PIPELINES Travis Gosselin | Principal Software Engineer
  3. 3. © SPS COMMERCE 3 WHY?
  4. 4. © SPS COMMERCE 4 WHY?
  5. 5. • SaaS • Agents • Extensibility • Cloud Agnostic • Enterprise Ready • REALLY BAD NAME! • Cost HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? © SPS COMMERCE 5
  6. 6. • Private Preview Access in Late 2015 • 170+ Engineers • .NET, .NET Core, Java, JavaScript, PHP, GO • Customizations • Azure AD Integration • 15,000+ Builds in the Last Year • 13,000+ Releases in the Last Year AZURE PIPELINES @SPS © SPS COMMERCE 6