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  1. 1. Learning On The Internet Travis Gerrard, MD - Chief Resident @ VM Background Many opportunities to learn in residency Previous: - Powerpoint slides from large group saved to a network hard drive Present Day: - Searchable website - Each conference with dedicated webpage containing - powerpoint slides - learning pearls - case outlines - multiple choice questions. - ability to analyze usage Unforeseen benefit - Weekly email referencing learning from the week on Method of Learning Reference Method / Results - Cross sectional study of residents - 2 months after implementation - 43% of residency sampled - 70% of senior residents sampled 62% of respondents had personally referenced 86% of respondents felt positively about the emails referencing the weeks learning on Conclusion - Website and emails have recent implementation - Appears there is utility and overall positive response from the residents regarding both website and email. - Further research into both would provide more data Large group & small team / independent settings Large group learning opportunities: Morning Conference Resident Case Report Specialist Lectures Primary Care Didactic Reasons to change previous system: - No direct or surrogate markers for utility of learning opportunities - Residents unable to attend conference have limited ability to access learning - No easy way to refer to previous lectures - Difficult to categorize learning taking place i.e. Have we learned about X yet? - Unclear if slides were referenced after 
 a lecture