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Accelerate Sales and Increase Revenue


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12 easy ways to accelerate sales using Strategy Mapper and Salesforce. Reduce the administrative overhead of managing accounts and opportunity plans in Salesforce, create plans in less than 15 minutes and update them from data and information gathered in meetings.

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Accelerate Sales and Increase Revenue

  1. 1. ACCELERATE SALES 12 Ways to Accelerate Sales and Increase Win Rates
  2. 2. ACCELERATE SALES 1. Create and maintain strategic account and opportunity plans then have flawless, tactical execution of those plans.  Structure to winning.
  3. 3. ACCELERATE SALES 2. Equip Sales Execs with a powerful, intuitive solution in Salesforce to gather Actionable Intelligence…  That maps to YOUR requirements to gather data required to win!
  4. 4. ACCELERATE SALES 3. Reduce the number of customer meetings to win a deal. How many meetings is it taking to close a deal today and at what cost?
  5. 5. ACCELERATE SALES Average number of meetings to win a deal at Point N Time is: 2.5
  6. 6. ACCELERATE SALES 4. Implement strategies to improve the quality and outcome of customer meetings.  Have a repeatable cadence for all types of customers and all types of meetings.  Drive success in all customer meetings based on known information and information that must be obtained.  Determine customers’ initiatives to drive opportunities to closure.
  7. 7. ACCELERATE SALES 5. Document the customer requirements in the first meeting.  Know early on if your solution meets their requirements!  Know if this is truly a winnable opportunity.
  8. 8. ACCELERATE SALES 6. Ensure teams are following the defined and implemented sales strategy.  Provide your teams with the required information at the right time, in each and every stage of your sales process.
  9. 9. ACCELERATE SALES 7. Document and track detailed opportunity milestones’ progress to increase win rates.  Instantly know where opportunities are related to closing.
  10. 10. ACCELERATE SALES 8. Respond quickly and correctly to the shifting competitive landscape in each opportunity.  Track each competitor in the opportunity.  Know before you go to customer meetings.
  11. 11. ACCELERATE SALES 9. Identify trends and customer behaviors that stop deals from closing.  Leverage information gathered in every meeting across your entire organization.  Plan your message and sales pitch with Actionable Intelligence before customer meetings.
  12. 12. ACCELERATE SALES 10.Be better prepared for each and every customer meeting.  Be prepared for what can happen before every meeting.
  13. 13. ACCELERATE SALES 11.Give the seller more time to sell!  Single Input – Multi Output.  Consistent Data.  Reliable Data.  Accurate Data.  Just in-time Data.  Collaborative Data.  Repeatable process.
  14. 14. ACCELERATE SALES 12.Win, No Matter Who is the Account Executive.  Disaster Recovery for Sales – Ensure Business Continuity!
  16. 16. WWW.POINTNTIME.COM EMAIL: SALES@POINTNTIME.COM PHONE: (214) 509-8864 Start your 30-day free trial today