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A New Type Of Website_ Business Card Map Website - A New Concept In Internet Marketing For Small Businesses And Stores


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A New Type Of Website_ Business Card Map Website - A New Concept In Internet Marketing For Small Businesses And Stores

  1. 1. A New Type Of Website: Business Card Map Website - A NewConcept In Internet Marketing For Small Businesses And StoresFor those entrepreneurs who are always looking for new ways to make money in their geographicareas, the business card website is a new way for local businesses and retail chain stores to findcustomers.This new type of website displays the business card of businesses right over their town and addressof where their business is located. This allows potential customers to find the businesses visually byglancing over the map of their local area. When the customer clicks over the business card, a link tothe website displays as well as a QR Code.The benefits of businesses displaying their business cards on a Business Card Map website are greatincluding:1. Potential customers can find the business visually just by searching their own area around the map.2. Local small businesses can have their QR codes distributed in an additional channel.3. Since the business card map site can break down the business cards by category, the potential for viewing the competition among businesses in their categories is easy.For entrepreneurs who own the Business Card Map website, these are the benefits:1. A new income stream with the potential to make a money income from the businesses who get listed on the map2. Great search engine optimization for your own websites as you can sponsor your own website and business.3. A great way for the Business Card Map site owner to connect with more small business owners who can connect their own business with potential customers.4. The Business Card Map website can adapt to any geographic area including country, state, province, town, and city. There is no limit to the geographic are this new type of website can adapt to.The Long Island Business Card Finder at is a website thatdemonstrates how this works.• When people visit the website, it is a map of Long Island (which is the tiny peninsula that just out 200 miles to the east of New York City).• Any business that advertises on the map will have their business card display right over the address of where their office or retail store is located.• When people click on the business card, a balloon pops up with a link to the business website which contains a larger version of the business card and a link to the physical address of the business office or store.• A link to print out the business card and QR CodeThe best part about this type of website:Businesses that list their business card pay $25.00 per month and that is not much money to them,
  2. 2. but great potential income to the website owner who owns the Business Card Map. It also comes withan optional mobile version for iphones and marketing Long Island NY