Financial Services CRM special 2012


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Travi@ta newspaper with ARTICLES about Single View of broker & customer, Contact Management, Activity Management, Goal Management, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Care; TESTIMONIALS from AXA Belgium, Mercator Insurance, Mensura, Keytrade Bank, HPG Belgium, Delta Lloyd Life,
Fintro, Microsoft; much more ...

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Financial Services CRM special 2012

  1. 1. FINANCIAL SERVICES CRM SPECIAL 2012 Delta Lloyd Life renews BRM tool and chooses Travi@ta’s Insurance Solution Delta Lloyd Life continues to invest in its relation with their brokers in renewing its Broker Relationship Management tool (BRM). This strategic commercial project aims to develop better broker knowledge, improve business planning and ensure productivity gains in both sales and marketing departments. It is therefore a key support tool to enable Delta Lloyd Life commercial force to be more efficient in its interactions with its commercial partners. They chose Travi@ta’s Broker Relationship Management Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including contact management, broker data management, marketing events & campaign management and activity management. Once completed, the solution will allow them, amongst others, to use BRM as a fundament for broker relationship management, to run more efficient mailing campaigns and to centralize all broker data in a single central BRM database for sales and marketing. The Broker management tool will make it possible to view contractual broker data, manage contact information of employees in different offices, manage specific information about each brokers office’s specialties and consult production data. The Activity Management feature should allow to monitor all commercial activities between Delta Lloyd Life’s sales team and the brokers: plan appointments, follow up on activities, view activity his- tory, … Synchronization between Lotus Notes and Microsoft CRM is essential to prevent double entry work. With Marketing Events & Campaign Management, Delta Lloyd Life will be able to manage incentives, monitor trainings and implement satisfaction surveys on the one hand, and set up campaigns, follow up on them, define communication plans, manage available marketing materials and conduct mass emailing campaigns on the other hand. To achieve this, Delta Lloyd Life’s existing email automation tool, that is not fully integrated with the current Broker tool, will be replaced by ClickDimensions, an add-on specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I “Our new BRM tool will allow us to develop better broker knowledge, improve business planning and ensure productivity gains in both sales and marketing departments.” Alexander Hof, Marketing Project Leader at Delta Lloyd Life Why Dynamics CRM is a winning solution in the Financial Services Industry By Max Fatouretchi More than 3,500 financial institutions around the globe, including Allianz, AXA, Barclays and ING, are currently using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to gain a comprehensive view of their customers. The solution, which provides rich out-of-the-box customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, is proving popular in the Financial Services industry as companies using it not only achieve a rapid timeto-value compared to other solutions on the market, but they can take advantage of a full range of deployment options, and integrate and customize it rapidly, allowing them to realize increased efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction almost immediately. 360-degree view One of the key benefits of Dynamics CRM is that it provides out- Mercator of-the-box contact management functionality to allow a bank, for example, to gain a complete 360-degree view of its customers. In a single screen it is possible to see the entire customer interaction history with the bank, open and pending activities, sales-related opportunities, whether the customer has responded to any current marketing campaigns, and any open and pending customer service requests. Furthermore, the solution can capture a customer’s interests and demographicrelated information so when they walk into a bank branch or phone a call center, the representative who is dealing with them can pull up all the relevant information they need straight away to ensure they are offering the best service possible and capitalize on any potential sales opportunities. Enhanced productivity reduced costs Microsoft Dynamics CRM is helping thousands of financial services companies to enhance productivity through process efficiency while Mensura “Microsoft Dynamics CRM is helping thousands of financial services companies to enhance productivity through process efficiency while reducing their operational costs.” Max Fatouretchi, Dynamics Center of Excellence at Microsoft EMEA HPG Belgium reducing their operational costs. Ultimately, the solution allows customer-facing employees to spend more time on important client interactions. Most of the tasks previously managed manually – such as securing approvals and researching credit information – are either fully or partially automated, and with data quality rules built into the financial CRM application, input errors are reduced, and customer details are less likely to be overlooked. Deadlines and SLAs are monitored, while specific customer requests are flagged electronically, alerting employees in real time to follow up and complete related tasks promptly. In addition, the use of paper is decreasing and the solution is helping employees improve and automate their processes for managing data, customer portfolios and collections, sales campaigns, customer communications and feedback, intranet content collaboration, key performance indicators and performance dashboards. I AXA Belgium Fintro chooses Microsoft Dynamics CRM In their efforts to optimize the communication between employees and their Fintroagencies, Fintro, a distribution channel for BNP Paribas Fortis, wanted to replace their existing Activity Management application. They chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Travi@ta’s expertise in Financial Services. The new tool will allow employees to work more efficiently by enabling them to manage all their activities – from visit preparation over visit reports to follow-up of action points – in one single centralized tool. Browser Flexibility for Microsoft CRM Microsoft announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s next service update in Q2 2012 will provide the flexibility to consume Microsoft Dynamics CRM through the most popular web browsers running on both PC and Apple Macintosh computers. End users will be able to access the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Client across all modern Internet browsers on various platforms, including browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari running on PC, Apple Macintosh or iPad. Keytrade Banking PAGE 4 PAGE 5 PAGE 6 PAGE 7 PAGE 10 “Previously, retrieving information was time consuming. Microsoft Dynamics CRM proved to be the solution.” “Microsoft Dynamics CRM has brought greater ease and efficiency for our contract managers in the process of quote creation.” “With the Report Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we create all necessary reports ourselves.” “The analysis of the contact history provides us with a wealth of information. As a result, the number of incoming phone calls has decreased.” “The capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for marketing purposes are endless. Provided that you know what you want to do and measure.”