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Prioritising Mobile Investments - Business Travel Show 2017- Travelport Digital


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Discover what makes a great mobile offering in business travel and how best to prioritise mobile and digital investments

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Prioritising Mobile Investments - Business Travel Show 2017- Travelport Digital

  1. 1. Steven Ratcliffe, VP Product, Travelport Digital, Thursday, 23 February 2017
  2. 2. What makes a great mobile offering in business travel and how best to prioritize mobile and digital investments? Steven Ratcliffe VP Product, Travelport Digital
  3. 3. We live in a digital world that is on-demand, connected & personal
  4. 4. 87%of people always have their smartphone at their side night and day On average we check our phones more than 150times per day The mobile phone is the #1 most indispensable item travellers carry with them Mobile is Omnipresent
  5. 5. Local travel agency Travel Retail as leisure Online Mobile Me 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2010 2020 The Way We Travel Has Changed
  6. 6. The digital landscape is evolving and so too are the needs of your travellers
  7. 7. [Seamless] [Now] [Me] [Trusted] [Delights] Connected Immediate Personal Reliable Engaging They Expect An Experience That Is..
  8. 8. Going from limited engagement… Trip research Travel Booking Information Desk Information Desk Email Support PRE-TRIP AT THE AIRPORT AT DESTINATION
  9. 9. Prompt: Plan Your Trip Search Best Fares & Book Organize Airport Transport Upgrade Your Seat Or Add Luggage Airport Guidance: Proceed To Security etc Mobile Itinerary Updates Prompt: Flight Cancelled Mobile Boarding Prompt: Purchase In-flight Wi-fi Prompt: Go To Baggage Belt 10 Feedback On Your Experience ….to multiple touchpoints for engagement Mobile Check-in Real-time Agent Assistance PRE-TRIP AT THE AIRPORT48 HRS BEFORE IN-FLIGHT AT DESTINATION POST-TRIP Future Trip RecommendationsTrack Your Flight Find A Hotel Mobile Itinerary Updates
  10. 10. Staying Relevant & Connected to the Business Traveller Reducing Operational Costs Keeping Pace With Technology Counteracting Pressure From Intermediaries Mobile solutions to real business challenges for TMCs Owning The Brand Experience
  11. 11. Great mobile experiences drive business traveller engagement that yields… Greater Brand Equity Differentiation New Revenues
  12. 12. Introducing the Evolution of Mobile in Business Travel
  13. 13. Introducing EVOM - Evolution of Mobile Travel Travelport Digital Confidential 13 Our framework helping TMCs to align and prioritise digital investments to support their key digital goals and objectives. Not strictly linear, but later functionality should not take wholesale precedence over preceding stages. Balanced Functionality FOUNDATION REVENUE ACQUISITION & ENGAGEMENT SERVING THE TRAVELLER MOBILE FIRST
  14. 14. The Evolution of Mobile Travel Travelport Digital Confidential 14 FOUNDATION ACQUISITION & ENGAGEMENT REVENUE SERVING THE TRAVELLER MOBILE FIRST
  15. 15. Which pillar do you most associate your mobile strategy with today? Foundation Revenue Acquisition & Engagement Serving the Traveller Mobile First
  16. 16. Pillar 1 EVOM Travelport Digital Confidential 16 FOUNDATION
  17. 17. • Getting the key functionality right – achieving sleek simplicity and a seamless experience in search, booking, flight status • Delighting business travellers with user-centric design and leveraging OS technology for speedy, seamless usage • Should incorporate good use of UI and UX • Avoid user frustration and meet business travellers’ minimum expectations Foundation - the price of entry Travelport Digital Confidential 17 FOUNDATION Multi-platform Availability Great Visual Design Basic Itinerary Services Basic In-App Messaging Trip History Email Parsing Flight Status Alerts
  18. 18. Foundation work is mandatory
  19. 19. Users will abandon any service they cannot figure out or that doesn’t perform to standard. 88% of travellers with smartphones would switch to another site or app if yours does not satisfy their needs.
  20. 20. 20 The itinerary is where it all comes together V
  21. 21. Travelport Digital Confidential 21 95% of BCD Travel’s TripSource users return Our Take: Beautifully designed itineraries that have a great user experience and easily consumed travel details,will attract and keep users. The TripSource app incorporates a user-friendly concept of a trip envelope full of ‘cards’ related to different trip segments
  22. 22. • High utility features will in time move to foundation pillar – Email parsing: forward emails to – Flight Status Alerts Success breeds expectation 22 Our Take: What was once innovation quickly becomes the standard. This is the pace of change of today’s digital travel landscape.
  23. 23. Summary – Foundation • Customers expect great foundation features • Simplicity is often difficult to achieve but must be the aim • Ultra-connected travellers demand a seamless digital experience. • In the UK alone, travel companies lost £2.7 billion in 2014 due to a poor mobile experience (Tnooz, August 2015)
  24. 24. Pillar 2 EVOM 24 REVENUE
  25. 25. • Improve your Hotel Attach rates and commissions • Use smart user experience to drive loyalty to the travel program, policy adherence, and repeat bookings • Generate revenue streams through unique TMC value in the mobile channel Revenue – Focus for TMCs 25 REVENUE Client Business Rule Driven Messaging Traveller Check-in / Safety Notifications Hotel booking Flight rebooking VIP Red button services
  26. 26. TMC Example: Corporate Messaging 26 Timely contextual messaging can make the difference in supporting travel programs and savings to their bottom line.
  27. 27. TMC Example: Reducing Friction 27 Hotel Booking on TripSource®  Elegant  Deceptively simple  Painless payment
  28. 28. Mobile is accounting for more travel revenue YoY 28 51% Of US travellers prefer to book on a mobile device Tnooz June 2016 57% Apps accounted for 57% of all mobile travel bookings in the first quarter of 2016. Criteo Travel Flash Report, May 2016 $348Bn Of global travel sales are expected to come from mobile in 2019. Statista/eMarketer, 2017
  29. 29. Our Take – Revenue • Mobile revenue presents opportunity– if you have great execution • Contextual, in-flow ancillaries will drive revenue • A great user experience will drive engagement and conversions • Never underestimate the power of intelligent push messaging • Success in the revenue EVOM “pillar” will allow for investment
  31. 31. • Consistently driving app downloads • Engaging existing customers with features that encourage repeat use • Consistency across platforms • Developing an app that “knows” its users • Saved profiles and personalisation Acquisition & Engagement 31 Omni-channel Support Social Sharing / Auto- sharing In-trip awareness Saved profiles and preferences Personalisation of In-App Experience
  32. 32. ‘Money Can’t Buy’ Promotion of Your App 32 Our Apps have reach 96 number 1 travel app positions in App Store & Google Play 774 App Store promotions in the last two years
  33. 33. The Importance of Marketing Travelport Digital Confidential 33 Iris:go - Capita Travel & Event’s App Promotion on Website Dedicated Website for Tripsource® by BCD Travel Etihad Airways – Prominent App Promotion on Homepage
  34. 34. Video is a key medium 34
  35. 35. Smart Marketing 35 BCD Travel ‘Tripster’ email to promote usage of Tripsource® app to all business travellers easyJet ‘Mobile Mondays’ promotion to drive bookings and use of Apple Pay
  36. 36. Our Take – Acquisition & Engagement • App marketing is often an afterthought • Consistent planning on acquisition and engagement is required • Show your business travellers that you know them and they will reward you • This pillar is in the centre because it supports all of the others – don’t under-estimate its importance
  37. 37. Pillar 4 EVOM 37 SERVING THE TRAVELLER
  38. 38. End-to-End Travel Experience: • Delivering a great experience across all possible touchpoints is key to serving the business traveller • A door-to-door travel companion • Added-value content Serving the Traveller 38 SERVING THE TRAVELLER Click to call / email / text Out of program alerts Mobile Chat with dedicated agents BOTs / Virtual Travel Agents
  39. 39. 39 Google Owning the Traveller
  40. 40. Day of Travel Support is in Demand 40 76% of travellers would use real-time mobile baggage notifications if available SITA Passenger IT Trends 2016 74% Would use flight and gate updates on their mobile if available SITA Passenger IT Trends 2016 65% Would access entertainment services on- board via their own devices SITA Passenger IT Trends 2016 Travellers Crave Mobile Assistance
  41. 41. Our Take: Business travellers want timely and personalised end-to-end communication and updates throughout their journey Mobile Assistance 41 Transform the travel experience by proactively providing travellers with personalised and contextual travel updates, airport guidance and destination information…
  42. 42. Our Take: Mobile is a way to dramatically scale customer service Extend agent activities to the device 42 A TMC’s digital strategy should amplify and extend agent expertise into ‘mobile moments’ that make the business travel experience smoother
  43. 43. Our Take: Bots are the next step to creating a 5 star service experience while decreasing your costs. The Bots are coming… 43 • Easily repeatable actions can be performed by a virtual agent • Better profiles and rich content keeps the experience alive • Any complex discussion is sent to a live agent to consult, yet in a seamless way to the user
  44. 44. Summary – Serving the Traveller • Everyone wants to own the end-traveller • You must understand the business travel journey and create opportunities to add value throughout • Give your business travellers a reason not to delete your app • Succeed here and engagement and revenue will follow fast
  45. 45. Pillar 5 EVOM 45 MOBILE FIRST
  46. 46. • Mobile first is a mindset and business strategy • Maximum use of device potential • Always thinking “what’s next” • Using mobile to delight business travellers • Becoming a one-stop-shop for all business traveller needs Mobile in its purest form 46 MOBILE FIRST Extended, relevant content and services Flight Radar Fingerprint ID Predictive Instructions Apple Pay / Google Pay / VCNs
  47. 47. Our Take: A TMC’s digital strategy should amplify and extend agent expertise into ‘mobile moments’ that make the business travel experience smoother Leverage Advancements to Handsets & Operating Systems 47 Itinerary apps have to catch up to the market in this area. If they do, they can differentiate to a market lead. Fingerprint ID Google Now Siri link to app
  48. 48. Some of our examples 48 IFE Companion App Singapore Airlines Apple Pay easyJet Apple Watch Singapore Airlines & easyJet 3D Touch BCD Travel TripSource
  49. 49. TripSource® - A True Mobile First Brand 49 From Apps to Responsive Web First launched iOS app, then Android with sophisticated mobile itinerary management Responsive Website Followed to provide a true end-to-end Digital Travel Offering Travellers can: • Add customised • user-generated trip details • use ‘Outside of TMC Booking’ cards, • add ‘followers’ to trips
  50. 50. You can do things on mobile that you cannot on other channels
  52. 52. Our Take – Mobile First • It’s not easy to create a mobile-first mindset • Other pillars may require more attention • However, if you are serious it should be the ultimate goal • Set yourself a ’mobile first’ deadline
  53. 53. An EVOM Focused Mentality 53 • Always thinking “mobile first” & pushing boundaries • Ongoing competitive analysis and benchmarking • Customer experience at the heart of the process • Board level support
  55. 55. Rank the following pillars in order of your business priorities: • Foundation • Revenue • Acquisition & Engagement • Serving the Traveller • Mobile First
  56. 56. Purely Mobile Visit us at the Travelport Booth B1040 for a demo of our mobile solutions for TMCs
  57. 57. Thank you. Questions? Steven Ratcliffe, VP Product, Travelport Digital Email: