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Incoming+by+travel+plan ebrochure


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Incoming+by+travel+plan ebrochure

  1. 1. incoming@travelplan.grIncomingby Travel PlanTravel Plan, Quality that meets your expectations!GreeceEditionImagecaptionofSantorinipressCtrl+Lfor a fullscreenmodeclick here to viewnext
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILECompany ProfileTravel Plan, the leading tour operator in Greece for the past 30years, provides a team of professionals whose knowledge, per-formance, accuracy and dependability have made our company aworld-class Destination Management Company, primarily aimingto provide excellent quality of services and to exceed the expecta-tions of our clientele, whether for leisure or business travelling.Our Incoming Tourism Division has been established in the market,offering high level of services, in the finest hotel complexes andwith highly competitive rates.Travel Plan has 1700 sq m offices in the heart of Athens, a 210 mul-tilingual, skilled staff known for their courtesy and service quality;and a complete electronic network, SAP/R3, applied by the world’slargest multinational corporations. Our company has a privatelyowned network of 30 branches in Greece.TRAVEL PLAN is member of the following Hellenic and Internation-al Organizations: ΙΑΤΑ, ASTA, HATTA, SETE, HAPCO, EFAPCO andhas complete sophisticated electronic equipment connected to theinternational booking networks.Top Travel Organization with the following distinctions:• Certified with ΙSO 9001: 2008 from Lloyd’s Register QualityAssurance• Superbrand award as a top brand name in the Greek market• Leading Hotels of the World award as the best travelorganization in group salesOfficial travelling partner for theGreek National Football TeamOfficial distributor for Disneyland ParisTravel Plan operates under the brand name of CruisePlan and is the prime distributor for major cruise compa-nies around the globe. Cruise Plan has established majorpartnerships with the most efficient Greek cruise compa-nies aiming to provide its clientele the unique beauty ofthe Mediterranean landscape.Our activities cover:• Tour Operator Handling • Airport Hotel Transfers• Excursions • ContractingAll Travel and Tourism Arrangements, specialezed in:Business Travel:• Air Tickets • Hotel Reservations • Car Rentals • Boat/Rail Tickets• Airport Ticket Service Desk • Account ManagementGroups Incentives:• All arrangements in Greece and abroad for Meetings • Incentives• Conferences • Events • Sport Events • RelocationsLeisure Travel:• Individual Packages Worldwide • Greek Holidays • Qualith Group Travel• Cruises • Honeymoon Travel Plan+
  3. 3. EDITORIALEditorialWelcome to GreeceJoin us to discover the hidden treasures - hotels in Greece! Wehave chosen only the best for you, for unique holidays in a coun-try that offers a journey in time and natural beauty, discoveringthe architectural sites, the olive groves, the islands, the historyand the cities’ heartbeat all year around.Birthplace of drama, democracy, philosophy, culture, scienceand the Olympic Games; Greece offers a unique blend of his-tory along with breathtaking views. Nowhere else in the worldmay you find 5.000 years of history in every street of every citythat you visit. A sandy beach on a remote island can hold suchvivid ties to the past. History engraved in the heart of a countryknown as the absolute holiday destination.A destination with 300 days of sunshine and a coastline more than13.000 kilometers, a muse to poets, musicians and all form of arts.Featuring a wide range of properties inscribed on the UNESCO’sWorld Heritage List such as the Acropolis in Athens, the archaeo-logical sites of Delphi, Olympia, Mystras, Mycenae, the Medievalcity of Rhodes and the Meteora as well as the breathtaking Cal-dera of Santorini (the largest caldera of the world).Known as the ideal summer holidays escape Greece has more tooffer; being a just as wonderful winter destination. Appealing tonature conservationists worldwide with its wide range of eco-activities.Activities that include hiking, mountain climbing, paragliding,skiing, rafting, bird-watching; while the amazing mountains areperfect for skiing. Kalavrita, Pelion, Parnassos, Karpenissi are onlya few of the places that feature ski centers and mountain chaletsthat satisfy even the most discerning visitors.Greece has something for everyone! Whether looking forward toexploring the amazing ruins and learn more of its fascinating his-tory and heritage or simply to enjoy the warm welcoming sandybeaches and wonderful sunshine, you will find yourself experi-encing a charming mythical holiday.Greece lies between the Ionian and Aegean Seas and has over1.400 islands floating just off its coastline, all offering their ownexclusive view of the Greek lifestyle. The quality of the beachesand the sea water: safety, clarity, cleanliness and impressivenessare the distinctive features of the Greek bays. 387 beaches 9marinas have been awarded with a Blue Flag.Don’t miss out on the Greek delicious local cuisine which is aunique blend of indigenous traditions often cited as an exam-ple of the healthy Mediterranean diet and is the epitome of theGreek warm hospitality.Explore this small and yet controversial country with its vivid pastunfolding in every corner of every street while the breathtakinglandscapes, scenery and monuments create a perfect backdropfor a photo album of you and your loved ones that you will cher-ish for a Travel Plan+
  4. 4. Travel PlanContentsATTICA 6Classical Athens Imperial, 5* 7King George Palace, 5* 8N.J.V. Athens Plaza, 5* 9Hilton Athens, 5* 10Divani Caravel, 5* 11Divani Palace Acropolis, 5* 12Divani Apollon Palace Spa, 5* 13Hotel Grande Bretagne, 5* 14Astir Palace, 5* 15Grand Resort Lagonissi, 5* 16Cape Sounio GrecotelExclusive Resort, 5* 17CRETE 18Aquis Vasia Beach Spa, 5* 19Aquis Vasia Palace, 5* 20Elounda Beach, 5* 21Elounda Bay Palace, 5* 22Elounda Mare, 5* 23Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel, 5* 24Porto Elounda De luxe Resort, 5* 25Blue Palace Resort Spa, 5* 26Domes of EloundaAll Suites Villas Spa Resort, 5* 27Aquila Elounda Village, 5* 28Candia Park Village, 4* superior 29Minos Beach Art Hotel, 5* 30St. Nikolas Bay ResortHotel Villas, 5* 31Gran Melia Luxury Resortand Villas Daios Cove, 5* 32Kalimera Kriti Hotel Village Resort, 5* 33Kernos Beach, 4* 34Grecotel Meli Palace, All Inclusive, 4* 35Candia Maris Resort Spa, 5* 36Terra MarisConvention Golf Resort, 5* 37Creta Maris Convention Golf Resort, 5* 38Aldemar Knossos Royal Royal Villas, 5* 39Aldemar Royal Mare, 5* 40Aldemar Cretan Village, 4* 41Out of the blue Capsis Elite Resort, 5* 42Grecotel Amirandes, 5* 43Grecotel Club Marine Palace Suites, All Inclusive, 4* 44Grecotel El Greco, 4* 45Grecotel Creta Palace, 5* 46Grecotel Plaza 47Spa Apartments, 4* 47Sensimar Royal Blue Resort Spa, 5* 48Aquila Porto Rethymno, 5* 49Aquila Rithymna Beach, 5* 50Avra Imperial Beach Resort Spa, 5* 51Minoa Palace Resort Spa, 5* 52Grecotel Kalliston, 5* 53Porto Platanias Beach Resort Spa, 5* 54Santa Marina Beach, 4* 55Santa Marina Plaza, 5* 56Cavo Spada Luxury Resort Spa, 5* 57Grand Bay Beach Resort, 4* 58RHODES 58Rodos PalaceLuxury Convention Resort, 5* 59Aquis Miramare Wonderland, 5* 60Capsis Hotel Rhodes, 4* 61Sheraton Rhodes Resort, 5* 62Amathus Beach Hotel Elite Suites, 5* 63Sun Beach Resort, 4* 64The Ixian Grand, 5* 65Sunshine Rhodes Resort, 4* 66Louis Colossos Beach Hotel, 4* 67Aldemar Paradise Mare, 5* 68Aldemar Paradise Village, 5* 69Irene Palace, 4* 70Kresten Palace, 4* 71La Marquise Luxury Resort, 5* 72Rodos Palladium Hotel, 5* 73Elysium Resort Spa, 5* 74Grecotel Rhodos Royal,All Inclusive, 4* 75Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa 76Resort Villas, 5* 76Atrium PrestigeThalasso Spa Resort Villas, 5* 77Atrium PlatinumSpa Convention Resort, 5* 78Contents continued on next page+
  5. 5. Travel PlanContentsKOS 79Grecotel Royal Park, All Inclusive, 4* 80Grecotel Kos Imperial, 5* 81Neptune Hotel, 5* 82MYKONOS 83Grecotel MykonosBlu Villas, 5* 84Cavo Tagoo, 5* 85Royal Myconian 86Hotel Thalasso Center, 5* 86Myconian Imperial 87Hotel Thalasso Center, 5* 87Myconian Ambassador 88Hotel Thalasso Center, 5* 88Myconos Theoxenia Hotel, 5* 89Saint John, 5* 90Kivotos Hotel Mykonos, 5* 91Santa Marina 92Resort Villas Mykonos, 5* 92Mykonos Grand Hotel Resort, 5* 93Petinos Beach Hotel, 4* 94Petasos Beach Resort Spa, 5* 95SANTORINI 96Vedema Resort, 5* 97Mystique, 5* 98Icons Santorini, 5* 999 Muses Resort, 5* 100Iliovasilema Hotel, 5* 101Canaves Oia Hotel, 5* 102Kapari, 5* 103Kirini Suites Spa, 5* 104Katikies, 5* 105Sun Rocks, 5* 106La Perla Villas, 4* 107Aressana Spa Hotel Suites, 5* 108Santorini Kasteli Resort, 5* 109Santorini Princess Spa Hotel, 5* 110Honeymoon Petra Villas, 4* 111Suites of the gods, 4* 112Grace Santorini, 5* 113Rocabella Deluxe Suites Spa, 5* 114Peloponnese 115Amphitryon Hotel, 5* 116Nafplia Palace Hotel Villas, 5* 117Grecotel Mandola Rosa, 5* 118Grecotel Olympia Riviera Thalasso, 5* 119Grecotel Olympia Oasis,All Inclusive, 4* 120The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino, 5* 121Aldemar Royal Olympian, 5* 122Aldemar Olympian Village, 5* 123Corfu 124Marbella Beach Hotel Corfu, 5* 125Aquis CorfuHoliday Palace Hotel, 5* 126Kontokali Bay Resort Spa, 5* 127Atlantica Grand MediterraneoResort Spa, 5* 128Grecotel Corfu Imperial, 5* 129Grecotel Eva Palace, 5* 130Grecotel Daphnila Bay, All Iclusive, 4* 131Corfu Chandris Hotel, 4* 132Dassia Chandris Hotel, 4* 133Louis Corkyra Beach, 4* 134Louis Regency Beach, 4* 135Mareblue Beach Corfu, 4* 136Mareblue SentitoAeolos Beach Resort, 4* 137Sunshine Hotel Spa, 4* 138Thessaloniki 139Hyatt Regency, 5* 140The Met Hotel, 5* 141Electra Palace Hotel, 5* 142Makedonia Palace, 5* 143Mediterranean Palace, 5* 144Chakidiki 145Eagles Palace, 5* 146Porto Carras Sithonia, 5* 147Porto Carras Meliton, 5* 148Sani Beach Resort, 5* 149Oceania Club, 5* 150Grecotel Pella Beach, 4* 151Danai Beach Resort Villas, 5* 152Athos Palace Pallini Beach Hotel, 4* 153GENERAL SERVICES 154+
  6. 6. Travel PlanATTICAAtticaAthens, Europe’s oldest capital is named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom!The Acropolis visible from almost everywhere in the city reminds that Athens is the birthplace of civilization.Sense the spirit of culture, a mix of old and new unfolding in every corner of the city.+
  7. 7. Travel PlanATTICA AthensClassical Athens Imperial, 5******Distinctive and welcoming, the Classical Athens Imperial is one of the city’smost stylish and vibrant luxury hotels. Its monumental facade ushers guestsinto a tastefully furnished and arty interior that combines contemporary deco-ration with timeless elegance. Within the historical centre of Athens, Greece,this impressive deluxe hotel is in walking distance from the National Theatreand minutes from the Acropolis by metro.Its state-of-art business facilities can transform guestrooms into an office andhost conferences and meetings up to 1.400 people, while the 7th floor hasbeen tailored to the needs of discerning business executives. Overlooking thecity from the roof garden, facing the Parthenon while enjoying a cocktail bythe pool, is the perfect escape into a relaxing environment without leaving thehotels’ surroundings. Retreat to rooms that sooth the city’s roar to a purr.The breathtaking city view, elegant furnishings, and state-of-art business fa-cilities in our 237 Athens luxury guest rooms make staying in a statement, nota question. With individually controlled air-conditioning, working desk, refrig-erated private maxi-bar, in room safe, satellite TV with 24-hour movie channel,direct dial telephone, High-Speed Internet Access and voicemail.+
  8. 8. Travel PlanATTICA AthensKing George Palace, 5******Fit for a King, the King George Palace is created for people who recognizequality and demand excellence in all they do. The hotel combines the graceand stature of a historic landmark with ultra - modern amenities and personalservice that puts guests’ comfort above all.A ground floor-to-penthouse renovation has restored the King George It’soriginal glamour. Advanced technology has also ensured a completely con-trolled environment, while the experienced hotel personnel offer discreet andcompetent service around the clock. All ultra-luxurious guestrooms are indi-vidually decorated with antique furniture with marbled bathrooms. Certainrooms have a view of the Acropolis and the Royal Presidential Suite has a pri-vate outdoor pool.Located on the 7th floor and overlooking the Acropolis and the Parthenon,Tudor Hall serves Greco-French dishes. Sublime cocktails and the most excitinglive cooking sushi bar in Athens are on offer at the all-day lounge bar T-Palace,decked out in Philippe Starch furnishings, leather sofas and black chandeliers.The Elixir Palace Spa features a pool with relaxing jacuzzi, indulging hammamwith turquoise mosaics and sauna. A personal trainer is available in the modernhealth club.+
  9. 9. Travel PlanATTICA AthensN.J.V. Athens Plaza, 5******With a prestigious location in Syntagma Square and stunning Acropolis views,this 5-star downtown Athens hotel offers 159 fabulous guestrooms, 23 luxu-rious suites, a trendy restaurant, bars, lounges, a fully equipped conferencecenter and high quality services, amenities and standards, NJV Athens Plaza isthe ideal choice for a short or a long-term stay in the commercial and businesscenter of the Greek capital.The NJV Athens Plaza Classic rooms are spacious and elegantly decorated.Many guest rooms face Syntagma Square, the Acropolis and Stadiou Street.All of the rooms are soundproofed.The Parliament gourmet restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, andenjoys a view of Syntagma Square and Stadiou Street. The Plaza Lounges of-fer an excellent variety of coffees and desserts. In the intimate wood-paneledsurroundings of the Explorer’s Lounge, guests can enjoy the atmosphere of oldAthenian clubs, while sipping cocktails and tasting snacks.Business guests willfind 3 conference rooms with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and a 24-hour business center with high-speed Internet access. The Athens Plaza is only165 ft from Syntagma Metro Station and a short walk to the Benaki Museum.+
  10. 10. Travel PlanATTICA AthensHilton Athens, 5******Take in Acropolis views from the Hilton Athens hotel in the heart of the city.Work out at the Hiltonia Spa, featuring a large indoor pool or be pampered atthe Beauty Center. Try gourmet Greek cuisine at the famous Milos Restaurantfrom Montreal and New York.Visit the open-air Galaxy Restaurant or sip your favourite cocktail at the roof-top Galaxy Bar, both featuring the best view of Athens and the Acropolis.Sample light snacks and Japanese delicacies at the Aethrion Lounge and en-joy Mediterranean flavours at the Byzantine restaurant. During summertime,enjoy a relaxing day by the largest hotel swimming pool in the city or havean outdoor lunch at the Oasis Bar Grill. Athens attractions near the hotelinclude the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora as well as the shopping district ofKolonaki.The hotel is just 25 minutes away from the airport by direct subway. It features22 meeting rooms for 2 to 1300 people, a 24-hour Business Center and an Ex-ecutive Lounge with Acropolis view, offering coffee, drinks and light snacks.All rooms have balconies.+
  11. 11. Travel PlanATTICA AthensDivani Caravel, 5******The Divani Caravel is a luxury Athens hotel ideally situated in the heart of Ath-ens. A member of The Leading Hotels of the World, the Divani Caravel is thelargest of the Divani Collection, which has exemplified Greek hospitality forthe last 45 years. Fully renovated in 2003, the Divani Caravel epitomizes refine-ment, elegance, and exceptional service. This deluxe Athenian hotel embodiesthe classic elegance of days past with the style and amenities of the present.The Divani Caravel offers 471 Rooms including 42 Suites and 2 PresidentialSuites, each designed with the comfort and satisfaction of guests in mind. Ev-ery room of this luxury Athens accommodation is recently renovated, well ap-pointed with all the modern amenities, and stylish furnishings. Guestrooms of-fer outstanding panoramic views of the city, Lycabettus Hill and the Acropolis,so you can experience Athens both as a vibrant metropolis and as the epicentreof ancient history that it once was.Host your next business meeting or formal event at the Divani Caravel Hotel,complete with fully-serviced and elegantly decorated conference facilities, aswell as helpful and knowledgeable staff.+
  12. 12. Travel PlanATTICA AthensDivani Palace Acropolis, 5******Situated in the shadow of the Acropolis, and only few metres away from theNew Museum of Acropolis, lies the deluxe Divani Palace Acropolis hotel. Reno-vated in 2001, this luxurious offering from the Divani Collection affords guestsa unique opportunity to experience all that Athens has to offer. With all theamenities of a modern hotel, a breathtaking backdrop, and a staff renownedfor their hospitality, the Divani Palace Acropolis has long been the first choicefor discerning travellers in Athens.The Hotel offers 250 luxury rooms and suites, all with a private balcony fromwhich to behold the magnificent surroundings. Every room includes a well ap-pointed bathroom swathed in marble and all the modern amenities that youneed; most rooms have a superb view of the Acropolis. Enjoy delectable culi-nary creations in one of our four on-site restaurants and bars. Experience truegreek hospitality, while dining at our roof garden, with a view of the Acropolis,and the clear night sky above you.For an inspiring conference, in a breathtaking setting, trust the Divani PalaceAcropolis and our team of event coordinators to take care of all the details,ensuring your next business meeting or formal event is a memorable one.+
  13. 13. Travel PlanATTICA VouliagmeniDivani Apollon Palace Spa, 5******The Divani Apollon Palace Spa, member of the Leading Hotels of the World, isa luxury resort hotel situated in the exclusive area of Vouliagmeni on the Athe-nian Riviera, Greece. Enjoying a spectacular beachfront location, just 18 km fromAthens city centre, the Divani Apollon Palace Spa is the ideal place for businessor leisure travelers.The Divani Apollon Palace Spa boasts 280 luxurious rooms including 82 ex-ecutive rooms, 12 suites and 1 Presidential suite. All rooms feature furnishedbalconies that offer a panoramic view of the sea. For a truly memorable stay,accommodations provide all the comforts you would expect of a five star hotelin Greece. The Divani Athens Spa Thalasso Centre, a member of the LeadingSpas, is the only facility offering Thalassotherapy in the Athens region and oneof Europe’s most luxurious Thalassotherapy centres.At the Divani Apollon Palace Spa, the on-site restaurants feature Mediter-ranean cuisine that blends local specialty dishes with the freshest seafood,combined with an exceptional atmosphere. The Divani Apollon Palace Spaoffers more than 2,500 sq meters of available space for conferences events,and an experienced attentive staff for a successful event.+
  14. 14. Travel PlanATTICA AthensHotel Grande Bretagne, 5******With breathtaking views of the famed Acropolis and Parthenon, regal Consti-tution Square and the Parliament, lush Lycabettus Hill, or the Ancient OlympicStadium,the Hotel Grande Bretagne offers unrivaled perspectives of Athens’mythical history. Escape to the GB Spa for an Ouzo Oil Massage or an indulgentrespite in the Thermal Suite. GB Spa delights the most discerning spa user witha fresh innovative approach to total well being.Newly renovated with meticulous attention to every detail, the 321 roomsand suites marry charming old-world elegance with state-of the- art facilities.Customized with sumptuous fabrics, original artwork, and a superb collectionof restored antiques from Christie’s and Sotheby’s, each guest room also incor-porates the latest modern enhancements such as flat screen plasma televisionsand High Speed Internet Access.Showcasing exquisite cuisine in a myriad of magical settings, the Hotel GrandeBretagne entices with some of the most extra-ordinary and enjoyable gastro-nomic experiences in Athens. From the spectacular GB Roof Garden with viewsof the majestic Acropolis to the perennially glamorous GB Corner restaurant tothe magnificent Cellar and its astonishing 3,000 bottles of wine—the choicesare inspiring, indulgent, and incomparable.+
  15. 15. Travel PlanATTICA VouliagmeniAstir Palace, 5******Astir Palace resort is located in the heart of the elite area of the Athenian Riv-iera, Vouliagmeni. This privileged location offers guests the pleasure of spend-ing precious days and nights by the sea, with the possibility of visiting Athens’historical sites, museums and other attractions.The Westin Athens, Astir Palace Beach Resort offers rooms with breathtakingviews of the Saronic Gulf, a private beach, an Olympic-sized swimming pooland fine dining.All of the stylish guest rooms and suites at Astir Palace Beach Resort have verylarge bathrooms offering a bath, as well as a shower. Each is fully equippedwith a plasma TV screen with cable channels and in-room safe. Room service isavailable 24 hours a day.The award winning Blue Hytra Restaurant serves Modern Greek cuisine, in anelegant atmosphere with spectacular views of the sea. Kymata Restaurantserves Mediterranean delights by the pool. Matsuhisa Athens proposes exclu-sive cuisine, focusing on fresh fish and seafood.The Arion Resort Spa, spread out over 1,000 sq meters, offers reviving treat-ments and therapies, including a heated pool with comfortable deck chairs,hydro-massage, and Jacuzzi.+
  16. 16. Travel PlanATTICA LagonissiGrand Resort Lagonissi, 5******Grand Resort Lagonissi welcomes you to enjoy a seafront paradise, set on a 72-acreverdant peninsula. Boasting twenty exclusive sandy beach coves and lush naturalbeauty the resort is nestled in a magnificent private peninsula offering breathtak-ing sunsets and views to inspire.The resort provides endless choices of luxurious accommodations, all on the water-front with direct access to sandy beaches or to the sea. Deluxe rooms with stun-ning sea views, bungalows with private pools, suites with gym quarters and villaswith private spa areas, compose the Grand Resort’s luxurious scenery. The latestin comfort of technology pervade every single room combined with sleek interi-ors creating an ambience of residential charm and unparallel beauty. The GrandResort’s 10 restaurants serve international and Greek cuisine. Most of the resort’srestaurants hold Five Star Diamond Awards from the American Academy of Hospi-tality Science.On the dinning front, an enticing choice of styles flavors, inspiredby the views from the very edge of the water, waits at a dozen of restaurants bars. Prepare your senses for a culinary experience and delight in the tastes ofGreek specialties, seafood, Italian cuisine, contemporary Lebanese mezzes and forthe most adventurous palates, Polynesian and sushi delicacies.The THALASPA Chenot at the Grand Resort Lagonissi offers a complete range ofservices for body, mind and spirit. Rediscover the world of natural rules and freeyourself from all pressures and tensions through the unique Chenot Method. Witha calming atmosphere and highly trained therapists you will be in safe hands whilstyou indulge in luxury treatments with the signature of Henri Chenot.+
  17. 17. Travel PlanATTICA SounioCape Sounio GrecotelExclusive Resort, 5******Welcome to the Cape Sounio Grecotel Exclusive Resort, set within a pine for-est, on the north-western slope of one of Greece’s most celebrated capes inthe Attica region. Across the sparkling bay, the hotel offers stunning views ofthe legendary Temple of Poseidon, rises from a steep cliff that tumbles into theAegean Sea and the Saronic Gulf.The 75-acre estate borders the Sounio National Park. 154 elegant villas blendinto the unspoiled nature surrounding the temple-like main building. Exten-sive facilities include a dramatic ‘007’-inspired Elixir Alchemist Spa and FitnessCentre, open-air and indoor swimming pools, two private beaches, yachting,water sports, conference and function centre and a selection of bars, loungesand restaurants. Service at the Cape Sounio Vip Resort of Athens is refined andconsiderate, the emphasis placed firmly on the comfort and privacy of eachand every guest.The Aqua Elixir Hydro Pool is hand-laid with aquamarine mosaics that reflectflashes of pine green and sky blue through the glass. Decorated in stone andmetal ores from Sounio’s rich veins, the lounge is furnished with wicker seatsset low to the ground, creating the perfect ambience whilst soaking up theglorious view.+
  18. 18. Travel PlanCRETECreteThe largest island of Greece. Reality and mythology in combination with its culture,natural beauty and climate, warm summer sun, cool sea and gastronomy has madeCrete one of the most modern tourist centers in Greece.+
  19. 19. Travel PlanCRETE SissiAquis Vasia Beach Spa, 5******Aquis Vasia Beach SPA is devoted to providing a fully dedicated efficientservice to guests - its purpose is to provide an unforgettable, relaxing enjoy-able holiday. With 250 opulent suites stylish rooms on offer you are spoilt forchoice! The style of architecture is full of light, freshness and color, while inte-riors are the latest in modern design comfort, all of which provide a unique warm atmosphere for guests.Located in the quiet picturesque fishing village of Sissi on Crete, the hotel complex offer visitors an ideal holiday environment. With stunning views allaround - from the sparkling blue of the Kritiko Pelagos to the bleak majesty ofthe mountains - within easy reach of major attractions, this is an ideal spotto sample the delights of the Cretan way of life.Vasia Spa has a full range of treatments to relax, restore enhance your body,inspired by the beautiful island of Crete. Our unique therapies have been de-signed to reflect the natural elements – sun, sea, local herbs, olive oil - whilea new range uses powerful ingredients from nature, in products specially de-signed to allow you to create your own recipes, each as unique as you are.+
  20. 20. Travel PlanCRETE SissiAquis Vasia Palace, 5******Aquis Vasia Palace has a beautiful waterfront position, located in the quietpicturesque fishing village of Sissi on Crete. The hotel is the ideal choice forcouples - relax in luxury surroundings with a wealth of facilities and amenitieson offer, including a full range of treatments in the Spa Centre.Aquis Vasia Palace Hotel has a range of accommodation all designed to makeguests feel pampered welcome. Decorated in modern style to a high level ofcomfort the hotel itself retains a traditional feel in its architecture and layout.Aquis Vasia Palace offers a wide varied choice of food drink, at its fourrestaurants four bars – not forgetting the Snack Bar, Aquarium Night Club Room Service! There is an almost endless choice of culinary delicacies availableto tempt your palate, from international dishes to local Cretan specialties. Arefreshing lunch time beer, a pre-dinner cocktail while the sun goes down, anelegant bottle of wine to compliment your meal or drinks with friends in thewarm Cretan evenings – your only problem will be deciding which outlet tochoose!+
  21. 21. Travel PlanCRETE EloundaElounda Beach, 5******Elounda Beach Hotel Villas presides on the idyllic north-eastern coast of Crete, of-fering striking views over the Mirabello Bay. A unique oasis of secluded luxury andunique design in 40 acres of colorful gardens, featuring highly personalized service,superb suites and a wide range of award-winning dining.Situated on Crete’s Aegean Sea coast, the Elounda Beach Hotel offers luxury rooms,suites and bungalows with ocean and garden views. Accommodations are spaciousand contemporary. Breakfast buffet is included.The Elounda Hotel’s facilities include an extensive health and wellness spa with ham-mam and steam bath. The outdoor hotel pool is filled with heated sea water. Thereare 5 tennis courts; and basketball and volleyball courts. The hotel also has an outdooramphitheatre. There are special activities and facilities just for children. The hotel fea-tures a choice of several restaurants and cafes serving international menus. Step intothe tranquil ambience of the Elounda Beach Spa where time is forgotten. Committedto the quality, purity and integrity of natural ingredients combined with progressivetherapy techniques, ESPA has created luxurious treatments with outstanding results.Here you will find the most effective treatment techniques from around the world,ensuring that the benefits can be continued at home. Allow the team of highly skilledand ESPA trained therapists to select a sequence of therapies and programs to suityour specific and individual needs. Restore inner balance and surrender your body tocomplete peace and harmony.+
  22. 22. Travel PlanCRETE EloundaElounda Bay Palace, 5******Elite Club12 Deluxe Hобновленнрасположесовременнспальни ипланировкидушевой кавторая ванДополнитеванной ком3 Executive3 чел): бунрасположебассейномкроватью,джакузи ис душевойномерах: нширокоэкрванной ком4-27 ELOUNDA BEACH- ELOUNDA GULF:2011 27/2/2011 3:24 � � Page 16This modern 5-star hotel is surrounded by acres of gardens, overlooking theMirabello Bay, just minutes from beaches and the fishing village of Elounda.Elounda Bay Palace Hotel provides a variety of large, comfortably furnishedand designed guestrooms. Some rooms have terraces with direct access to thepool and others have fireplaces. The Elounda Bay Palace offers accommodationto suit all tastes. Each category is specially designed to enhance the holidayexperience and to make guests feel totally at home. All with the built in luxuryfeatures and services each category maintains the high standards expected byits guests.Guests can enjoy dining outdoors while taking in views of the pool and pan-oramic sea views to Mirabello Bay. The hotel’s Thalassa Waterfront Restaurantserves a variety of seafood delicacies and its Aretoussa Restaurant specializesin Greek and international cuisine.Elounda Bay Palace offers a variety of beauty treatments. Facilities include agym, a tennis court, an indoor outdoor swimming pool, and a free park-ing area.+
  23. 23. Travel PlanCRETE EloundaElounda Mare, 5******Renowned for its genuine warmth and friendliness, the Elounda Mare hotelproudly upholds a tradition spanning twenty years of excellence in courtesyand cuisine. Honoured in 1987 as the first member in Greece of the prestigiousRelais Châteaux® association, the Elounda Mare hotel exudes the refinedqualities that characterise such distinctive properties.Built as a Cretan mansion, the elounda mare hotel is a jewel of traditional ar-chitecture and design, with gems of antique furniture and artwork adorningthe halls and accommodations. Each lounge and open space reflects the integ-rity of style and originality of expression that make the elounda mare hotel soadorable.The Six Senses Spa ™ provides a truly relaxing and revitalizing experience,through many forms of holistic healings to balance the senses. Its unrivalledrange of signature treatments focuses on health, beauty, pampering, stressreduction and recuperation using pure, natural and environmentally friendlyproducts. The luxuriously appointed spa spreads over 2,200 sq meters, settingunique standards in spa design.+
  24. 24. Travel PlanCRETE EloundaElounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel, 5******Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel is the most exclusive hotel in Elounda. Positionedon a peninsular stretch of land it enjoys an outstanding location overlooking theBay of Elounda, Mirabello Bay, and the expanse of the Aegean Sea. The view isblue as far as the eye can see. The hosts and the entire staff at Elounda Penin-sula All Suite Hotel have been selected on the basis of their outstanding courtesy,professionalism and efficiency. Founded on a tradition of excellence in service un-paralleled in Greece, the dedicated team at Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel is al-ways at your service, whether it is for en-suite dining, private training and massageschedules, or children’s care and recreation.A masterpiece of architecture and design, everything at the Elounda Peninsula AllSuite Hotel is authentic artwork...there can be no comparisons! The award-win-ning Six Senses Spa ™ overlooks a spectacular expanse of the Aegean Sea andserves the three luxury resorts of Elounda S.A Hotels Resorts. The spa’s all-en-compassing treatment menu blends Eastern and Western techniques with modernday rejuvenation programmes. Ranged over two levels, the expansive 23 treatmentareas include an authentic Turkish hammam, the Tepidarium - a bravura space thatexcites all the senses, plus private Thalassotherapy Suites complete with state-of-the-art facilities to balance the senses. Situated near the resort’s golf course, theChildren’s World is comprised of the stunning Children’s Ark and the surroundingChildren’s Park, containing the Water Park, Playground, Ball-games court, and theVegetable Garden. Under supervision by the experienced childcare professionals,the Children’s World is heavenly place for the children to spend all day.+
  25. 25. Travel PlanCRETE EloundaPorto Elounda De luxe Resort, 5******Along the azure coast of Elounda, on Europe’s southernmost island of Crete, is aresort designed to cover your every need in the lap of luxury. A seaside paradisein an extraordinary setting, Porto Elounda De Luxe Resort offers its enormousvariety of services in a unique local atmosphere and ambiance. This is a placethat inspires new experiences and feelings, that leaves wonderful memories andemotions to all guests. This is Elounda; a little corner of the world that will en-dear you like no other. Unravel your room’s special story and find out whatinspired its design, whose renowned artists’ works decorate its walls and whichfamous guests crossed its threshold. Add your very own chapter to the ornatehistory that’s being written here every season.Seven superb culinary experiences and five unique bars compile a melangerieof alternatives that promises to spoil you for choice. Dining under the shade ofolive trees and over the Mirabello Bay with its breathtaking views is simply thehors d’oeuvre. For the main course, culinary excellence from the best nationalcuisines offers you an unforgettable savoury voyage on every occasion. For des-sert, signature cocktails are served at the water’s edge, with an incredible viewof the rising moon.The Six Senses Spa ™ provides a truly relaxing and revital-izing experience, through many forms of holistic healings to balance the senses.Guests of Elounda Mare hotel, Porto Elounda De Luxe Resort, Elounda PeninsulaAll Suite Hotel have the opportunity to enjoy all the facilities of the Six SensesSpa, just a couple of minuites walk away.+
  26. 26. Travel PlanCRETE EloundaBlue Palace Resort Spa, 5******Nestled on the famed coast of Elounda on the Island of Crete, this luxury beach-front resort offers emblematic views to the relics of Spinalonga Island. A luxuryresort in Greece with exceptional charm, architecture and style, Blue Palace Re-sort Spa is the perfect hideaway to combine authentic island luxe accommo-dations, the finest award winning cuisine and a soothing retreat for the senses.We invite you to discover an enchanting island in Greece. At the Blue Palace, aLuxury Collection Resort Spa, Elounda their goal is to ensure that each stayis as stunning and serene as the beauty outside. All guest rooms feature invit-ing luxury beds, made up with crisp 320 thread count pure cotton satin sheets.When combined with the pillow menu, a good night’s sleep is assured.Enter a place of absolute tranquility at the award-wining Elounda Spa situatedon the beach. Enjoy a traditional olive oil massage before relaxing with the sig-nature cocktail Tears of Chios under the famed Arsenali arches. Savor authenticcooking and diverse cuisines in each of the five restaurants at Blue Palace Resort Spa. The dedicated team at the Ultimate Guest Service will ensure to organizeeverything in detail for an authentic experience.Dining at Blue Palace Resort Spa is an eclectic experience. Showcasing ex-quisite cuisine in myriad magical settings, the Resort offers five exclusive res-taurants. Guests can savour fine Mediterranean Gourmet cuisine, celebrate thetastes of Greece, indulge with fresh Italian dishes or feast on Asian delicacies andchoose from a cellar of handpicked wines. Special arrangements can be made fora gourmet picnic lunch or a romantic sunset caique trip.+
  27. 27. Travel PlanCRETE EloundaDomes of EloundaAll Suites Villas Spa Resort, 5******The essence of the Mediterranean, the culture, the cuisine, the temperament, thearchitecture, are holistically captured in the form of a luxury resort consisting for thefirst time of only suites villas. Eight residences, located in a picturesque carob treevalley overlooking the gulf of Elounda, three private villas and a “royal villa” perchedon top of the hill in the resort, ideal for guests wishing to enjoy the executive lifestyleand ultimate privacy.Minimally interfering with the natural habitat and harmonically blended with theirsurroundings, domed structures with breathtaking ocean views emerge from theground, respecting its natural contours and creating a Mediterranean settlement ona hillside of flower gardens, stone pathways, and olive groves just a stone’s throwaway from the Venetian castle on the island of Spinalonga, the setting for VictoriaHislop’s bestselling novel “The Island”. It is all is part of a new design inviting thesenses to feast on sights, scents and tastes from the rich outdoors through largewindows, and spacious verandas that capture sea breezes and provide the perfectsetting for the ultimate fantasy getaway.Soma Spa is truly the secret of Domes of Elounda. A black mosaic seawater pool, sur-rounded by large tinted glass panels welcomes you to the spa. White Filifili lightingfixtures by Martinelli float above while objects and furniture by Moroso, Serralunga,and Bonaldo epitomize our new luxury.+
  28. 28. Travel PlanCRETE EloundaAquila Elounda Village, 5******The sparkling blue sea, twinkling stars, sensuously decorated guestrooms anddiscrete service will make your holidays a once in a lifetime experience at theromantic, secluded luxury ccommodations of Aquila Elounda Village.Luxuriate in a romantic breakfast served on the seclusion of your veranda be-fore soaking up the sun by your private pool. Later in the day, explore theCretan village area with its private church, while the sun sets, go for a wan-der hand-in-hand along the shoreline until you reach the Mirabello restaurantwhere you can revel in a private dinner.The spa will offer an unforgettable experience, through carefully selected reju-venating packages, customized, depending on guests’ personal needs.The spa features a total of six treatment rooms including two VIP cabins, a spe-cial chromotherapy room, a double ayurvedic suite, a wet room with a floatingbed and two double VIP couple suites.+
  29. 29. Travel PlanCRETE Agios NikolaosCandia ParkVillage, 4* superior****интернету (платно), спутниковое телевидение с российским и музыкальнымиканалами, сейф, небольшая встроенная кухня: холодильник, кофеварка; ваннаякомната: ванна/душ, фен, балкон/терраса.Ежедневная уборка номеров, не включая уборку кухни.Категории номеров:156 Standard One-Bedroom Apartments (40 кв.м, макс 4 взр): спальная комната,отдельная гостиная с двумя дополнительными кроватями (может бытьиспользована как вторая спальня), кухонный уголок.28 Superior One-Bedroom Apartments (60 кв.м, макс 5 взр и 1 реб): спальнаякомната, отдельная гостиная с четырьмя дополнительными кроватями(используется как вторая спальня), кухонный уголок; два входа в ваннуюкомнату: из спальни и из гостиной.8 Suite Sea View (40 кв. м, макс 4 взр): расположен на второй береговой линии,с прекрасным видом на море; состоит из отдельной спальни, гостиной с двумядополнительными кроватями (используется как вторая спальня), кухонногоуголка. Дополнительно: электрочайник, весы, банные халаты, летняя мебель набалконе.Standard One-Bedroom Apartm28-49 BLUE PALACE- GRAN MELIA:2011 1/3/2011 12:27 � � Page 39Boasting a waterfront location, Candia Park Village features accommodationoverlooking the Mirabello Bay. The hotel features 3 pools, 2 private beacheswith sun beds and umbrellas, and a children’s club.The air-conditioned rooms of Candia Park are spacious and decorated witha traditional touch. They all include a well-equipped kitchenette with diningarea, and have a satellite TV and hairdryer. Their furnished balcony offers seaor garden views.Guests can relax by the 3 pools, set on 2 levels, including a children’s pool anda jacuzzi. The more active guests can engage in a variety of sports, such as ten-nis, basketball, diving or windsurfing.Agapi restaurant serves local and international dishes by the pool, while theoutdoor Fili tavern offers Cretan cuisine right by the sea. Candia also includes2 bars and a traditional Greek coffee house.+
  30. 30. Travel PlanCRETE Agios NikolaosПРЕДОСТАВЛЯЕМЫЕ УСЛУГИMinos Beach Art Hotel, 5******41СЕРВИСЫ И УДОБСТВА ДЛЯ ДЕТЕЙДетские кроватки, услуги няни (по запросу, платно).РАЗМЕЩЕНИЕОбщее количество номеров - 129.В номерах всех категорий: индивидуальный кондиционер, телефон,спутниковое телевидение с российским каналом, CD player (заисключением Junior Suite), факс (по запросу), сейф, мини-бар(содержимое платно), ванная комната: джакузи (за исключением JuniorSuite), фен, халаты и тапочки, косметические принадлежности;балкон/терраса.Дополнительно в виллах: Wi-Fi, ТВ LCD, DVD Home Cinema.По прибытии в номере: вино и фрукты.В индивидуальных бассейнах - пресная вода.Категории номеров:50 Junior Suite (40-45 кв.м, макс 3 взр): номер-suite, расположенный всадах отеля, представлен спальней и гостиной открытой планировки.50 Superior Bungalow Sea Front (40-45 кв.м, макс 3 взр): бунгало спрямым видом на море; спальня и гостиная открытой планировки.18 Superior Bungalow Water Front (40-45 кв.м, макс 3 взр): бунгало напервой береговой линии представляет собой спальню и гостинуюоткрытой планировки.4 Superior Bungalow Sea Front with Private Pool (40 кв.м, макс 3 взр):бунгало на первой береговой линии с индивидуальным бассейномсостоит из спальни и гостиной открытой планировки. Дополнительно:ТВ LCD, DVD player.3 Villa with Private Pool Sea View (55 кв.м, макс 2 взр): вилла спанорамным видом на море и индивидуальным бассейномпредставлена спальней и отдельной гостиной.3 Executive Villa Sea View with Private Pool (75 кв.м, макс 4 взр): вилла синдивидуальным бассейном включает две спальные комнаты (одна- сдвуспальной кроватью, вторая - с двумя односпальными), две ванныекомнаты (одна - с джакузи, вторая - с душевой кабиной и парной),отдельную гостиную со столовой зоной.1 Presidential Villa with Private Pool (150 кв.м, макс 6 взр): президентскаявилла с индивидуальным бассейном расположена на первой береговойлинии с панорамным видом на залив Мирабелло. Вилла состоит изглавной спальни с ванной комнатой (джакузи, душевая кабина,парная), двух спален с двумя раздельными кроватями с одной ваннойкомнатой (джакузи), небольшой полностью оборудованной кухни,просторной гостиной с видом на море и со столовой зоной. Террасавиллы 100 кв.м с прямым доступом к морю. Дополнительно: мебельдизайна Paola Navone.СЕРВИСЫ И УДОБСТВА ДЛЯ ДЕТЕЙДетские кроватки, услуги няни (по запросу, платно).РАЗМЕЩЕНИЕОбщее количество номеров - 129.В номерах всех категорий: индивидуальный кондиционер, телефон,спутниковое телевидение с российским каналом, CD player (заисключением Junior Suite), факс (по запросу), сейф, мини-бар(содержимое платно), ванная комната: джакузи (за исключением JuniorSuite), фен, халаты и тапочки, косметические принадлежности;балкон/терраса.Дополнительно в виллах: Wi-Fi, ТВ LCD, DVD Home Cinema.По прибытии в номере: вино и фрукты.В индивидуальных бассейнах - пресная вода.Категории номеров:50 Junior Suite (40-45 кв.м, макс 3 взр): номер-suite, расположенный всадах отеля, представлен спальней и гостиной открытой планировки.50 Superior Bungalow Sea Front (40-45 кв.м, макс 3 взр): бунгало спрямым видом на море; спальня и гостиная открытой планировки.18 Superior Bungalow Water Front (40-45 кв.м, макс 3 взр): бунгало напервой береговой линии представляет собой спальню и гостинуюоткрытой планировки.4 Superior Bungalow Sea Front with Private Pool (40 кв.м, макс 3 взр):бунгало на первой береговой линии с индивидуальным бассейномсостоит из спальни и гостиной открытой планировки. Дополнительно:ТВ LCD, DVD player.3 Villa with Private Pool Sea View (55 кв.м, макс 2 взр): вилла спанорамным видом на море и индивидуальным бассейномпредставлена спальней и отдельной гостиной.3 Executive Villa Sea View with Private Pool (75 кв.м, макс 4 взр): вилла синдивидуальным бассейном включает две спальные комнаты (одна- сдвуспальной кроватью, вторая - с двумя односпальными), две ванныекомнаты (одна - с джакузи, вторая - с душевой кабиной и парной),отдельную гостиную со столовой зоной.1 Presidential Villa with Private Pool (150 кв.м, макс 6 взр): президентскаявилла с индивидуальным бассейном расположена на первой береговойлинии с панорамным видом на залив Мирабелло. Вилла состоит изглавной спальни с ванной комнатой (джакузи, душевая кабина,парная), двух спален с двумя раздельными кроватями с одной ваннойкомнатой (джакузи), небольшой полностью оборудованной кухни,просторной гостиной с видом на море и со столовой зоной. Террасавиллы 100 кв.м с прямым доступом к морю. Дополнительно: мебельдизайна Paola Navone.28-49 BLUE PALACE- GRAN MELIA:2011 27/2/2011 3:47 � � Page 41Situated in the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos, this five-star seaside hotelis known fot its unique architecture, the rich natural surroundings and lushgardens, making it the intersection of luxury, calm and unobtrusive service.The four restaurants in Minos Beach Art Hotel offer unique flavors while theselected suggestions cover a wide variety of Greek, International cuisine andtraditional Cretan recipes and unique cocktails. The beach in Minos Beach ArtHotel is within walking distance from each bungalow, suitable for all kinds ofwater sports. The Minos Beach Art Hotel offers a wide range of facilities suchas a sauna room and small gym, hair salon and treatment rooms featuringAyuverdic treatments. As a deluxe waterfront resort in a tranquil setting ofcolorful, flower-filled gardens.Minos Beach Art Hotel has 129 rooms in the main building and bungalows inthe garden. 2 main restaurants, (one of them exclusively for guests of the Su-perior bungalows and villas), 2 a la carte restaurants, snack bar with ice cream,drinks and snacks, cocktail bar with terrace, TV and game room, small store.Pool with pool bar. Art gallery in the garden.+
  31. 31. Travel PlanCRETE Agios NikolaosSt. Nikolas BayResort Hotel Villas, 5******St Nicolas bay is a unique luxury private beach Resort Hotel on the way fromAghios Nikolaos to Elounda. This bungalow style resort and the private poolvillas expanded in a small peninsula viewing both the spectacular Gulf of Mira-bello Bay and the old cosmopolitan fishing village of Aghios Nikolaos.Mediterranean in character, this delightful resort blends to perfection freshand airy contemporary design with exceptionable service, fine cuisine and top-notch amenities.St. Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel Villas is ideally situated offering panoramic seaview to Mirabello Bay. Individually designed and decorated, delightful resi-dences offer luxury combined with all modern technology and amenities. Se-cluded ambiance, comfort, extra space and panoramic sea views feature all ourrooms and suites.The hotel’s innovative Cretan cuisine uses the finest local fresh ingredients,prepared in an inspiring variety of ways using Virgin Olive Oil. Once the mealis over, your night is just beginning with live music, a relaxed atmosphere andyour choice of Summer Cool drinks. Poseidon Spa at the St. Nicolas Bay Hotelrepresents the efforts to create a truly relaxing and revitalizing experience de-signed to pamper yourself and balance your senses.+
  32. 32. Travel PlanCRETE Agios NikolaosGran Melia Luxury Resortand Villas Daios Cove, 5******The Gran Melia Luxury Resort and Villas Daios Cove is a brand new luxury re-sort nested on a hillside overlooking its private tranquil bay on the North-Eastpart of Crete. Located right on the waterfront with a private sandy beach, mas-terfully blending the surrounding landscape together with its unique privatebay and direct access to the crystalline waters.The Gran Melia Luxury Resort and Villas Daios Cove represents the perfect in-tegration between architecture and design with the surrounding environment.Gran Melia Resort Luxury Villas Daios Cove offers you a variety of restaurantsin Creta to choose for every occasion featuring a unique culinary experience.Choose amongst the 300 rooms and suites including Deluxe Ocean View Suites,One Bedroom Suites, and RedLevel Master Suites and Villas. All boast spec-tacular views of the cove and turquoise sea and most feature private, heatedswimming pools. The needs of more discerning guests are surpassed in everyway with our one, two and three-bedroom Villas and Spa Villas.In a space of 2,500 m2the Sperience Spa with its unique water features, opensthe door to a world of new sensations and self-indulgements. Enjoy 2 indoorpools (one of them equipped with jets for personalized programmes) sauna,bio-sauna, steam bath, emotional showers, water paradise, ice fountain, theexclusive cabin of Meditteraneo and a fully equipped gym.+
  33. 33. Travel PlanCRETE SissiKalimera KritiHotel Village Resort, 5******РАЗМЕЩЕНИЕОбщее количество номздании и комплексе бунномерах всех категорийкондиционер в основноиндивидуальный в бунгспутниковое телевиденмузыкальными каналам(содержимое платно), скомната, фен, банные хкосметические принадлбалкон/терраса.Дополнительно в номерBungalow Suite Waterfroстереосистема, DVD plКатегории номеров:65 Double Room Mountain View (29 кв.м, макс 3 взр)/ 60 DoubleBungalow Mountain View (30-35 кв.м, макс 3 взр): стандартныеномера с видом на сад в основном здании/ комплексе бунгалоDouble Room Mountain ViewFamily Suite Sea View50-69 SUNSHINE CRETE - EVELYN:2011 27/2/2011 4:03 � � Page 58A contemporary retreat combining the elements of the Minoan Palace’s archi-tecture and inspired by neoclassic features, this highly regarded deluxe resortfeatures a Main Building three Cretan style villages, harmoniously spreadover 60 acres of glorious Mediterranean gardens. The landscape incorporatesincredible long sandy beaches with world famous sunsets that evoke a feelingof romance and relaxation in a luxurious setting.All rooms, bungalows and suites are designed and decorated, combining ele-gance and comfort. Furnished in traditional Cretan style, with air-conditioningand heating (in bungalows individually adjustable, in main building centrallycontrolled), featuring satellite TV, direct dial telephone, radio- music channel,mini-bar, hairdryer and safe deposit box.The Main Restaurant “Artemis” has a large veranda overlooking the AegeanSea. A full American breakfast buffet is served while during the evening clientscan enjoy a three-course dinner menu, with salads, starters dessert from thebuffet while the main course is served.+
  34. 34. Travel PlanCRETE MaliaKernos Beach, 4*****Nestled on an expanse of gorgeously landscaped acres of Mediterranean gar-dens with a lengthy sandy beach, this spacious hotel offers to guests a master-ful blend of assured comfort and Crete’s warm hospitality. The hotel features 2freshwater swimming pools, 2 tennis courts, a water sports centre and chauf-feured airport transfers.Surrounded by extensive rich gardens with walking paths, the 4-star hotelcomparies of 275 rooms, bungalows and suites, including 25 with waterfrontposition. Each is fitted with air conditioning, TV with satellite channels andbathroom with hairdryer.At the main restaurant, American breakfast and a 3-course dinner are served.The seafront Fish Restaurant offers a wide range of seafood and fish delicaciesfor lunch. The Tavernaki Snack-Bar offers a variety of snacks, salads and grilledfood. The Kafenion serves traditional Greek coffee or ouzo.+
  35. 35. Travel PlanCRETE VrahassiGrecotel Meli Palace, All Inclusive, 4*****Gloriously serene: the phrase perfectly captures the mood of Grecotel MeliPalace, a resort that owes its tranquillity to an idyllic location on the belovedisland of Crete. Built like a Minoan palace, Meli Palace revels in a dreamy sea-side setting overlooking a tiny island.Set in the lush countryside on a private secluded beach, it is steeped in tran-quillity. Escape to this exotic beachfront paradise, surrounded by palm trees,wild figs, hibiscus, cacti and olive trees. Explore the meandering ancient pathsand lose yourself in the cool Mediterranean breezes and azure Cretan sea.Discrete service, simple yet refined accommodation, excellent range of all in-clusive dining, a fine private beach and spectacular scenery combine to createa memorable holiday.Built like a Minoan Palace, Meli Palace offers an exquisite choice of beautifullyappointed airy rooms, prettily designed with delicate fabrics in warm summercolours and elegant furniture in a contemporary relaxing style with traditionalCretan overtones. They offer beautiful views to the Cretan sea or the exoticgardens to enhance your stay.The Grecoland Club offers organized activitiesfor children aged 3 to 12 years while the Club 4 U for teenagers aged 13 to17 years old.+
  36. 36. Travel PlanCRETE AmmoudaraCandia Maris Resort Spa, 5******Candia Maris is built on the beach of Amoudara, very close to the city center ofHeraklion and the International airport. The location is perfect for guests whowish to explore both the East West coast of the island Crete.The Candia Maris resort’s total capacity is 285 rooms and suites, the majorityof which is located in the main building with views over the Aegean Sea.Three outstanding restaurants and 2 bars await to tempt guests with interna-tional culinary delights. Sumptuous buffets are available in the Estia Restau-rant for breakfast and dinner. The Taverna near the beach offers local cuisinefor lunch and dinner, while the Peitho Restaurant promises fine dining withour chefs creating demanding gourmet dishes in an open kitchen enviroment.The Aegeo Spa Center in Candia Maris Resort Spa Crete is a valuable addi-tion, a true oasis of well-being in Crete: situated on an area of 4,500 sq meters,the Aegeo Spa Center offers classic wellness services including Thalasso andbeauty therapy. The centre has an indoor swimming pool, two aquastreampools with warm seawater, a whirlpool, solarium, sanarium, sauna and Hamamas well as a total of 24 treatment rooms.+
  37. 37. Travel PlanCRETE HersonissosTerra MarisConvention Golf Resort, 5******Terra Maris operates as an All Inclusive Wellness and Golf Resort, harmoniouslycombining the modern with the traditional, luxurious of facilities with the fru-galness of “lines” and excellent friendly services, thus constituting the ideallocation for unforgettable family holidays in Crete. For holidays full of interest-ing activities and carefree days for the whole family or for a short break fromthe humdrum of everyday life, Terra Maris is the perfect choice, promising tosatisfy even the most demanding guest.Experience the luxury of an impressive suite, luxury rooms or bungalows atTerra Maris, where 282 beds are available. Also, at Terra Maris you can com-bine entertainment and business, as it is directly connected to the state-of-the-art Creta Maris Conference Center - one of the largest conference centersin Greece - and can accommodate delegates for conferences or business meet-ings, whilst the catering and banqueting department will satisfy even the mostdemanding client.Thalasso centers specially prepared ideas for relaxation, detoxification, fat loss,rejuvenation and well-being, while having the essential infrastructure andsound advise for problems concerning the musculoskeletal system, reinvigora-tion and rejuvenation from daily stress and aggravation of the system.+
  38. 38. Travel PlanCRETE HersonissosCreta MarisConvention Golf Resort, 5******Creta Maris is located close to the fishing village of Hersonnisos, a long sweep-ing bay of sandy beach and crystal clear water. Creta Maris, a small village withquaint twisting paths, small piazzas filled with the scents and colours of a widevariety of trees and flowers, is a unique combination of Aegean Architectureand luxurious facilities.At Creta Maris, the choices for fun, entertainment, sport activities, water-sports, but also relaxation, exercising and beauty are endless. For relaxationand rejuvenation of body and mind, visit “SPA Center”, experience the uniqueexperience of total relaxation and take advantage of the rich properties of seawater. For those of you who need to combine business and holidays in theisland of Crete, the Creta Maris conference centre, which is connected to thehotel, can accommodate in its 68 conference halls up to 5.500 delegates.The combination of traditional architecture and luxury hotel facilities, the ex-perienced personnel who is there to materialize every need and requirement,and Cretan hospitality, make Creta Maris the ideal destination for those whoseek the “small details” which make the difference for perfect holidays, events,conferences and business meetings.+
  39. 39. Travel PlanCRETE HersonissosAldemarKnossos Royal Royal Villas, 5******Bathed in sunlight, calmed by the gentle waves of the Aegean Sea — andwithin easy reach of a spectacular beach — is the idyllic, family-friendly hotel.Minoan-style architecture, comfortable, recently refurbished rooms, gleamingswimming pools and lush gardens create the perfect mood for relaxation.While the little ones are kept amused at a fun-filled mini-club, enjoy the tenniscourts or relax by the pool with a cool drink, the choice is yours. Sample tradi-tional and international cuisine at the fine dining restaurants and enjoy a livelyentertainment programme at the open-air amphitheatre.Discover the elegant, comfortable and cool rooms, state-of-the-art sports fa-cilities, inviting swimming pools, and a variety of beach and pool bars all com-bined with the panoramic view of the Aegean. In fact, a banquet of pleasureawaits you at this family friendly resort. It’s the ultimate destination for lov-ers of sports, entertainment, relaxation and pleasure. Welcome to a first-classbeachside resort with supreme facilities and an atmosphere that’s lush, lavishand laid-back.+
  40. 40. Travel PlanCRETE HersonissosAldemar Royal Mare, 5******Aldemar Royal Mare, a 5 star resort in Hersonissos, features all the facilitiesand comforts you expect from a luxury hotel. Expect spectacular surround-ings with sea views, landscaped gardens and a private beach, and count on aworld of relaxation either around the many turquoise pools or in the world’sbest thalasso therapy centre. Exercise in the fitness centre, serve up a winnerat the tennis club and enjoy the secrets of Cretan cuisine with its exceptionalingredients and light Mediterranean flavours.At Aldemar Royal Mare, the experienced chefs are proud to serve inspirationon every plate. And no wonder: they insist on local produce and are passionateabout using classical recipes to make the delicious, fresh, healthy cuisine thathas become an Aldemar trademarkListed among the 10 best Thalasso Centres worldwide and voted as World’sLeading Thalasso Spa Resort 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 - World Travel Awards,the Royal Mare Thalasso/Spa Centre seduces with its size, luminosity and se-renity. Treatment rooms, swimming pools, beauty and fitness centres and the“Oriental” Hammam area all share a space comprising 5.000 sq meters, dedi-cated to your well being.+
  41. 41. Travel PlanCRETE HersonissosAldemar Cretan Village, 4*****Carefree family fun is the all-inclusive Cretan Village with its traditional andwhite-washed Greek architecture. Situated beside the beautiful golden beachof Anissaras, its two-storey houses provide comfortable accommodation,while activities include watersports, mini-golf and a varied entertainment pro-gramme.There’s fun for the little guests at the children’s club featuring various activitiesand a playground, while supervised by trained professionals. While the littleones are enjoying themselves, the grown-ups can take time to unwind. Enjoya work-out in the on-the-premises fitness area, sample delicious food in thedelightful restaurants and bars, dance the night away under the stars at theopen-air disco, and, most of all, relax!Guests at Aldemar Cretan Village can choose from plenty of organised activi-ties during their stay. Start the day with a delicious buffet breakfast. Childrenwill be kept busy with their own Kids Club and outdoor theme pool with wa-terslide. Enjoy a game of tennis or have a walk along Aldemar’s private beach.Aldemar Village’s multi-lingual animation team is ready with entertainmentshows and sporting activities for all the family.+
  42. 42. Travel PlanCRETE Agia PelagiaOut of the blueCapsis Elite Resort, 5******This 5-star deluxe resort hotel is located on a private peninsula, 20 minutesfrom the City and the International Airport of Heraklion and next to the tradi-tional fishing village of Aghia Pelaghia. Outstretched over this unique penin-sula resembling a Cretan Village and surrounded by a Botanical Park of 167.000sq meters with beautiful Aegean views, extensive gardens, green pathways,ponds, cascades, a small river, 3 beaches and a private zoo.The property features 3 private greenhouses and large cultivations where or-ganically-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers are produced and usedin all our restaurants and bars. Thanks to the environmental protection plan,the resort hotel complex has been awarded with the Hermes Awards 2002 for“Best Innovation in Terms of Environmental Protection”.The resort consists of 2 main hotel buildings, 3 private neighborhoods offeringguests the choice of guestrooms, suites, bungalows, villas and maisonetteswith private pools that combine a stylish blend of island charm, world-classservice, comfort and convenience. Out of the Blue Capsis offers a variety ofrestaurants varying from French gourmet to Italian, from Fusion to traditionalGreek and Cretan cuisine. All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, or-ganically-grown within the hotel’s 3 private greenhouses.+
  43. 43. Travel PlanCRETE HerakleionGrecotel Amirandes, 5******Designed in keeping with the grand palaces of the Minoan kings, Amirandes is anexclusive beach-side resort that epitomises Crete’s most inspiring features: beautifularchitecture, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine and stunning land and seascapes.Just 20 minutes from Heraklion Airport, the Resort also offers good sea links andis just a short drive from attractions including the Palace of Knossos and Crete GolfClub.Themed around the lagoons that swirl through its centre, the Resort’s 70,000sq meters expanse comprises six restaurants, private beaches, Elixir Spa with indoorpool, outdoor Olympic-size seawater pool, over 60 private pools and extensive chil-dren’s facilities. The 212 guest rooms feature indulgent details such as private gyms,home cinema and state-of-the-art bathrooms with colour-therapy and aromatherapyJacuzzi bathtubs.The Amirandes dining experience offers six restaurants with a diverse array of cui-sine, décor and ambience including old world glamour and a taste of the Med at the‘floating’ Amirandes restaurant; contemporary Far Eastern fusion cuisine at the BlueMonkey; succulent seafood at the waterfront Petrino and relaxed Cretan fare in theXasteria garden restaurant. In addition, guests and locals alike can absorb the resort’scosmopolitan vibe in the opulent lobby bar, Labyrinth.Amirandes’ Elixir Spa offers a true sanctuary for the senses where simplicity is key.Decorated in stone and wood, the lounge and treatment suites create a small, privatehaven of indulgent relaxation.+
  44. 44. Travel PlanCRETE PanormoGrecotel Club Marine Palace Suites, All Inclusive, 4*****Away from the shoreline Club Marine Palace Marine Palace Suites border thevillage of Panormo. It is a fishing traditional Cretan village with cafés, restau-rants and shops. Club Marine Palace is built like a typical Cretan village. Lemon,mandarin and vanilla-coloured bungalows surround the large swimming pools.A winding path meanders between the main building, the cluster of bunga-lows on the upper level and the seafront bungalow village. The beautiful Ma-rine Palace Suites are the epitome of luxury and style. The setting is spectacu-lar, a fine cocktail of captivating sea views, blissful serenity combined withthe more active life at the Grecotel Club Marine Palace. The suites, built in apeaceful area above the main hotel, encircle a tranquil pool surrounded by freesun beds umbrellas.Club Marine Palace Suites offers you plenty of opportunities to dine al fresco.Four different restaurants, Greek, Far Eastern, Mediterranean or Internationalflavours. The hotel features 6 amazing pools, an aqua park with slide foun-tain, a host of activities from morning to night, including the best underwaterdiving in Crete. The Elixir Spa comes with a real thalassotherapy pool, a daz-zling skylight and a big Jacuzzi.+
  45. 45. Travel PlanCRETE RethymnoGrecotel El Greco, 4*****Nestled on the beachfront and framed by fields of golden wheat and redpoppies,El Greco offers spectacular sea views from every corner of its magnifi-cent landscape. Stretch out by the pool or stake out your favourite spot on a400-meter velvet-smooth sandy beach. Long, leisurely strolls in the gentle surfand lazy days spent splashing around in the pool’s shimmering turquoise wa-ters will set your spirits soaring.El Greco’s many returning guests will be pleased to see that there is now anAll-Inclusive option so guests may now choose between half-board and all-inclusive option at this favourite family hotel. With so many new dining anddrinking options, guests will be delighted with the NEW look in the Lobbyarea, bar and lounges. A refreshing sea front Pool Brasserie and pool bar to sipcocktails and revel in the beautiful sea views with impeccable service.There’s an enormous swimming pool, children’s pool, and two sea-front gar-den pools as well as a tennis club. Hire a mountain bike and explore the area,while lovers of water sports will be in an aqua heaven. For the younger gueststhe hotel also features children’s playground, games, competitions, children’sshows and creative activities.+
  46. 46. Travel PlanCRETE RethymnoGrecotel Creta Palace, 5******Crete is famous for its Minoan Palaces. Inspired by their labyrinth size and simplepleasures, Creta Palace occupies an enchanting sandy beach where the Mediter-ranean sea turtles ‘Caretta-caretta’ have nested since antiquity. In the heart of theCretan Riviera, just minutes from the old-world charm of Rethymno’s Venetianharbour, the Creta Palace is in a class of its own.From the superbly renovated marbled foyer to the luxurious brand new guestroomsit represents - with every detail - style, quality and prestige. Surrounded by an Edenparadise, the main hotel building and three bungalow villages, guests come acrossthe Cretan ‘Kafenion’, a small Greek chapel and many more to discover. The re-sort’s timeless elegance is reflected in the light-filled, brand new ultra-luxuriousrooms and suites in the main hotel with panoramic views of the sea. Lavish familyaccommodation, bungalow suites and elegant villas with private pools dot theluxuriant tropical gardens that surround the hotel. A completely new paradise forthe children (3-12 years old). The NEW Grecoland is located in the grassy gardensof the bungalow village offering plenty of shade and safety in a high-tech buildingand pergolas with lots of activities including cookery and gardening to inspire andbring out their best creative talents!As for the food, it’s just as well that the Cretan diet is considered one of the health-iest in the world. The Grecotel Creta Palace now boasts 10 Restaurants and Bars,many of which serve fresh organic produce from the healthy Cretan soil. Boastingits own traditional Cretan farm Agreco and organic produce - all fresh and all inseason- Creta Palace rediscovers the essence of pleasure.+
  47. 47. Travel PlanCRETE RethymnoGrecotel PlazaSpa Apartments, 4*****On the north coast of Crete, in the eastern part of the unique town of Rethym-non nestles Plaza Spa Apartments. On the beachfront, with spectacular seaviews, this luxury hotel is ideal for guests seeking the best of all worlds- luxu-rious accommodation with selfcatering facilities combined with the resorts’comforts just a stone’s throw away from the vivid city’s nightlife.The hotel is designed like a Cretan Village and reminds of the neighborhoodsin the “Old Town” of Rethymno with Creto-venetian architectural influences.At these spacious suites you don’t have to compromise. You can cook thatmidnight snack in your fully equipped kitchen or enjoy a meal on your spaciousprivate veranda watching the sunset.Indulge in temptations in the Plaza Restaurant with extensive buffets and showcooking. Relax with a bubbling Jacuzzi in the privacy of your master bedroomor unwind with a massage and aromatherapy in the hotel’s Spa.+
  48. 48. Travel PlanCRETE PanormoSensimar Royal BlueResort Spa, 5******The 5* Sensimar Royal Blue Resort Spa, is a tranquil exclusive resort on thenorthern coast of the island of Crete that allows you to lose yourself in authen-tic luxury quiet sophistication. With its own private bay and an endless hori-zon of Cretan Blue, where the sea meets the sky in a harmonious kaleidoscope,you will find your getaway to an unparallel sensorial journey.The complex consists of swimming pools as well as colorful gardens whichextend throughout the resort fulfilling the senses with a unique blend of well-being and relaxation. Natural stone has been used extensively with dedicatedpassion for detail, in the decoration of all outdoor areas, thus creating theperfect mix between sophistication and natural elegance.The understated elegance of the 190 rooms, suites and villas, which have beenbuilt in a Mediterranean Village style, the uncompromising unique flavors ofthe resort’s cuisine, the unique settings for the organization of your eventsand the mystical magic of the Pure Senses Spa are just the introduction to anexperience that extend beyond the realms of a luxury resort.+
  49. 49. Travel PlanCRETE RethymnoAquilaPorto Rethymno, 5******Located next to Rethymno’s beach and just a few minutes’ walk from the oldtown, Aquila Porto Rethymno offers modern and well-appointed accommoda-tion with a delicious breakfast included and excellent family entertainment.Each of the rooms at Aquila Porto Rethymno is decorated in a modern styleand appointed with home comforts, including slippers. Start the day with Aq-uila Porto’s delicious breakfast, which is famous for its rich variety.Children will be kept entertained at the Aquila Porto Rethymno’s fun club.You can relax around one of the outdoor pools or enjoy a refreshing dip. Strolla few steps to the beach and soak up the sun or swim in the sea. If you needsome pampering, enjoy a soothing massage or relax in the sauna.Rethymno’s vibrant old town is just a short walk away. Here you will find awide variety of shops and bars. In the evening, enjoy drinks and a live enter-tainment programme for adults at Aquila Porto’s bar.+
  50. 50. Travel PlanCRETE RethymnoAquilaRithymna Beach, 5******With its classical traditional main building and Cretan style bungalow village,this is one of the most highly rated resorts in Greece. Set in 80,000 sq metersof lush, well-kept colourful gardens, the resort offers all guests a friendly andpersonal service. Aquila Rithymna Beach has all the hallmarks of a beautifulCretan village, from the church of St. John to an original olive oil press.Luxurious accommodation is comprised of elegantly decorated rooms that areboth stylish and comfortable. Rooms and the traditional main building are en-veloped in vast gardens, alive with colour and dotted with mature trees thatprovide welcome shade from the warm sun.Relax, enjoy your holidays and allow your children to have the best time oftheir life. The self-contained “Kri Kri” Children’s Club (for children 3-6 yearsold and 6-12 years old) resembles a multi-colored fairytale village completewith miniature bedrooms, amphitheatre, atelier, water mill, workshops andplayground. Teenagers (13-17 yrs old) may join in the Club 4 U activities duringthe main summer months (mid-June to mid Sept.). A selection of activities isavailable and, depending on the group, a daily programme is arranged.+
  51. 51. Travel PlanCRETE KolymbariAvra Imperial Beach Resort Spa, 5******Located at the beautiful seaside village of Kolymbari, Avra Imperial has devel-oped a modern resort with minimal elements. The two flourishing earth ele-ments, water and green land embrace the resort made with the finest resourcesof marble, wood and local stone that complement the opulent, luxurious con-temporary rooms and suites featuring 118 private or shared pools. Avra Imperialis a true Resort Hotel that aspires to become a protagonist in Chania, Crete withits unique facilities and superior services.The Cretan luxury resort rooms and suites are all designed to perfection for theultimate relaxation and supreme comfort: private or shared pools, flat screen LEDTV/DVDs, air conditioning, electronic safe, hair dryer, luxurious bathroom ameni-ties, fine linen, pillow menu, Wi-Fi internet access and direct dial telephone. Tostay at Avra Imperial is to enjoy the ultimate grandeur premises and splendidservice. Avra Imperial is built within 65.000m2 of gardens and water offering sixtypes of suites, all with modern state of the art décor and features.The Avra Imperial features four swimming pools. Apart from the main pool(1,500-m² ) there is also a 700-m² salt-water pool, as well as a freshwater chil-dren’s pool. The spa offers eight massage rooms and a beauty salon. A state-of-the-art gym, hammam and indoor pool complete the setting.Breakfast and din-ner are served at the main restaurant’s terrace overlooking the main pool. Guestscan sample Greek and international dishes at the hotel’s 2 à la carte restaurants.Room service is available.+
  52. 52. Travel PlanCRETE PlataniasMinoa PalaceResort Spa, 5******СЕРВИСЫ И УДОБСТВА ДЛЯ ДЕТЕЙДетское меню, высокие детские стульчики в ресторанах, детскиекроватки, мини-клуб для детей 4-10 лет, игровая площадка на открытомвоздухе, услуги няни (по запросу, платно), детский бассейн с преснойводой, детское отделение в крытом подогреваемом бассейне,анимационная программа.РАЗМЕЩЕНИЕОтель состоит из двух комплексов Minoa Palace Resort Spa и MinoaPalace Beach Resort (Imperial), находящихся на первой и второй линии отморя и соединенных между собой подвесным мостом.Общее количество номеров - 254.В номерах всех категорий: кондиционер с индивидуальным управлением,В номерах корпуса “Imperial”: халаты; ванная комната: ванна и душ.Индивидуальные бассейны с пресной водой.Категории номеров:Minoa Palace Resort Spа74 Double Room Mountain View 41 Double Room Pool View (26 кв.м, макс3 взр): стандартные номера с видом на сад/ бассейн расположены вцентральном здании.41 Bungalow Garden View (28 кв.м, макс 3 взр или 2 взр и 2 реб):стандартные номера в комплексе бунгало с видом на сад.7 Bungalow Private Pool (28 кв.м, макс 3 взр): номер в комплексе бунгалос индивидуальным бассейном.5 Bungalow Suite (45 кв.м, макс 4 взр): номера-suites расположены вImperial Two-Bedroom SuiteWater FrontDouble Roomнеделю), мини-футбол, настольный теннис, пляжный волейбол,тренажерный зал, анимационная программа: вечера живой музыки,развлекательные шоу, фольклорные представления, музыкальные итанцевальные вечера.За дополнительную плату: освещение теннисного корта, бильярд, центрводных видов спорта: подводное плавание, виндсерфинг, каноэ,катамараны, водные лыжи, катание на “банане”.СЕРВИСЫ И УДОБСТВА ДЛЯ ДЕТЕЙДетское меню, высокие детские стульчики в ресторанах, детскиекроватки, мини-клуб для детей 4-10 лет, игровая площадка на открытомвоздухе, услуги няни (по запросу, платно), детский бассейн с преснойводой, детское отделение в крытом подогреваемом бассейне,анимационная программа.РАЗМЕЩЕНИЕОтель состоит из двух комплексов Minoa Palace Resort Spa и MinoaPalace Beach Resort (Imperial), находящихся на первой и второй линии отморя и соединенных между собой подвесным мостом.Общее количество номеров - 254.В номерах всех категорий: кондиционер с индивидуальным управлением,телефон, доступ к интернспутниковое телевидениекомплексе Imperial и suiteкомната: ванна/ душ, фенприбытии: бутылка вина,Дополнительно в номерахLCD 26”, факс; натуральнномеров дважды в день.В номерах корпуса “ImperИндивидуальные бассейнКатегории номеров:Minoa Palace Resort Spа74 Double Room Mountain3 взр): стандартные номецентральном здании.41 Bungalow Garden Viewстандартные номера в ко7 Bungalow Private Pool (2с индивидуальным бассей5 Bungalow Suite (45 кв.м,комплексе бунгало представлены двумя типами: две отдельные спальнии ванная комната или гостиная и спальня, разделенные дверью, ванная6 Double Imperial Room WPrivate Pool (30 кв.м, максImperial Two-Bedroom SuiteWater FrontDouble Room132-151 MINOA - CAPE SOUNIO:2011 27/2/2011 5:12 � � Page 133Minoa Palace Resort Spa is a luxury 5* beachside hotel, built within 35.000sqmeters of maintained gardens; situated in the cosmopolitan area of Platanias,12km west of the picturesque town of Chania and only 30min drive from Cha-nia International Airport.The hotel offers majestic views of its surrounding countryside and the WhiteMountains. To the north, the hotel enjoys panoramic views of the endlessgolden beach of Platanias with the shimmering saphire blue Aegean beyond.With the extension of the hotel in 2008, guests have immediate access to thesandy beach, over the newly built aerial bridge, connecting the two hotel’ssections.The luxury and comfort, combined with the attention to the detail and therelaxed atmosphere, provide a holiday to remember for a lifetime. Great vari-ety of music and dancing options throughout the week including our residentmusicians in the main piano bar, theme nights with live orchestra and danc-ers. Evening entertainment programs organized by professional soft animationteam. Cultural and other local events organized by the Guest Relations Depart-ment.+
  53. 53. Travel PlanCRETE ChaniaGrecotel Kalliston, 5******The simplicity of Crete’s stunning landscape and the sophistication of intui-tive service combine to create the exceptional surroundings and beach club at-moshere of this exclusive intimate resort. ‘Kalliston’ - in ancient Greek means“most beautiful” and this stunning resort exceeds the sense of its name.Just a heartbeat from Hania, Crete’s most evocative city, Kalliston offers the bestof all worlds. Almost everything at this boutique resort is focused on the gor-geous beach and the sweeping views of the sea. Elegant accommodation withbespoke furnishings and designer fabrics offer a luxurious private retreat. Revelin the self-indulgence of a private pool and special amenities like a bathroomfitted with personal hydromassage and tropical rain shower.Guestrooms with breathtaking sea views and junior suites that open onto pri-vate terraces with wood-beamed pergolas for taking in the view, place a premi-um on comfort. Standard amenities all those extras you expect from a world-class luxury resort. Facilities include the Elixir Spa that features an indoor pool,sauna, spa treatments whereas the Grecoland corner for kids offers a supervisedplayground along with numerous creative activities.+
  54. 54. Travel PlanCRETE PlataniasPorto Platanias BeachResort Spa, 5******Porto Platanias Beach Resort Spa promises you a holiday experience of thehighest quality and ensures a satisfying and memorable stay. Porto PlataniasBeach Resort Spa, a resort designed to offer ultimate pleasure and recre-ation, is located in one of the most cosmopolitan regions of Crete, Platanias,9 kilometres west of the town of Chania and 20 kilometres away from theairport of Chania.The hotel is characterised by its elegant and functional spaces, the hospital-ity and friendliness of the staff. All these qualities contribute to establishingPorto Platanias Beach Resort Spa as the ideal place for memorable, dreamlikeholidays. The design and decoration of the rooms meet the highest aestheticstandards and the hotel’s interiors exude an atmosphere of unparalleled so-phistication and style.Built in a sublime area of 30,000sq meters by the sea, the hotel features allmodern amenities that can offer the pampered luxury that you deserve duringyour holidays.At the “Sparkling Spa” 800 m2, the Porto Platanias Beach Resort Spa drew inspiration from the natural beauty of Crete and harmonized thisnewfound sense of the luxury and deep knowledge of modern techniques ofrelaxation and pampering.+
  55. 55. Travel PlanCRETE Agia MarinaCHANIA AGIA MARINASanta Marina Beach, 4*****Santa Marina Hotel расположилсяна песчаном побережье вокружении цветущих садов и внепосредственной близости отцентрального променадаПлатаньяс Агия Марина.Расстояние: 8 км к западу отцентра г.Ханья, 21 км отмеждународного аэропортаг.Ханья, 15 км от порта г.Ханья.ST MARINA BEACHПРЕДОСТАВЛЯЕМЫЕ УСЛУГИРестораны: центральный ресторан: завтра“шведский стол’, a la carte ресторан “Azzurблюдами греческой и международной кухнБары: лондж-бар, бар на пляже, бар у басRoom service: 10:00 -22:00.Дополнительная инфраструктура отеля: инуголок и Wi-Fi (платно), ТВ зона в лондж-бпрачечная/химчистка.Бассейны и пляж: открытый бассейн с преводой, песчаный пляж, пляжные полотенцдепозит), лежаки и зонтики у бассейнапредоставляются бесплатно, на пляже-задополнительную плату.СПОРТ И РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯБесплатно: фитнес-зал, анимационная про1 раз в неделю: фольклорное шоу с живоймузыкой, караоке вечер.За дополнительную плату: массаж.СЕРВИСЫ И УДОБСТВА ДЛЯ ДЕТЕВысокие детские стульчики, детские кровамини-клуб для детей 4-12 лет, услуги нянизапросу, платно), игровая площадка, детскбассейн с пресной водой.ПРОГРАММА “ALL INCLUSIVE”Организация питания: полный пансион вцентральном ресторане (завтрак, обед и у“шведский стол”, 07:30-10:00 12:30-14:3019:00-21:30), тематический вечер: барбекюНапитки за обедом и ужином: вода,безалкогольные напитки, домашнее вино ибочковое пиво местного производства.A la carte ресторан “Azzuro” (12:30-15:00 22:00): ежедневно обед; ужин - понедельнсреда-суббота (1 раз за весь срок пребываНапитки: прохладительные напитки, домашвино и пиво местного производства.В барах отеля (10:00-23:00): алкогольныеместного производства: узо, раки, бренди,OFFICIAL CATEGORY A138CRETE CHANIA AGIA MARINA132-151 MINOA - CAPE SOUNIO:2011 27/2/2011 5:12 � � Page 138Santa Marina Beach Hotel is ideally located on the long and sandy beach ofAgia Marina village, built along the sea shore, just 8 kilometers from Chaniacentre and is open year round.The hotel is separated into two structures; the beach complex and the poolcomplex, with a combined total of 188 accommodation units. At the beachcomplex, the 24 hour reception and lobby area is spacious, airy and fresh. It hasseveral sitting areas including a warm and cozy fireplace lounge, internet cor-ner and main bar. The main restaurant (buffet) and its outdoor seating areasare steps from the sea. The exclusive Azzuro a la carte restaurant, outdoor barand children’s playground also enjoy this prime location.At the pool complex you can swim and sun bathe on beautifully green groundssurrounding the large swimming pool (separate children’s swimming pool) andpool bar. The fitness room is also housed within the pool complex. At SantaMarina Beach Hotel, the staff compliments the facilities and you have all youneed and more for a comfortable and most enjoyable stay while being at agreat location to explore west Crete.+
  56. 56. Travel PlanCRETE Agia MarinaSanta Marina Plaza, 5******Santa Marina Plaza Luxury Boutique Hotel set on the long, sandy and sun-blessed beach of Agia Marina village just 8 km from Chania centre.This 3 storey building on the sea front, houses a total of 51 accommodationunits comprised of 49 luxurious rooms and 2 Junior Suites. Other facilities in-clude a main (buffet) restaurant, Azzuro a la carte restaurant, main bar, poolbar, fitness room, Jacuzzi room and conference room; all of which embrace thelarge swimming pool which is just steps from the beach.All accommodation units at Santa Marina Plaza Luxury Boutique Hotel havea view side sea view or a sea front view. These are luxurious, well designed,finely decorated with modern quality touches, refreshing colors and comfort-able furnishings.At Santa Marina Plaza Luxury Boutique Hotel the staff focus is on principlesof hospitality, discreetness and professional guest care ensuring you have allyou need and more for a comfortable and most enjoyable stay while being ata great location to explore west Crete.+
  57. 57. Travel PlanCRETE KolymbariCavo SpadaLuxury Resort Spa, 5******The sublime Cavo Spada Luxury Resort and Spa, dominates an expanse of65,000sq meters of private property, the full length of which is on a Blue Flagawarded beach featuring the natural beauty and tranquility of the Cretan Ar-chipelagos – majestic views to the Gulf of Chania and Cape Spada, after whichour hotel was named.Located just over 1km from the village of Kolymbari and 22km west of Cha-nia, it is made up of 150 accommodation units, a main free-style lagoon likeswimming pool (simply glorious at 1,700 sq meters), a large reception/lobbyarea, four restaurants, a main bar, pool bar, mini club, boutique store, twotennis courts and the absolute finest element to seduce your senses – theCavo Spada Spa.The Cavo Spada Spa is an oasis of pleasure and pampering. Take in the calmand rejuvenate enjoying the indoor heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Turkishbath (hamam), Sauna, massages, beauty treatments and more.The luxurious accommodation units (8 room types to select from) are well de-signed, providing privacy, space and well matched in-room facilities.+