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HOTEL13-Travel360 jan peeters


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Presentatie De ultieme gids voor succes in hospitality door Jan Peeters op Hotel'13 congres.

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HOTEL13-Travel360 jan peeters

  1. 1. The ultimate guideto success in hospitalityJan Peeters
  2. 2. “Slow but steady”Growth from 2013 through 20161
  3. 3. “You cannot fool me anymore”Price-conscious corporate clients2
  4. 4. “Come on, I know you want to spend more”Rate-parity? Yup, but only on the surface3
  5. 5. “But we have always done it like this”Zero based budgeting4
  6. 6. “I love you for who you really are”Forget star ranking5
  7. 7. “It is about the journey, not the destination”The hotel is a part of the entiretravel experience6
  8. 8. “I want you to belong to something, to fit in”Destination marketing getsadolescent status7
  9. 9. “Be part of the community, and show it”Neighbourhood is the new identity8
  10. 10. “It is my planet you are f***ing with, buster”Eco-friendly is not a marketingargument. It is a fact of life9
  11. 11. “Consider me as a human being, not as a hotel guest”Friendly is the new polite10
  12. 12. “Social is mobile. Enough said.”Social media and mobile devices:the inseparable twins11
  13. 13. “I found it! I want it!”Mobile search leads to bookings12
  14. 14. “Business is not leasure”“Young is not old”“East is not west”Social media etiquette13
  15. 15. “You are only as good as your last picture”Photo and video sharing14
  16. 16. “Read me a story, please”Your hotel has a story15
  17. 17. “Don’t you get it? Coffee + free wifi”Wifi : the Starbucks paradox16
  18. 18. “Getting up to order is so very last century”Consumption goes tech17
  19. 19. “Did I just order a bottle of champagne for us?”Wifi: the revenue opportunities18
  20. 20. “Do not try to sell me your stupid stuff”Push marketing is not good19
  21. 21. “Where can I get that cool stuff?”Pull marketing is very good20
  22. 22. “It is not omni. It is multi.”Multi target group = multi segment =multi message = multi channel = multipricing = multi revenue21
  23. 23. “I feel this is the right price”Revenue management: from scienceto art to wisdom22
  24. 24. “Talk to me. Do not shout at me.”Opportunities in contact marketing vs.traditional advertising23
  25. 25. “Stop selling. Give me benefits”Sales is an intelligent conversation24
  26. 26. “So what if I am online? It is still me!”The internet is your lobby, your office,your meeting room, your telephone, yourevent25
  27. 27. If you do all thisyou should be just fine ...