Traveling Helps Boost Your Mental Health


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Travel disrupts your assumptions and habitual patterns, it broadens the mind and encourages growth. It is a basic human desire. We’re a migratory species and it’s time to realise that pleasure is not the only consolation of travel. Getting away – and it doesn’t even matter where you’re going – is an essential habit of effective thinking. We travel because we need to – distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. And even when we get back home – it is still the same. It is something in our mind that has been changed. Trust me – it changes everything.

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  • Simple but valuable in life. I noticed these when traveling except do not know how to explain. Thanks alot
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Traveling Helps Boost Your Mental Health

  1. 1. How traveling helps boost mental heath don’t forget to
  2. 2. Traveling boosts mental health in many ways and allows you to not only stretch out your comfort zones, but be more creative and expand your skills and capacities. It’s a widely known fact that travel helps you relax and is good for your immune system. Now, psychologists discovered it boosts mental health and found many more blessings that come with every trip you take. There’s no doubt traveling can shape your character, help you discover and rediscover truths about yourself. Find out how the very act of exploring the world not only feels right, but actually helps boost your mental health. don’t forget to
  3. 3. you gain perspective There’ssolidscientificevidencethatgeographicdistanceleadstoimprovedproblem solving.Studieshaveshownthatwhenpeoplearetoldthecreativegeneration problemsolvingtaskwasdevelopedinanoverseascountry,theycomeupwitha highernumberofpossiblesolutionstotheproblem. don’t forget to
  4. 4. you distance yourself When the source of the problem is far away, you feel less constrained by your local assumptions. Your thinking gets more expansive and less limited. You think more abstractly and fluidly and are far less tied to stereotypical assumptions. don’t forget to
  5. 5. youdevelopmorefluidand expansiveself-concepts Trying new things leads to thoughts that if you are capable to do one thing, you can try out other things, too. What you’re essentially doing is getting rid of your limiting beliefs – the subconscious layer of thoughts that is preventing us from acheiving our goals. don’t forget to
  6. 6. you develop new skills and capacities Whenwetravelwegetmoreaccustomedtodoingnewandunfamiliar things.Hadthoseopportunitiescomeupathome,wewouldbemorelikely toautomaticallygointoavoidantcopingmodeandsimplysayrebuffthem. don’t forget to
  7. 7. when Traveling you practice flexibility Even if you plan your trip to a T, there’s always an unpredictable component in the nature of exploration. Changes and detours must be acknowledged and accommodated. Travel trains you in quick adaptation- and that is a way virtue that goes a long way in life. don’t forget to
  8. 8. you get a strong sense of self Traveling also means exploring your own interests as you learn more about the things that amaze, thrill or simply make you laugh. All combined, it gives you a strong sense of self – you know what you like and you are expressing your authentic self by doing it! It can give you a sense that you’re heading in the right direction in your life pursuing your values and goals. don’t forget to
  9. 9. you reduce stress Seeingthingsina“properperspective”isanothervaluable benefitoftraveling.Whenweviewothersinsimilarorworse situations,wetendtorealisethatourproblemsarenolongeras dauntingaswethought. don’t forget to
  10. 10. simple things can be only rediscovered far away The experiences of meeting all kinds of people demonstrate that we aren’t as different from each other as we may presume. Despite the fact, that sometimes tasks as trivial as ordering water may seem impossible. It turns out whether a little bit different, or a lot different, English-speaking or not, expensive or inexpensive, the world is populated by people who want pretty much the same things. don’t forget to
  11. 11. HelloFellowTraveller, TravelWorldPassporthasbeencreatedbypeoplehungrytodiscovertheworld. Wehaveformedawebframeworktosavetravelmemories.Itwasbornoutof continuoussearchforinspiration.Whileweappreciatethesatisfactionexploration brings,wehaveastrongconvictionthatthewhenlookingfortrueinspiration,we oftenfounditdifficultinformationavailableonlinewasscatteredandoften inaccessible. Themostvaluableandremarkabletravelinspirationandinformationisavailableon travelblogs,butforthosewhodonotfollowthemonaregularbasisitishardto keeptrackof.Ourmissionisnowtogatherthemostvaluable,relevantanduseful travelcontentinoneplace,whereitisindexedandeasilysearchable. Soforthose,whoarenotsatisfiedwiththewaytravelcontentisbeingpresented onlineourproductisawebframeworktosaveanddigesttravelinformationaround thestoriesofrealtravelers.Itprovidesthenecessaryinspirationandcontains informationtostartyourjourney.Ourbeliefisthattravelisaboutthefeelingandthe experiences,nottheplace.Thosethoughtsandbelievesarereflectedinallthe aspectsofourwork.Andthatfeelinginspiresustobefree,travelanddogreat things.Wehopeitwillinspireyou,too. TravelWorldPassportTeam don’t forget to
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