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How to Create SEO Friendly Quality Content


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Travel World Passport would like to share an infographic on creating SEO friendly quality content. Simple tips & free online tools for every content creator. Make sure to use those simple tips in your marketing strategy.

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How to Create SEO Friendly Quality Content

  1. 1. How to create QUALITY CONTENT set a clear goal You should know precisely what you want to achieve and why you write about the things you do. Set marketing goals once a week and make sure to measure your success. Use google analytics to measure the outcomes of your strategy. research keywords Keywords are those words your readers look for. You need to know what they need. Research! Conduct a keyword research every time you create content and make sure to optimise it. Use Google Keyword Planner to find the ideas for most effective keywords. simplify your text Quality content is simple. You should strive to come up with most readable text. Simplify your text every time you want to post something. Not only on your blog. Use Hemingway App to get the best result and make sure your text is as simple as it gets. optimise your text Optimising text is all about making sure the researched keywords are where they should be. Optimise your text before you post it. Mind the headings, meta description and post title. Use plugins like SEO by Yoast to track the keywords density to get best results. link the content Internal and external links are very important. Make sure the internal links are useful for readers. Link content before posting but remember to use every opportunity for backlinks to your content. Use Guest Blogging as best way to get organic links to your content. Never use paid links! discover more tips for bloggers & creatives by Travel World Passport visit our blog