How to use travel world passport


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How to add your travel content to the ultimate memories framework. Request an invite at

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How to use travel world passport

  1. 1. how touse The books & movies that awake imagination & inspire curiosity of your kid travelworldpassport&exploretheworld
  2. 2. loginorregister First thing’s first. As with every journey you need to start somewhere. At Travel World Passport you go to and request an invite or login. If you want to join you simply submit your e-mail and we will make sure you’ll get your account in no time. If you’ve already joined and have a login and password you simply log with those.
  3. 3. checkothers’stuff Now that you’re in you can look around and check out the stuff other travellers saved here. This is the feed – the cool stuff gets here once it’s published by every single user. To see the details about a journey that seems interesting just click on it and you will get the details. Here you can also get to learn about other travellers. All the journeys have their names and right here you can see that there is anumber of experiences behind them.
  4. 4. edityourprofile I know that browsing through the amazing journeys of others is great but you need to start with your stuff. It’s best to do so by editing your profile. It’s a few simple steps where you can upload your cool profile picture and provide some basic information about yourself.
  5. 5. addyour firstjourney Now that your profile is looking good it’s time to tell the world about your journeys. It’s best to start by clicking Add New Journey. You’ll find the button at the top of the page next to your small thumbnail picture. Now you name your journey and create the first experience. You can also start by filling out the details about the whole trip. That’s what those cool widgets are. You add location markers, the dates and tell more about the journey.
  6. 6. createyour firstexperience Journeys are made of experiences. Those can be a short brief moment or something more. But just treat them as a single post in your travel journal or blog. Name the first experience, upload up to 5 truly amazing pictures that describe it best. Add the location and write something about it to present your perspective. This is what makes experiences special – we all may have been to the Eiffel Tower, yet we all have a different perspective.
  7. 7. seethebigpicture! Every time you add an experience and journey you can either keep it totally private or publish it and share with others. As you travel your collections of experiences and journeys grow but here you will always see the big picture. With the great stats feature you’ll get a great infographic summary. You and others will always have easy access to all your travel memories.
  8. 8. Hello Fellow Traveller, Travel World Passport has been created by people hungry to discover the world. We have formed a web framework to save travel memories. It was born out of continuous search for inspiration. We realized that even though we love to explore when we were looking for true inspiration, the information available online was scattered and often inaccessible. We know that the most valuable and remarkable travel inspiration and information is available on travel blogs, but for those who do not follow them on a regular basis it is hard to keep track of. Our mission is now to gather the most valuable, relevant and useful travel content in one place, where it is indexed and easily searchable. So for those, who are not satisfied with the way travel content is being presented online our product is a web framework to save and digest travel information around the stories of real travelers. It provides the necessary inspiration and contains information to start your journey. Our belief is that travel is about the feeling and the experiences, not the place. Those thoughts and believes are reflected in all the aspects of our work. And that feeling inspires us to be free, travel and do great things. We hope it will inspire you, too. Travel World Passport Team You can e-mail us at, find us traveling the world or on-line at following websites