12 Simple Steps to Become a Better Photographer


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We've gathered 12 great tips from world famous photographers who share their advice on how to be better at digital photography. Composition, light, aperture and other important aspects are covered in our step by step presentation. Make sure to download the full free available eBook.

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12 Simple Steps to Become a Better Photographer

  1. 1. 12 simple steps to become a better photographer in no time travel world passport for creative minds with tips from Gary Arndt, Aga Karmol, Sean Bagshaw, Etienne Bossot, Margo Taussig Pinkerton & many many more.
  2. 2. 12 Expert Lessons on Digital Photography Digital makes things easy. Technically speaking anyone can grab a camera or even a smartphone and take pictures. But there’s a fine line between just a picture and A PICTURE. We’ve prepared this ebook for all creative minds and souls who aspire to take better pictures. Beginners or not, we can all learn from the 12 amazing photographers who decided to share their tips with you. www.share.travel
  3. 3. Sit down and really learn your camera inside and out before heading out on your next trip. Ryan from Pause the Moment click to visit his site
  4. 4. Photography is therapy. For a change, you shoot things you love rather than what you hate. Brendan from Brendan’s Adventures click to visit his site
  5. 5. Just being in front of something beautiful can compensate for most errors in camera settings or even composition. Gary from Everything Everywhere click to visit his site
  6. 6. My top tip is to keep an eye on the composition - especially when photographing landscapes you should use the grid provided by many digital cameras and follow the rule of thirds. Steve from Back Packer click to visit his site
  7. 7. Regardless of your mode of shooting, be it digital or film (yes, there are still some around who use film), you must shoot from your heart. Margo from Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures click to visit her site
  8. 8. Never just go and find a spot and stay there - take your camera off the tripod put yourself in snapshot mode and walk around the whole area taking random shots at different angles Andrew from Andrew Davies Photography click to visit his site
  9. 9. Think different; get creative & make your captures stand out from all the others David from from Travel with David Byrne click to visit his site
  10. 10. The light makes the photo. Allow it to illuminate the scene without washing it out. Put your back to the source and you've got a good start. Keith from Traveling Savage click to visit his site
  11. 11. For outdoor photography the most consistent times of day to have good lighting are in the hour before and after sunrise and sunset. Sean from Outdoor Exposure Photo click to visit his site
  12. 12. Lines will help you give a direction to your photo, for your eyes to follow and lead to the subject or point of interest. Etienne from Pics of Asia click to visit his site
  13. 13. If you want to take things a bit higher, allow yourself to let your creativity loose and think outside the box. Morten from Morten Nordstrøm click to visit his site
  14. 14. To achieve razor sharp landscapes, select a narrow aperture of around f/16 or f/22 and focus on a point that is approximately one third of the way into the scene. Aga from Aga & Andrzej Karmole click to visit their site
  15. 15. Want to brush up your photography skills? Learn from the worlds top photographers and bloggers on TWP 12 EXPERT LESSONS ON DIGITAL PHOTOGRA PHY great tips from travel bloggers & photographers useful knowledge in simple steps great pictures illustrating all rules & guides a must have for all beginners in digital & much more TO GRAB YOUR FREE COPY SIMPLY CLICK full version of a free e-book with more tips available now! DOWNLOAD FREE E-BOOK
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  17. 17. PHOTO CREDITS ! ©Pause The Moment ©Brendan van Son and van Son Media ©Gary Arndt ©Steve Haenisch ©Zann and Pinkerton/ZAP Photography, LLC, d.b.a. Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures ©Andrew Davies ©David Byrne ©traveling-savage.com ©SeanBagshaw ©Pics of Asia 2014 - Etienne Bossot Photography © Morten Nordstrøm ©Agnieszka & Andrzej Karmoliński ! ©Travel World Passport