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12 Local Traditions That Will Make You Go hmm.... when you travel abroad


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12 Local traditions that will make you go hmm... Things to keep in mind on your international travels, before you wander off. We've researched a couple interesting cultures and outlined 12 facts that struck us. Check out the full scoop:

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12 Local Traditions That Will Make You Go hmm.... when you travel abroad

  1. 12 local customs that’ll make you go hmmm… don’t forget to
  2. When you travel you discover cultures that differ from yours dramatically. One must stay open-minded to avoid trouble traveling and discovering exotic cultures. Sometimes it’s difficult to react well to some behaviors that don’t fit to standards we usually function in. If you react inappropriately, especially in a small community, they might become suspicious and you might get yourself into some (or a lot of!) trouble. But if you react the way you are expected to, you might even gain their trust and get the chance to get closer to them. And that is a valuable experience. don’t forget to
  3. Bulgarians nod to disagree and shake their heads to agree – Very confusing! don’t forget to
  4. The Greeks spit three times and say “ftou, ftou, ftou” when someone in their company is speaking of bad things like accidents, death etc. don’t forget to
  5. In Indonesia, a person points with their thumb as it’s considered very rude to point with the forefinger. don’t forget to
  6. The Bahai People of Iran have their own calendar consisting of nineteen months each with nineteen days. don’t forget to
  7. In Thailand it’s considered very rude to cross your legs in public don’t forget to
  8. Shoes must always be removed before entering a Japanese home don’t forget to
  9. Gold and silver coins are placed inside brides wedding shoes in Sweden don’t forget to
  10. When a family member dies, female relatives of the Dani tribe in Indonesia must cut off a segment of one of their fingers. This practice is performed to satisfy ancestral ghosts. Luckily for the Dani women, this custom is rarely practiced anymore. don’t forget to
  11. InBorneoboththebrideandgroomareprohibitedfromusing thebathroomforthe3daysand3nightsfollowingthewedding. Thatmeansnourinating,nodefecating,andnobathing. don’t forget to
  12. In Tibet, it is considered polite to stick out your tongue at your guests. don’t forget to
  13. According to tradition, passengers of the train passing over the Jamuna river in India, should give tribute to the river by throwing coins in it. don’t forget to
  14. It is illegal to be a prostitute in Sienna, Italy, if your name is Mary. don’t forget to
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