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TTS Consolidator | Web-based tool for IATA and non-IATA travel agents

TTS Consolidator is a web-based solution designed to optimize the airline consolidation/host agency business. By providing full ticketing autonomy to the non-IATA agency/independent agents and automation and financial control to the consolidator/host agency, it adds value to both parties. TTS Consolidator respects all the established business rules by ensuring each operation is done on the respective agency PCC.

TTS Consolidator was designed for an easy and intuitive usage over a simple Internet-enabled browser. Multi-language (English, Spanish and Portuguese), TTS Consolidator is the solution for small, medium and large consolidators/hosting agencies and supports Galileo and Apollo.

The perfect integration and partnership with the Travelport allow its users to continue to use their traditional GDS environment and TTS Consolidator at the same time, according to their preference.

Follow this link to see the product video presentation:

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TTS Consolidator | Web-based tool for IATA and non-IATA travel agents

  1. 1. optimizing  consolidation  business  
  2. 2. let  your  business  grow   don’t  let  it  freeze   Credit  control  lets  Consolidators       decide  about    the  risk  they  are     willing  to    take  with  each     sub-­‐agency   RISK  MANAGEMENT   Sub-­‐agencies  can  offer   a  complete  service  to   their  customers,  no  delays   AUTONOMY   Automation  allows  consolidators     to  focus  on  business  instead     of  using  valuable  human     resources  to  do  repetitive  tasks   NEW  BUSINESS   Automation  decreases  the  need     for  GDS  experts  from  both  parties   COST  REDUCTION   Consolidators  offer  a  better  service  to     sub-­‐agencies  and  their  customers   BETTER  SERVICE  
  3. 3. tool  up  your  business   management,  automa7on  and  7cke7ng   GREAT  SEARCH  FLEXIBILITY   best  price  search  and  availability  search   optimize  flight  search   TICKETING  AUTONOMY   reduce  your  ticketing  workload     and  focus  on  doing  business   FULL  BUSINESS  CONTROL   enjoy  full  business  rules  management     and  credit  control   BUSINESS  INSIGHT   learn  easily  what’s  happening  in  your   business  and  what  needs  your  attention   CONNECTS   TO  EACH   AGENCY   PCC/SID   KEEP  USING  THE   GDS  AND  TTS   CONSOLIDATOR     AT  THE     SAME  TIME  
  4. 4. great  search  flexibility   best  price  search  and  availability  search  op7mize  flight  search   ADVANCED   FILTERS   SUPPORTS   FLEXI     FLIGHT  &   CROSS   TICKETING   BEST   PRICE   SEARCH   AVAILABILITY   SEARCH   EXTENSIVE   FLIGHT   DETAILS   INCLUDES   PRIVATE   FARES  IN     THE  SEARCH   RESULTS  
  5. 5. 7cke7ng  autonomy   reduce  your  7cke7ng  workload  and  focus  on  doing  business   TICKETING   AUTONOMY   CREATE,   EDIT  &   CANCEL   PNRs   ACCESS   CRYPTIC   PNRs   TICKET  UNDER   APPROVED   CREDIT  OR   ALLOWED   CREDIT  CARDS   SUPPORTS   SSRs,   SEATING,   REMARKS  
  6. 6. full  business  control   enjoy  full  business  rules  management  and  credit  control  ADD  GENERAL   SETTINGS  OR   SPECIFY  THEM   PER  SUB-­‐ AGENCY   SUPPORTS   FEES,   PREFERRED  &   BLACKLISTED   CARRIERS  AND   REMARKS     TRACK   ACCOUNT   TRANSACTIONS   AND  SUB-­‐ AGENCIES   BALANCE   MULTI   LINGUAGE   SUPPORTS   AIRLINES   COMMISSIONING   AND   MUCH   MORE  
  7. 7. business  insight   learn  easily  what’s  happening  in  your  business  and  what  needs  your  a?en7on   STICKY   PNR   SEARCH   MONTHLY   DASHBOARD   PREFERRED   QUEUES   IATA   BOARD   PREFERRED   QUEUES  
  8. 8. learn  more  @­‐consolidator