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Tips for travel agents to boost sales


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The travel market is an intense industry with travel agencies and diverse other companies all vying to provide the best experience, the best pricing, as well as new ways to boost their sales. With so many different approaches available, what are some of the best travel agent tips to boost your sales while still maintaining that human touch that people come to expect from their travel agents?

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Tips for travel agents to boost sales

  2. 2. What are some of the best travel agent tips to boost your sales while still maintaining that human touch that people come to expect from their travel agents? BLOG.TTS.COM
  3. 3. 1 - REACH OUT TO OLD CLIENTS BLOG.TTS.COM • Many travel agents and travel agencies have vast data networks available to them comprised of all the individuals who have traveled with them over the years. • Part of what made people reach out to their travel agent in the first place is the fact that travel agencies have that human touch which individuals desire.
  4. 4. 1 - REACH OUT TO OLD CLIENTS BLOG.TTS.COM • This also helps with a value-added bonus that many people come to expect from their travel agencies by offering things like discounts, promos, deals, or other specials for your past customers they will keep coming back and continuing to boost your sales year after year.
  5. 5. BLOG.TTS.COM 2 - UPSELL • Upselling can sometimes have a negative connotation that you’re trying to sell people things they don’t want but the true success for a travel agency and travel agents is when they sell their customers and clients promotions, trips, or packages that they actually do want but didn’t know they wanted.
  6. 6. BLOG.TTS.COM 3 - USE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES • Solutions like Travelport Mobile Agent allow you, as a travel agent, to be available 24/7 to your clients and answer their every request no matter where you are by allowing you to access your Travelport GDS on your smartphone or tablet, or at the comfort of your home through a web-based access through your home laptop or desktop by using TTS WebAgent.
  7. 7. BLOG.TTS.COM 3 - USE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES • Another option to improve your image as a professional travel agent is to use TTS WeBook Suite, the combination between a travel agency website with an integrated booking engine that allows your clients to book their trips 24/7 even if you’re not available.
  8. 8. BLOG.TTS.COM 4 - USE GOODWILL Clients who are either on their vacations or returning from them are going to be on cloud nine. This is an excellent time to reach out to them about whether they would be willing to give a travel agent positive reviews, pen a testimonial, or do a social media review for the travel agent or travel agency.
  9. 9. BLOG.TTS.COM 4 - USE GOODWILL There are large online advertising campaigns, television or YouTube advertisements, email lists, possibly even mail leaflets you could use, but none of them have as high a success rate as positive word-of- mouth feedback from individuals who personally benefited from the services of a travel agent.
  10. 10. BLOG.TTS.COM 4 - USE GOODWILL • It’s important to use your customers’ goodwill and euphoria before it finishes wearing off. While they are at their most happy and most excited they’re also most likely to write that review or pen that testimonial which can help win new clients and boost sales.
  11. 11. Clients both new and old crave personalized experiences and when travel agencies successfully deliver on that experience, new customers are made and old customers keep coming back. BLOG.TTS.COM
  13. 13. BLOG.TTS.COM