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How non-IATA travel agents operate

Non-IATA travel agents/independent agents are agents who are not accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Find out how they operate in the travel industry world.

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How non-IATA travel agents operate

  2. 2. •  Agents who are not accredited with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) •  IATA: one of the most basic resources for travel agent since most airline bookings are done through the IATA portal NON-IATA TRAVEL AGENTS BLOG.TTS.COM
  3. 3. But it’s still possible to buy and sell tickets without getting affiliated with IATA BLOG.TTS.COM
  4. 4. •  Non-IATA travel agents either purchase tickets from other IATA travel agents or from the airline •  They collect orders, send bookings to IATA travel agencies and forward the booked tickets to their clients HOW TO DO THIS? BLOG.TTS.COM
  5. 5. •  Major impact on travel business •  Number of non-IATA travel agents increased •  Traditional methods are giving way to modern day technologies •  Consolidators and larger travel agencies are placing a lot of stress on getting more non- IATA travel agents under their umbrella RESULTS BLOG.TTS.COM
  6. 6. •  Modern technological solutions allow travel agents to build businesses from the ground up •  Tools that can leverage on basic operations, integrate ticket issuing systems, enjoy an operational flow and boost productivity •  Tools like TTS Consolidator allow this TOOLS TO HELP BLOG.TTS.COM
  7. 7. •  Solution that enables a travel agency to take care of its ticketing business without having to be affiliated to IATA, and without being forced to make any sort of change to its ways of operating TTS CONSOLIDATOR BLOG.TTS.COM
  8. 8. •  Easy to use, flexible and accessible 24x7 •  Don’t require prior knowledge of booking systems •  Ticketing done in real time (no lag time) •  Eliminate the need to become an IATA travel agent and offer an IATA-like experience minus hassles, financial implications and extra processes ADVANTAGES BLOG.TTS.COM
  9. 9. •  Mostly dominated by home-based travel agents •  The ones who can benefit the most from these technological innovations Non-IATA market BLOG.TTS.COM
  10. 10. •  Many travel agencies were dropping out of business and not getting affiliated with IATA because of its financial impacts •  With the development of solutions like TTS Consolidator, non-IATA travel agents can now operate without needing an IATA certification or increasing their dependence on IATA travel agencies SUM UP BLOG.TTS.COM
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