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Travel Startup Booklyng


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Travel startup Booklyng presentation from travel startups pitch competition at Travel Tech Conference Russia 2017 (
"Booklyng is a technology solution that adds artificial intelligence and interactive tools to the hotel website (and its booking engine) to boost its conversion rate and direct sales, by offering the hotelier the possibility to interact with his online clients "as if they were face to face" with him at the hotel reception".
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Travel Startup Booklyng

  1. 1. AI Powered Personalization Technology Boosting Hotel Direct Online Bookings
  2. 2. Travelers are more than 6 times as likely to book a room through an OTA vs. a Hotel website Source: Phocuswright's European Consumer Travel Report Sixth Edition PREFERRED METHODS TO BOOK A ROOM ONLINE
  3. 3. Source: Phocuswright’s Search, Shop, Buy: The New Digital Funnel The website is easy to use I am used to booking travel this way I trust the brand Online travel agencies typically have the best prices It is easy to book all your travel in one place 47% 37% 34% 30% 29% Reasons travelers booked with OTAs
  4. 4. Source: Statista, eTRAVEL: ONLINE TRAVEL BOOKING Over $100 Billion in 2016 of Online Hotel Bookings ONLINE TRAVEL BOOKING IN MAJOR REGIONS
  5. 5. Hoteliers are failing at the Online Customer Experience
  6. 6. Personalization: easier said than done
  7. 7. Francesco Canzoniere Founder & CEO Gianluca Nerbini Co-Founder & CIO Raffaele P. Guidi Co-Founder & CTO 5 Decades of Experience
  8. 8. Real time total website personalization based on a 100+ variables Booklyng’s Built-in Technologies External Technologies
  9. 9. 5 minutes installation script Turnkey configuration No set-up or configuration
  10. 10. +30K EBITDA IN 2016 (FIRST YEAR OF ACTIVITY) +€12MBooking value generated in 1,5 year New clients
  11. 11. As a service Minimum €350 per month/per hotel €2.9 per room & month Up to 10% commission Performance On additional generated bookings
  12. 12.  New business models  +60,000 rooms into Booklyng within 6 months  Horizontal and Vertical Partnerships (big companies)  Partnerships with OTAs!
  13. 13. Booklyng is changing the way hotel rooms are marketed online (+34) 682 540 962
  14. 14. Back-up slides
  15. 15. We are part of
  16. 16. Customers pay 7-12 fold more to Booklyng than to some of our competitors VE Interactive | Hotelchamp | The Hotels Network | Triptease Main Competitors
  17. 17. Flexibility Functionality The Hotels Network Triptease VE Interactive HotelChamp
  18. 18. Lean Marketing & Distribution: target, connect and convert Over 60.000 hotel rooms to come within the next 6 months. Automated prospecting Online connection Super Persuasive demo No risk trial
  19. 19. Engage Smart Notifications Guided Bookings Multi-channel communication platform Guide Last searches widget Smart Incentives Cross-selling Retain / Recover Exit Intent Technology Email Retargeting Chatbot Analyze Real time analytics dashboard Google Analytics Integration Personalized reports Understan d Interactive Questions Surveys Optimize A/B Testing Multiple Choice Tester Soon to come Booklyng technology platform
  20. 20. Source: Sabre 2017, Revolution to Stay Relevant,
  21. 21. “82%” increase in click-throughs for Trivago by applying a more personalised approach to hotel search results
  22. 22. U.S. Desktop Conversion Rate for Hotels Half-Year Average based on Monthly Unique Visitors 0 4 8 12 16 20 Expedia Hilton Marriott 1H1 5 1H1 6
  23. 23. Typical Purchase Method for Lodging
  24. 24. > Push Notifications
  25. 25. The Interactive Bar: Control any communication widget from a unique web page area
  26. 26. Guided booking 1 Guided booking 2 Recent Searches Widget Click on the blue buttons to watch a short demo
  27. 27. Smart Incentives 1 Smart Incentives 2 Smart Questions Click on the blue buttons to watch a short demo Dynamic messages
  28. 28. Exit Intent Algorithm Email Retargeting Cross Sell Click on the blue buttons to watch a short demo