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Nicola Farronato - My experience of launching startup in Ireland


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Nicola Farronato, founder B-sm@rk, at Travel Tech Conference Russia 2017 (
"How I have moved from manufacturing to travel tech, started up a business in Ireland. Latest findings in #DestinationPersonality research and Combi-Action behavioural martech for travel and hospitality".
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Nicola Farronato - My experience of launching startup in Ireland

  2. 2. W HO W E ARE BECAUSE EMOTIONS MATTER is a customer experience platform that provides research and digital marketing tools for online travel and commerce. 2017 Finalist at ITB China Award is an Italian-Irish company developing research and technology based on consumer behavior and marketing automation for travel, hospitality and brands.
  3. 3. W HY I REL AND: TRAVEL TECH Irish Travel Tech is a mix of local startups, multinationals, and experimental innovation labs. It’s a not-for- profit tracking key data, from funding to employees to stage of development. Snapshot of Irish TravelTech:
  4. 4. 5 great reasons for choosing Ireland as the Start-up Destination: 1. Ireland is a start-up friendly environment 2. Ireland is a world leader in key innovative sectors 3. Ireland is a dynamic source of start-up funding and support programmes 4. Ireland is a great place to live and work 5. Ireland, a gateway to global markets W HY I REL AND: START- UP Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world Markets.
  5. 5. W HY I REL AND: START- UP Enterprise Ireland works in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets, supporting sustainable economic growth, regional development and secure employment. Support for start-ups: › Funding Business › Advice, mentoring and introductions › Practical help to enter overseas markets › Incentives to stimulate in-company R&D › Network of both state and privately owned start-up accelerator programmes › Tax Based Incentives and Funding for Start-Ups:  12.5% Corporation Tax  Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits  Tax Incentives to Irish Investors in Eligible Start-Ups
  6. 6. W HY I REL AND: START- UP – So me n u mb e r s The most comprehensive map of Ireland's startup ecosystem and community. Source: There are about 1000 start-ups
  7. 7. OUR STARTUP J OURNEY I N I REL AND #DestinationPersonality research Combi Action technology ITALY IRELAND From Italy to Ireland for starting up
  8. 8. EMOTIONAL MARKETING FOR ONLINE TRAVEL AND COMMERCE RESEARCH DIGITAL MARKETING Brand and Destination Personality: The Combi-Action-Technology: Personalized dynamic content for tourists Consumer behaviour + marketing automation W HAT W E DO Set of human personality traits that are both applicable and relevant for brands Set of human personality traits related to a destination Brand Personality Destination Personality
  9. 9. DESTINATION PERSONALITY IDENTITY The self proposition of the destination IMAGE The tourists’ perception of the destination PERSONALITY The common trait between the destination and its tourists ✓ Can help measuring identity and image of a destination ✓ Can be the connector between the tourist and the destination
  10. 10. DESTINATION PERSONALITY Brand/Destination Personality is the application of human characteristics about a place or a brand. A typical process that people incur when travelling. They already have in mind an idea of the place and its features, a picture that still needs to be authenticated through their direct experience. A distinctive and emotionally attractive Destination Personality is shown to leverage the perceived image of a place and influence tourist choice behavior.
  12. 12. DESTINATION PERSONALITY PROJECTS 2016 -2017 6 Italy 4 Tourism Ireland City of Dublin Guinness Storehouse Northern Ireland MUSE Peggy Guggenheim Collection East Lombardy (ERG) Venice Islands Bergamo Mestre … 1 Bulgaria Sofia Russia China Ireland and Northern Ireland 1 Moscow Chinese outbound in Europe
  14. 14. NEW PROJECT: RUSSIA? #DestinationPersonality Canvas
  15. 15. COMBI-ACTION TECHNOLOGY FOR TRAVEL Combi - Action - Button Consumer Behavior This new solution is now available with an “Early adopters program” along with the patented Combi-Action-Technology. has developed an in depth understanding of travel and hospitality marketing by leveraging its unique technology and IP. Focusing consumer research, touchpoints and behavioral models, we provide clients with a new solution for optimizing the mapping and the connection between leads/customers and available inventory (content, product, services, destinations, etc). Marketing Automation
  16. 16. CUSTOMER JOURNEY PERSONALISATION Before During After CAB creates engaging banners, helping to show personalised, matching experiences on the landing page CAB once again personalizes the search process and improves user experience CAB can be implemented into the Newsletter for personalised recommendations TOUCH POINTS • Banners • Websites • Search Engines • … • Mobile App of City • Mobile App for Transportation and Maps • … • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram • Feedback platforms • Newsletter • …
  17. 17. Google Analytics Combi-Action-Technology Best matching content User profile Travel with… Narrative, photos, items most compelling to user based on COMBI-ACTION-TECHNOLOGY: ONLINE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN
  18. 18. PROJECT STEPS 1. Define profile and map current inventory/offer based on client briefing 2. Tailoring the selection 3. Develop augmented user models/journeys via B-sm@rk tools and methodology; 4. Co-develop the design and functions of 1- Combi-Action (banner, button, action, etc) 5. Roll-out the campaign/project and fine tune the system based on metrics.
  19. 19. PROJECT STEPS CLIENT • Improve customer knowledge and segmentation • Optimize mapping and matching user inventory • Improve customer journey personalization END USER • Improve user/customer experience • Improve engagement • Improve revisit intention GOALS COSTS TIMEFRAME 4 Weeks: Set Up 4 Weeks: Campaign Running 2 weeks: Review and Strategic Recommendations EARLY ADOPTER PROGRAM 2017 • To be defined
  21. 21. PROJECT STEPS T R A V E L P E R S O N A S Chosen tour Reinforcement Feedback loop
  22. 22. THANK YOU! NICOLA FARRONATO – CEO & Founder Guinness Enterprise Centre Taylor's Lane, Dublin 8 – Ireland +353 85 758 1215 MySmark