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How hotels can become more like tech companies. Richard Valtr, Mews Systems



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Richard Valtr, founder of Mews Systems, at Travel Tech Conference Russia 2018 (
Video of the talk:
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How hotels can become more like tech companies. Richard Valtr, Mews Systems

  1. 1. Why Hotels should think like tech companies?
  2. 2. I started off as a hotelier, and now i’m a techie...
  3. 3. Richard Valtr Young and wide-eyed, with more hair, cleaner shaven and optimistic...  Needing an online check-in
  4. 4. Hotels...
  5. 5. Hospitality...
  6. 6. The Concept...
  7. 7. The Execution...
  8. 8. The hotel as a product...
  9. 9. Personalisation. Delivering great sleep. Upselling great services. Building loyalty. Yielding smartly. Unique guest experiences.
  10. 10. What are hotels actually fussing about?
  12. 12. Core Common market Neutralisers Regulatory requirements, Differentiators What makes the product unique, what delivers memorable
  13. 13. Is this what your product road map looks like?
  14. 14. This is what it should look like?..
  15. 15. Differentiators 50% Neutralisers 20% Core Markets 30%
  16. 16. Objectives not KPIs Objective Key Results vs Key Performance Indicators
  17. 17. Objectives are not individual tasks, they are the visualisation of company goals.
  18. 18. Objective: Driving Great Customer Service
  19. 19. Importance of Customer Service
  20. 20. How would a tech company think of this?  Customer response rates  Customer satisfaction  NPS Scores  Openness about improvements
  21. 21. Customer Support/ Success
  22. 22. NPS = Net Promoter Score
  23. 23. Openess
  24. 24. Objective: Higher Revenues & Higher Margins
  25. 25. Troubles with TREVPAR
  26. 26. How would a tech company think of this?  Cac & ltv vs. TREVPAR  Selling services & experiences, not just rooms  Think like a landing page  Think of customer spend as not only what happens in hotel  Rethink partnerships,cross-sells tobuilding networks for your customers
  27. 27. CAC – cost of acquisition  All costs associated with acquiring a customer – this incorporates all of your S&M costs LTV – lifetime value The total revenue you can expect to get from your customer is your average order value divided by one minus the repeat purchase
  28. 28. Landing pages: power of local
  29. 29. …And failing to utilise it
  30. 30. Objective: Obtain Maximum yield per room
  31. 31. How would a tech company think of this?  Why only non-refundable and fully flexible rates?  Why only wholesalers and allotments? Why not put and call options?  Why not sell sleep, work, relaxation and fun as separate services?
  32. 32. Price/Yield management
  33. 33. Optional bookings of the future
  34. 34. What’s the product sketch for the hotel of the 21st Century?