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RCC - Visioning Event Presentation


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RCC - Visioning Event Presentation

  1. 1. River Canyon CountryRural Tourism Studio Community Tourism Visioning EventDavid Beurle & Juliet Fox Future iQ Partners
  2. 2. The Future Ahead for tourism in River Canyon Country
  3. 3. Committed groups
  4. 4. Committed groups
  5. 5. A tool best used to embrace an uncertain future What is Explores a range ofScenario plausible futuresPlanning? Allows for the consideration of complex and interrelated forces
  6. 6. Strategic planning optimistic linear projections
  7. 7. Develop Explore Implications ‘Drivers’ Develop PreferredTrends and for the Shaping four Future andImplications River River plausible action for tourism Canyon Canyon scenarios planning industry Country Country
  8. 8. Importance / Uncertainty matrix Rated each driver on a 1 – 5 scaleDriver Importance Uncertainty
  9. 9. Program for the Evening• Develop detailed narratives for four plausible scenarios for the future of River Canyon Country (based on clusters of key drivers).• Explore the possible futures before and the consequences for River Canyon Country
  10. 10. Global Drivers of Change• Global economic • Values and lifestyles• Local economic development • The economic divide• Energy costs • Education• Cost of living • Governance, regulation and• Trained workforce government funding• Population change • Climate change & natural• Aging disasters• Community collaboration and • Depletion of natural resources & engagement loss of biodiversity• Urbanization • Land use planning• Access to Health Care • Lodging developments• Values and lifestyles • Transportation infrastructure • Access to information and communication technology
  11. 11. River Canyon Country Scenario Shaping Clusters of Drivers 4.00 Impact of climate change & natural Urbanization disasters 3.50 Global economic volatilityUncertainty Economic divide Depletion Natural Population change Resources 3.00 Trained Workforce Energy costs Local Economic Access to Health Access to IT development Care Government Cost of living Lodging Values and developments Education lifestyles 2.50 Collaboration and Transportation and infrastructure engagement Aging population Land use Planning 2.00 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 Importance
  12. 12. Regional scenario shaping clusters of driversAbility to leverage human capacityValues and lifestylesCommunity collaboration and engagementLocal economic developmentTrained workforceTourism and economic infrastructureTransportation infrastructureLand use planningLodging developmentAccess to information and communication technology
  13. 13. Well resourced local tourism and economic infrastructures Tourism and Econ EffectiveFragmented and planning. disjointed collaboration efforts with Ability to Leverage Human Capital and actions that conflicting are anchored in priorities. local values, infrastructure aspirations and skills. Lack of critical infrastructures to support viable tourism industry
  14. 14. Scenario name and brief descriptionCharacteristics of the local societyCharacteristics of the Tourism EconomyEnvironmental Characteristics
  15. 15. • Population makeup/characteris tics Regional • Distribution of dimensions to population consider • Landscape and visual impacts (What would • ‘Liveability’ and quality of lifetourism in River featuresCanyon Country • Skills andbe like in 2030?) educational profiles • Industry and economic profiles
  16. 16. Timeline for scenario formulationSuggested Scenario Group timeline6:30 Group meet and scope-out scenario (15m)6:45 Break into 3 groups – develop characteristics (30m)7:15 Small group report back (10m)7:25 Short scenario name (5m)7:30 Return to main room ready to present
  17. 17. Resilience and vulnerability of scenariosHow would we respond under ‘shocks’?• What would happen to our communities and people?• What would our economy do?• Impacts on the environment?Shocks?• There is an economic double dip..• Price of oil jumps dramatically
  18. 18. Context Content
  19. 19. Effective planning. collaboration and actions that are anchored in local values, aspirations and skills. Tourism and EconLack of critical Well resourcedinfrastructures local tourism to support Ability to Leverage Human Capital and economic viable tourism infrastructures industry infrastructure Fragmented and disjointed efforts with conflicting priorities.
  20. 20. Scenario A –Characteristics of the local society• XxxCharacteristics of the tourism economy• xxxEnvironmental characteristics• xxx
  21. 21. Scenario B –Characteristics of the local society• XxxCharacteristics of the tourism economy• xxxEnvironmental characteristics• xxx
  22. 22. Scenario C – Characteristics of the local society • Xxx Characteristics of the tourism economy • xxx Environmental characteristics • xxx
  23. 23. Scenario D –Characteristics of the local society• XxxCharacteristics of the tourism economy• xxxEnvironmental characteristics• xxx
  24. 24. Tourism and Econ Hijacked Adventur- mentalAbility to Leverage Human Capital Jewel of infrastructure Economic Haiku Lou Denial View
  25. 25. River Canyon Country – Preferred Vision
  26. 26. River Canyon Country – Currently Heading
  27. 27. Tourism and Econ Hijacked Adventur- mentalAbility to Leverage Human Capital Jewel of infrastructure Economic Haiku Lou Denial View
  28. 28. RIVER CANYON COUNTRY – 2030 VISIONRiver Canyon Country in 2030 is a region that is engaged toward a common future with a clear shared identity. The community has worked hard to build on values of quality education, health and creating an active lifestyle, and this has paid off in having a dynamic and high caliber workforce and strong social capital. This is reflected in how our community organizations and volunteers work together in a coordinated andcohesive manner. This cohesion allows us to adapt and capitalize on new and emerging opportunities, while maintaining our strong community base. We value our people and invest in creating opportunities for them to work, contribute and thrive in the region.We have beautiful landscapes, parks, and natural vistas, which are now connected by a highly developed network of trails, by-ways and transport systems. We have a strong economic tourism infrastructure focused on leveraging our unique regional assets oflocal food, outdoor recreation and cultural diversity and identity. Our thriving economy isbuilt on our locally owned entrepreneurial businesses, and complemented by world-class destinations. We are known worldwide for our authentic, family friendly and environmentally sustainable practices. We have become a renowned mecca for well managed outdoor and eco-tourism and cultural experiences that make us the ‘must-do’ destination for our many new and return visitors from across the world.
  29. 29. Key Action Areas• Regional leadership structure• Internal outreach / local communication• Develop regional marketing strategy• Training to increase local knowledge