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12/09 Travel Oregon Partnering Opportunities Presentation

  1. 1. Travel Oregon Partnering Opportunities 2009-10 OACVB Meeting December 8, 2008 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  2. 2. Purpose of Presentation Bring Travel Oregon, RDMOs & DMOs together Present partnering opportunities in advance of budget building for 2009-10 time period Kick off the Regional Cooperative Marketing Program (RCMP) Discussion / questions Not an overview of all Travel Oregon programs Programs subject to change based on Commission approval and budget forecasts OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  3. 3. Travel Oregon Strategic Plan 2009-11 Biennium Strategic Plan Fall – survey sent to DMOs and tourism industry Oct. through March – building plan Public forums at Commission Meetings Dec. & Feb. April –Review draft plan highlights at Commission meeting. Plan will be posted after conference for minimum of 30 days June – final plan approval OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  4. 4. Regional Cooperative Marketing Program (RCMP) RCMP is a Travel Oregon program “Within the scope of the legislation, the Oregon Tourism Commission may appropriate as much as 15% of the revenue from the statewide lodging tax to Oregon’s tourism regions for cooperative regional and multi-regional marketing efforts” Goals of the Regional Cooperative Marketing Program: Maximize the benefits to Oregon’s economy from the statewide lodging tax Encourage multi-regional and targeted niche marketing (focused on out of state and international visitors) Maximize economic benefits provided by the RCMP program to the seven regions Leverage Oregon Tourism Commission’s programs Deliver consistent messages, outstanding experiences, and efficient use of resources Implement program in a manner that is efficient for both the RDMOs and the Travel Oregon staff OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  5. 5. RCMP Timeline Dec. – kick off Feb. – Todd provides revenue forecasts to Commission at Feb. Commission meeting. RCMP forecasts then provided to regions Jan.-March - RDMO marketing committees build plans April – RDMOs present proposed programs/budgets to Travel Oregon (week of Gov’s Conference) April/May – Plan negotiation between Travel Oregon team and regions. Travel Oregon team gives approval pending Commission review June – Plans reviewed by Commissioners and approved at Commission meeting OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  6. 6. International Sales & Marketing and Domestic Travel Trade OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  7. 7. International Marketing & Sales Highlights of Strategic Plan 2009-11 – Promote inbound leisure travel with focus on target markets and international PDX non-stop flights and non- stops to Seattle and SFO – Increase marketing efforts in Canada, with focus on B.C. Motor-coach operators, FIT and Golf operators – Leverage Travel Channel Europe marketing opportunities with Tour Operators and Journalists in all markets – Build product in emerging markets, Korea, China, India, Russia and Australia OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  8. 8. All Markets Research Trips Media and Travel Trade Research Trips – Focus of fall and winter months to host research trips (summer is preferred travel time) – Recommend: RDMO budget minimum -$5000 to $10,000 funds for Research Trips – Local DMO participation is highly recommended, join for dinners or activities, including non-financially supported trips OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  9. 9. European Marketing Activities Partner Opportunities – UK: WTM 2010, $3000, 2009 Sales Mission opportunity TBD – Germany: ITB 2009-11, March, $3,000* – All Markets: Pow Wow 2010-11, Spring, $3,000 (waitlist) – All Markets: NAJ East and West, January/June, 2009-11 $1100 – All Markets: Go West, 2009-11, $1300 – Visit USA shows in Netherlands, France, and other markets will be attended by TO staff, leads distributed, no delegations planned – Media and Journalist Research Trips are planned for all key markets, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands and Italy, on going – Exploring Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia for product development *all costs on this page reflect cost per show each year OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  10. 10. Europe Marketing & Promotions Travel Channel Europe television series: website advertising due by Dec. 29, 2009, rate sheet available Special promotions with tour operators for streaming video and website links. Special Events at ITB 09, POW WOW 09 and WTM 09 Radio promotion in France will offer giveaways for accommodations, meals and attractions Online Niche, Incentive, and Social Networking Marketing. Example: Goseeoregon.com tour operator advertising Co-op Advertising with Receptive and Tour Operators: $500-$1500 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  11. 11. Asia Marketing Activities September 2009-11: JATA – World Travel Fair, Japan, $2,000*, Sales Mission tied into JATA TBD November 2010: CITM – China International Travel Mart, Shanghai, China, $2,000 NAJ West January 2010-11, $1,100 Active America Spring 2010-11, Travel Oregon staff to attend May 2009-11: International Pow Wow, wait list June 2009-11: KOTFA – Korea Travel Expo, Seoul, Korea, $2,000, TO staff to attend Media and Journalist Research Trips, focus on shoulder seasons, culinary, student trips and golf, ongoing *all costs on this page reflect cost per show each year OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  12. 12. Asia / Pacific Rim Strategies South Korea now a visa waiver country, with predicted inbound leisure travel to grow. – Attending Kofta in June 09 to develop opportunities for new product in tour operator brochures and media trips; focus on golf China and India are both emerging markets – Targeted efforts include CITM, working with NTA Tour Operators, official operators for China market. Education of suppliers is key for both markets Culinary and Golf will be targets for Asia and water-related tourism for India Australia: US is the most popular international destination with an average of 22 days per stay – Australian dollar has gained against the US dollar – Australian vacation time corresponds to Oregon’s shoulder seasons – TO will attend Visit USA Show in Australia in 2009 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  13. 13. Domestic & Canada Travel Trade Strategies Increase Oregon tourism product through packaged tour operators, focusing on Oregon’s unique experiences Focus: family travel, smaller groups, girlfriend getaways, culinary Build on success of NTA 08 sponsored lunch and tour operator dinner Implement action items to support above strategies in collaboration with OTTA Increased focus on Canadian market, targeting BC motor coach, FIT, shopping and golf packages, consumer direct online and print advertising OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  14. 14. Domestic and Canada Travel Trade Activities Domestic Market – NTA Spring Meet, 09/11 TBD – National Tour Association Convention, November 09-11 Cost: $2,300 – LA Sales Mission, dates TBD – American Bus Association: January/February 09-11 Cost: $1,150 – Travel Alliance Partners, June 09-11 Travel Oregon staff attends by invitation only – OTTA membership Canada Market – Addison Travel Show, Vancouver: January 09–11, and Calgary/Toronto: August 09-11, $1,400 – Media and Tour Operator Research Trips are ongoing in both markets OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  15. 15. Advertising Co-ops – All Markets Travel Channel Europe Website, rate sheet available Discover America USA Travel Guide: Travel Oregon – 1,250,000 distribution in German speaking countries, Japan, Mexico, Italy, France, and UK, American Journal, Scandinavia, Netherlands – 1 page Travel Oregon ad. Variety of co-op rates available based on TIA membership, etc. Example: ¼ page ad: (based on 2008 prices) $11,960-$14,260 Germany: Travel Oregon 3 inserts per year – Co-op rates available from $1000-$6000. 40,000 distribution, six issues per year Courier: Travel Oregon 2 inserts per year, ¼ page $500 per partner, 6,000 distribution, monthly Canada: Consumer Pubs and online: TBD Adhoc opportunities for niche pubs, tour operator brochures and online, all markets: $500-$2000 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  16. 16. Domestic Consumer Marketing ………………………………………… OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  17. 17. Consumer Marketing Programs 2 Year/$5+ million campaign Media/Advertising Public Relations & Publications – Media outreach and production of visitor guides Promotions, Broadcast & Strategic Alliances – Oregon Bounty, Livewire, Golf Promotion Interactive – Website, blog, e-newsletter Fulfillment – Guide distribution, call center, CRM, TOOL, TORP OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  18. 18. Consumer Marketing Objectives – Direction for new Biennium Plan Continue to engage consumers in the Oregon Brand Breakthrough clutter by focusing our messaging Drill down messaging to key themes during key time frames Build community and connection with consumers who identify with the Oregon mindset Leverage Oregon fans to tell their stories/share their tips OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  19. 19. Strategic Enhancements in Domestic Consumer Marketing Seasonal Focus – Culinary in Fall/Outdoor Recreation in Spring New spring outdoor promotion – Golf Leveraging Oregon Fans – Development of tools to help them share their experiences Co-operative Marketing Opportunities – Increased opportunities that are more affordable Sustainability – Internal/external programs OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  20. 20. Longwoods Research $ 2.00 $ 1.80 Ad Accountability: $ 1.60 $ 1.40 The results from 2004 show the $ 1.20 “Oregon Dreamer” ads work $ 1.00 $ 0.80 – 6:1 ROI $ 0.60 – Spending generated per ad dollar is $ 0.40 at $159 (up 39% from ‘01) $ 0.20 The study is fielded every 4 years $ 0.00 2001 2004 Cost to Generate One Trip Has Decreased by 32% Visitor Profile: Funded by Travel Oregon and the 7 regions Fielded every 2 years OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  21. 21. Overall Response Rates Response to Advertising (2004-2008) 250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 0 January February March April OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS. May June July August September October November December
  22. 22. Oregon. We Love Dreamers. Oregon is home to an inordinate number of people who not only dream big, but who make those dreams happen OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS. Genuine. Visionary. Stewardship.
  23. 23. Advertising/Media Objectives Overall Continue to grow awareness that Oregon is a premier travel destination Stimulate interest/response for additional information Target: – Adults 25-64 – Spend $1,000+ on Vacation Travel – Live in CA, OR, ID, WA (secondary: NY and Vancouver BC) This Year Continue to stand out in a crowded category Address the evolving trends in travel – More trips being planned on the internet – Economic Realities Effectively utilize our budget, which is comparable to last year OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  24. 24. Advertising/Media Strategy Break fiscal year into two focused seasonal marketing pillars: Fall '09 - Culinary Tourism Spring '10 - Outdoor Recreation Communication: Oregon chefs, vintners, brewers, Oregon golf, hiking, fishing, skiing, wind farmers, farmers markets, etc. surfing, cycling, etc. Media: Titles/Websites appealing to culinary Titles/Websites appealing to adventure tourists within our target audience tourists within our target audience Promotion: Oregon Bounty Develop Golf Promotion Advantages • Oregon stands out with focused advertising messages • Highlights the State’s greatest assets…within season • Leverages the success of Oregon Bounty • Partners can build co-ops around seasonal focus…when consumers are more likely to plan seasonal travel OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  25. 25. FY’09/’10 Media Plan Snapshot 2009 2010 TOTAL TOTAL MEDIA J A S O N D J F M A M J Impressions Spend % CULINARY/BOUNTY - national/local print 18,634,000 $758,685 32.4% - online banners & sponsorships 17,500,000 $250,000 10.7% - google keyword search 1,375,000 $50,000 2.1% - mobile banners & call to click 3,000,000 $50,000 2.1% - bounty radio partnership 8,894,500 $200,000 8.5% CULINARY SUBTOTAL 49,403,500 $1,308,685 56.2% OUTDOOR/RECREATION - national/local print 14,160,000 $327,287 14.0% - online banners & sponsorships 17,500,000 $250,000 10.7% - google keyword search 1,375,000 $50,000 2.1% - madden insert 875,000 $37,000 1.6% - golf initiative 10,020,000 $305,000 13.0% OUTDOOR REC SUBTOTAL 43,930,000 $969,287 41.6% OPPORTUNISTIC/TEST FUNDING $50,000 2.1% MEDIA TOTALS 93,333,500 $2,327,971 100.0% BUDGET $2,340,000 OVER/UNDER $12,029 1+ REACH = 62% // AVG FREQUENCY = 5.7x // 3+ REACH = 38.6% Note: Confidential and subject to change OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  26. 26. Magazine Highlights Culinary (Fall ’09) OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS. Outdoor (Spring ’10) Note: Confidential and subject to change
  27. 27. Vancouver BC – Consumer Test Market In conjunction with the TO International team, we’re exploring a possible advertising initiative in Vancouver BC – Opportunity to build Travel Oregon brand awareness in this city – Mine this “nearby” International market Target Audience: – A25-64 who live in BC & traveled to Western States in past 3 yrs Timing: one campaign season in FY’09/’10 Potential plan: would feature a media mix based on similar deliveries in domestic plan (single season) OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS. Note: Images do not represent a final media mix
  28. 28. Co-op Programs Takes Consumer From Inspiration to Purchase – Provides a platform for our partners to highlight what their regions have to offer Brand Campaign Co-op Partner Pg Dreamer ads create Showcases tangible awareness for and travel experiences, provide inspiration products and to visit our State by move visitors farther packages that can telling a wide down the buying cycle be purchased breadth of unique throughout Oregon stories that capture the depth of the Oregon experience OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  29. 29. Print Co-ops: Creative Revised co-op units in the works 2 pages – Page 1: Oregon Dreamer Page (new format) – Page 2: Co-op page unit (similar to last year’s) Features the Travel Oregon brand elements Provides efficiencies to the Travel Oregon media buy Standard Pg 2 Co-op Ad OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  30. 30. Print Co-ops: Opportunities Planned Co-ops GEOGRAPHIC COST OF MAGAZINE ISSUE SEASON DISTRIBUTION CIRC. DEADLINE PG Bon Appetit July 2009 Culinary OR, CA, WA, ID 331,000 3/20/2009 $15,937 August 2009 Culinary OR, CA, WA, ID 331,000 4/20/2009 $15,937 September 2009 Culinary OR, CA, WA, ID 331,000 5/20/2009 $15,937 October 2009 Culinary OR, CA, WA, ID 331,000 6/21/2009 $15,937 Budget Travel Jul/Aug 2009 Culinary OR, CA, WA, ID 125,000 4/1/2008 $4,556 Sep 2009 Culinary OR, CA, WA, ID 125,000 6/1/2008 $4,556 Oct 2009 Culinary OR, CA, WA, ID 125,000 7/1/2008 $4,556 March 2010 Outdoor Rec. OR, CA, WA, ID 125,000 12/1/2008 $4,736 April 2010 Outdoor Rec. OR, CA, WA, ID 125,000 1/1/2009 $4,736 May 2010 Outdoor Rec. OR, CA, WA, ID 125,000 2/1/2009 $4,736 Golf Digest March 2010 Outdoor Rec. OR, CA, WA, ID, UT, AZ, MT 270,000 11/20/2008 $10,641 April 2010 Outdoor Rec. OR, CA, WA, ID, UT, AZ, MT 270,000 12/18/2008 $10,483 May 2010 Outdoor Rec. OR, CA, WA, ID, UT, AZ, MT 270,000 1/18/2009 $10,483 Gourmet July 2009 Culinary OR, N.CA, N. NV, WA, ID 147,000 4/1/2008 $10,478 August 2009 Culinary OR, N.CA, N. NV, WA, ID 147,000 5/1/2008 $10,478 September 2009 Culinary OR, N.CA, N. NV, WA, ID 147,000 6/1/2008 $10,478 October 2009 Culinary OR, N.CA, N. NV, WA, ID 147,000 7/1/2008 $10,478 National Geographic March 2010 Outdoor Rec. National 625,000 11/23/2008 $8,663 Adventure April 2010 Outdoor Rec. National 625,000 12/23/2008 $8,663 May 2010 Outdoor Rec. National 625,000 2/1/2009 $8,663 The New Yorker July 2009 Culinary OR, SF, SAC, LA, SEA, NYC 372,000 5/15/2008 $25,783 August 2009 Culinary OR, SF, SAC, LA, SEA, NYC 372,000 6/15/2008 $25,783 September 2009 OREGON. WE SAC, LA, SEA, NYC Culinary OR, SF, LOVE DREAMERS. 372,000 7/15/2008 $25,783 Note: rates and media schedule subject to change
  31. 31. Madden Integrated Media Campaign Planning to participate in this lead-generating program for Spring 2010 Distribution: – CA - Los Angeles, Sacramento, SF; OR - Eugene, Medford, Portland, Salem; WA - Kennewick/Tri-City, Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver, Yakima; ID – Boise; Canada – Vancouver BC Circulation: 874,000 2008 Results: averaged 8,000 leads – 40% more than in 2007 Rates: – Contact Lisa Heavers for final rates (866-921-0130) – Estimated net rates range… • from $33K (full page) • to $3K (for small space brochure ad) OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  32. 32. Oregon Golf Promotion Travel Oregon is developing a Golf Promotion that builds awareness amongst high-yield golf consumers that Oregon is a great golf travel destination where they can experience world-class (but affordable) golf, culinary/dining, and shopping experiences – Drive leads and overnight visits from vacation golfers – Increase rounds played Final program is TBD but will likely be a combination of print and online – Leverage existing Travel Oregon channels and purchase relevant golf media – Educate vacation golfers Various tiers for our partners to buy into, ranging from $2,500-$30,000 Timing: Spring 2010 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  33. 33. Online Co-op Opportunities Additional online co-op opportunities to consider in your budgets: – Possible Oregon Bounty promotion on Travelocity.com Fall 2009 • Dependant on results of 2008 buy – Travel Oregon brand online co-op buy – in development. Possible directions include… • Display banner model • Shared search engine buy OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  34. 34. Oregon Bounty 2008 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  35. 35. Bounty Direction 2009 Idea TBC: Focus on recipes and chefs Bounty Co-op Opportunities: – All regions will be featured – Set aside funds for late summer/fall advertising to support regional push (SOVA example next slides) – Buy a Bounty co-op insert on TO plan – Buy into the online co-op (Travelocity or other – range TBD $2,500-$30,000) OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  38. 38. Interactive Marketing 2009-10 Strategic Direction Goal: ENGAGE in a conversation with consumers and provide them INSPIRATION, INFORMATION and TOOLS for their OREGON vacation experience 1. Showcase the Oregon experience 2. Engage at every stage of the trip 3. Improve connectivity & partnerships OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  39. 39. #1: Showcasing The Oregon Experience Continue to build TO as the “go-to” source for the Oregon experience OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  40. 40. #1: Showcasing The Oregon Experience…(cont’d) TravelOregon.com: Continue to offer wide breadth of content…but evolve… • “Surfacing” and “storytelling” OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  41. 41. #1: Showcasing The Oregon Experience…(cont’d) Extend the brand and connect with fans wherever they are via applications and “embassies” Provide platform and encourage fans to tell their stories via aps and embassies OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  42. 42. #1: Showcasing The Oregon Experience…(cont’d) Close storytelling gap via compelling video stories Travel Oregon w/ Grant McOmie (working title) 28 episodes in 3 months Airing: TO.com; KGW.COM & KGW & NWCN TV Start date: Spring 2009 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  43. 43. #2 Engage At Every Stage of Trip Experience Engage at Every Stage of Trip Inspiration Information Compare/ Decide Buy Trip Post Trip OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  44. 44. #3: Connectivity & Partnerships Introducing the “ORB” – Partner sites: Oregon Coast, Wine Country, Oregon Wine Board Introducing: Beta “TO Digital Ad Network” – Display ad program – Initial Rollout: 11 pages, 16 spots on TravelOregon.com only TORP + TOOL OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  45. 45. The “ORB” (Working title!) What is it? – Repository of all consumer Oregon tourism data (attractions, events, lodging, outdoors, dining) OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  46. 46. “ORB” Timeline & Rollout Feb. 1: Orb Version 0.5 (Beta!) – “Orb” Events database • What: Authoritative source for statewide visitor friendly events • How can we interact? API or web based tools • RESTful API (Representational State Transfer, Application Programming Interface) • What can I do?: Allow authenticated users to upload, download, and interact with “Events” from their own websites and/or applications OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  47. 47. #3 Connectivity & Partnerships (cont’d) Introducing: Beta “TO Digital Ad Network” – Display ad program – Initial Rollout: 11 pages, 16 spots on TravelOregon.com only – Cost: $400/position (3 month commitment required; TO family advertisers rate: $300/month) OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  48. 48. Placement Locations Content Page Unit Size 2008 Estimated # of spots Traffic (impressions/page views) Explore Oregon 728 x 90 400,000 4 Explore Oregon/Oregon Coast 300 x 250 315,000 3 Explore Oregon/Southern Oregon 300 x 250 140,000 1 Explore Oregon/Portland Metro 300 x 250 150,000 1 Explore Oregon/Mt Hood Columbia 300 x 250 145,000 1 Explore Oregon/Willamette Valley 300 x 250 127,000 1 Explore Oregon/Central Oregon 300 x 250 97,000 1 Explore Oregon/Eastern Oregon 300 x 250 83,000 1 Experiences Landing 300 x 250 108,000 1 Seasonal Offerings Landing 728 x 90 97,000 1 Travel Tools Landing 300 x 250 100,000 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS. 1
  49. 49. Fulfillment Current functions: – Call center – Fulfillment – TOOL – TORP – Consumer database CRM Enhancements – Engage consumers: Provide tools consumers can use to share their experiences before, during and post trip. Make travel planning fun – Enhanced service: Find out more about consumers to better provide the info they seek when they need it – Connect them to their destination • Automated CRM-based lead system • Online chat/connect with regional partners OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  50. 50. Public Relations Strategy: engagement - bring Oregon to the media Generate coverage that engages consumers, inspires them to request material and plan a trip Reinforce Travel Oregon as the respected media resource and Oregon as a must-see destination Prompt consumer interaction with the brand Travel Oregon media kit Share Your Stories, Personalities, Images, Video for… National Media Outreach: we proactively pitch stories of what’s new, emerging, and special in Oregon Oregon Oddities: 5x/yr, themed stories, quick and quirky, short-lead Only in Oregon: 2x/yr, seasonal stories, feature-oriented, long-lead Travel Oregon Image/Video Library: offered when journalists request images or b-roll for stories, often on deadline OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  51. 51. Publications Published by Travel Oregon: Travel Oregon Magazine Oregon Trip Planner Scenic Byways Guide Travel Oregon Kid’s Guide Published with partners: Ski Oregon Guide Storyline and advertising opportunities OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  52. 52. Consumer Trade Shows Objective: Travel Oregon to assist RDMO and DMO’s to have a unified presence at existing domestic leisure travel shows. Testing 2 shows this year: Times Adventure and Travel Expo: Los Angeles, CA – February 14-15, 2009 – Potential sales mission Sunset Celebration: Menlo Park, CA – June 6-7, 2009 – Contact: Linea Gagliano, linea@TravelOregon.com OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  53. 53. Tourism Development Mission “To assist communities and organizations to develop, enhance and implement quality tourism plans and products” Travel Oregon, strategic marketing plan & budget 2007 - 2009 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  54. 54. Tourism & Hospitality Consortium Business & Tourism Town Halls Each “Town Hall Event” is an open conversation about the perceptions and realities of Oregon’s tourism and hospitality industry as it relates to the business environment in Oregon. It serves as an opportunity to hear from and interact with tourism and business leaders as they address the important topics facing our local area and the state. Town Hall Dates: – November 4 – Eugene – November 20 - Jacksonville – December 12 – Lincoln City – December 18 – La Grande – TBA, 2009 – Central Oregon – TBA, 2009 – Mt. Hood/Gorge – TBA, 2009 – Willamette Valley OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  55. 55. State Welcome Center updates – Portland International Airport » Opening Spring 2009 – Brookings/Crissey Field Welcome Center » Soft Opening December 4 » Public Opening June 6 – Ashland/Siskiyou Welcome Center OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  56. 56. Governor’s Conference on Tourism April 19-21, 2009 25th Anniversary Salem Conference Center Theme: Celebrate the Past, Envision the Future Exhibitor, Sponsor and Advertiser opportunities available now – 25th Anniversary Commemorative Program Attendee registration opens in January OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  57. 57. Oregon Q CARE – Customer Service Training OregonQCare.com Two levels of partnerships: – Oregon Q Care Preferred Partner • An organization that is actively marketing the Oregon Q Care customer service training program to its members and industry as a whole: ORA, OLA, Associations, etc. – Silver Star of Service Partner • Visitor industry businesses: restaurants, attractions, lodging facilities, gas stations, museums, etc. OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  58. 58. Matching Grants Program Problems and suggested changes to the RDMO/DMO Letter of Support requirement of the Matching Grants Program: #1 YOU need more info from the grantee before you can decide if you support their project. • We can make it a requirement that they send their grant project idea form that they have to fill out and send to Travel Oregon to their DMO and RDMO so you have all of that same information ahead of time. #2 Deadline for grantees to contact their DMO’s and RDMO’s for Letters of Support. • The deadline to apply in 2008 was Friday, August 22. We can set a 2 week before deadline (For 2008 would have been August 8) that we tell them is the latest date they can contact you for a letter. After that date (and you know there will be people asking!) they either cannot ask you OR if they do ask you, you know that you can tell them NO! #3 Communication. • We encourage you to work with these grantees to fine tune their grant project ideas so they fit in with your strategic plan as much as possible. AND PLEASE communicate with us any information you would like us to know about this project or organization. We can share with the Grant Review Committee if you would like and can keep it confidential if you prefer. OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  59. 59. TIA’S Sustainable Tourism Initiative Launching new site, www.travelgreen.org in January 2009 Soliciting case studies from tourism organizations’ environmental sustainability programs Due Friday December 12th Contact: Kristin Dahl kristin@traveloregon.com OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  60. 60. Rural Tourism Studio Winter 08-09 Program Design Wallowa County has been selected as the first pilot region to receive assistance, Spring 09 Working with the pilot region to establish their local steering committee which will shape the program Looking to execute the program in 2 more “test” regions for the fall of 2009 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  61. 61. First Stewardship Council met the first week of December Program launch January 12, 2009 National Geographic rep will visit region in Oregon Jan 14-16 Community forums to solicit nominations: January-March Deadline to nominate: March 29, 2009 www.thecentralcascades.com Central Cascades Geotourism Initiative OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  62. 62. Oregon: The Land that Bicycles Dream About (.COM) OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.