Surf Your Way Around The World


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Surf Your Way Around The World

  1. 1. Surf Your Way Around The World! Considering the ULTIMATE surf trip? Pack your board, book your round the world flights and head for the waves… Credit: Tourism Queensland
  2. 2. Ride a wave around the worldDo you know your hang ten from your cross step? Do gnarly breaks getyou amped? If you’ve no idea what we’re talking about, chances are thatwhen you head to the beach you’re there for the sun, sea and sand… Credit: Tourism Queensland
  3. 3. Surf’s Up! … but if you answered yes to both, there’s only one ‘S’ you’re interested in… SURF! Here’s an around the world trip with amazing opportunities to sample some he best surfing on the planet… rad surf dudes!Credit: Tourism Queensland
  4. 4. Playa Dominical, Costa RicaLocated around 30 miles south of Manuel Antonio National Park on CostaRica’s central pacific coast, it’s a great place to avoid the crowds. It’s asmall, laid back town with a relaxed atmosphere and great nightlife…
  5. 5. Playa Dominical, Costa Rica… you couldn’t ask for more beauty; rugged, unspoiled coastline fringedwith pristine rainforest and the impressive Talamanca mountain rangeproviding a back drop. Surf is great all year round with the major swellseason running April - October.
  6. 6. Mavericks, CaliforniaThis surf spot is off the coast of Pilar Point in northern California. Its awinter surf destination for very experienced surfers only, many competingin the invitation-only big wave competition held every winter… Credit: Frank_Richards
  7. 7. Mavericks, California … here the winter waves regularly top 10m and after a storm in the northern pacific can tower in at over 20m! These mammoth breaks are caused by a freak underwater rock formation – not for the faint hearted!
  8. 8. Waikiki, HawaiiThe home of surfing - Waikiki is pretty commercialised but the reasons itbecame popular still exist: sunshine, clear water and great waves. Withgreat surfing year- round it’s ideal for novices and experts alike…
  9. 9. Waikiki, Hawaii… Hawaii is home to scores of other great surf beaches. In winter,northern beaches experience massive waves generated by storms in thenorth pacific, whereas tropical summer storms in the south pacificguarantee the southern beaches get pretty good swell too.
  10. 10. Surfers Paradise, AustraliaSo named with good reason: great weather year-round, warm water,miles of unbroken beaches and great surfing suitable for every skilllevel… Credit: Tourism Queensland
  11. 11. Surfers Paradise, Australia … the beaches are protected by surf nets so you can be confident you won’t be sharing the waves with any men in grey suits (surf speak for sharks!). When the surfing’s over for the day, there’s great nightlife to enjoy all along the Gold Coast.Credit: Tourism Queensland
  12. 12. Bell’s Beach, AustraliaOften referred to as thehome of Australiansurfing, it was famouslyfeatured in the filmPoint Break, in whichPatrick Swayze’sultimate ambition is tosurf the giant waves atBell’s Beach…
  13. 13. Bell’s Beach, Australia … 90 minutes from Melbourne, Bell’s Beach is a top destination for experienced surfers, where swells from the southern ocean steepen and slow over the shallow reef to produce exceptional surf. It also plays host to the Bell’s Beach Surf Classic, held around Easter time every year since 1961.Credit: AP Photo/ASP, Kirstin Scholtz
  14. 14. Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa Located on South Africa’s beautiful garden route around an hour south west from Port Elizabeth, Jeffrey’s Bay is one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world. Storms from the Antarctic coupled with the geography of the bay create one of the longest and fastest right hand break points in the entire world…
  15. 15. Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa … Jeffrey’s Bay also plays host to the annual Billabong Pro ASP World Tour surfing event every July, attracting surfers and spectators from all overCredit: Oren the Red | Fotopedia the world.
  16. 16. Here’s our recommended itinerary to cover this round the world trip: To book yourLONDON–SAN JOSE (Playa Dominical) –surface– round the world SAN FRANCISCO (Mavericks) – HONOLULU flights, Waikiki) –BRISBANE (Surfers Paradise) – hotels and tours, MELBOURNE (Bell’s Beach) – CAPETOWN call the friendly (Jeffrey’s Bay) – LONDON team at Travel NationTo book these flights or any other itinerary across the world – contact Travel Nation > 01273 320580 Or Get a quote The world is waiting for you What are you waiting for?