See Wildlife With An Around The World Trip


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Take an around the world trip and see some of the planets most amazing wildlife.

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See Wildlife With An Around The World Trip

  1. 1. 5 Amazing wildlife experiences for youraround the world trip… Fascinated by all creatures great and small? Book your round the world flights and pack your camera – you’re in for a treat…
  2. 2. 5 Magical Wildlife Experiences Ever imagined what it would be like to be David Attenborough, travelling around the world in search of magical wildlife? If you want to do more than imagine, here are some incredible wildlife encounters that are out there waiting for you…Credit: Oren the Red | Fotopedia
  3. 3. Serengeti, AfricaFor sheer scale anddiversity of wildlife, theSerengeti is hard to beat.The lion’s share of theSerengeti is in NorthTanzania and extendsinto south west Kenya.Endless grass plains playhost to the largestmammal migration on theplanet, including astaggering two millionwildebeest.
  4. 4. LionsThe plains of the Serengeti are the richest grazing grounds in Africa and areabsolutely teeming with wildlife. There’s an incredible concentration ofpredators, including huge lion prides and countless cheetah. Credit: larrjw
  5. 5. You’re also likely to seeElephants elephants, zebra, giraffes, buffalo and maybe even a leopard or two if you’re very fortunate. Sharing the vast plains of Africa with these majestic creatures is an incredibly humbling experience.
  6. 6. Uganda & RwandaDeep in the forest of central Africa lives the extremely rare mountain gorilla.Estimated total worldwide population is less than 800, so the best place to spotthe Bwindi is in impenetrable forest in south west Uganda or for the Virungamountains of northern Rwanda.
  7. 7. Mountain Gorillas Remote location means only a privileged few get to see these gorillas. Largest of the primates, gorillas are unexpectedly graceful and behave so much like humans that coming face to face with them is a mesmerising experience.Credit:
  8. 8. ChinaFound in remotemountain regions ofChina, in the Sichuan,Shaanxi & Gansuprovinces, this peaceful,bamboo-munchingmember of the bear familyis universally loved.It is also an endangeredspecies, with only around1,600 individuals thoughtto be living in the wild…
  9. 9. Giant PandaInstantly recognisable, with distinctive black patches around their eyes, earsand bodies - seeing Pandas in the wild is a unforgettable.
  10. 10. Kaikoura, New ZealandSet on the wild east coast of New Zealand, Kaikoura’s spectacular backdrop isthe Kaikoura Mountain Ranges. An offshore undersea canyon 2km deepcombines with unusual sea currents to make this an incredible place to see aprofusion of marine life, most famously the immense Sperm Whale. Credit:
  11. 11. Whale WatchingKeep an eye out for Humpback, Pilot andSouthern Right whales or even a mighty BlueWhale. You’ll see dolphins and maybeOrcas, the largest of the dolphin (commonlyknown as killer whales).
  12. 12. The Galapagos marineGalapagos Islands reserve is home to an incredible number of endemic species, (in other words not found anywhere else in the world). Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection was heavily influenced by his observations on a visit to these islands in 1835.
  13. 13. Giant TortoiseThe giant tortoise isthe most famousresident. Due to alack of naturalpredators, thetortoises areincredibly tame,making for anunforgettable, upclose wildlifeencounter. Credit:
  14. 14. If you’re interested in visiting any of these wildlifedestinations, contact Travel Nation – we canarrange round the world flights and tours! To book your round the world flights, hotels and tours, call the friendly team at Travel Nation 01273 320580 Or Get a quote The world is waiting for you What are you waiting for?