Round The World Trip Planner


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A handy planner for when you're thinking of taking a trip.

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Round The World Trip Planner

  1. 1. Your Round The World Trip PlannerConsidering a big adventure? Walk through our round the world trip planner and do it right!
  2. 2. Thinking about travel? If you’re in education, it’s that time of year when your thoughts might be straying from revision and turning towards the thought of long summer holidays.For those in their final year of school oruniversity, a world of possibilities are atyour feet - the most exciting (andperhaps daunting!) of these is theopportunity to travel the world. Here area few great reasons we think youshould postpone the job search andtake some time out…
  3. 3. Enhance your applicationsEmployers and universities lookfavourably on those with lifeexperience. A round the world trip onyour application says:You’re well rounded…Travelling leads you into plentifulencounters with differentcultures, languages and foods. You’llgain an appreciation of different peopleand an understanding of theirhistory, customs and culture, whichhelps you understand yourself andothers more, when you return home.
  4. 4. Enhance your applicationsA round the world trip on your applicationsays:You can take responsibilityA big trip can help demonstrate thatyou’re a self-starter who can take theinitiative. Aside from raising funds togo, your trip will inevitably involve someingenuity, from budgeting to findingaccommodation or other problemsolving. Make the most of what youlearned through these experiences onyour return.
  5. 5. Enhance your applicationsA round the world trip on your applicationsays:You embrace challengeA big trip when you’re young isn’t foreveryone. On an application, a round theworld trip shows you’re not afraid offacing new and daunting challengeshead on! It highlights that you have aninterest in the wider world and in othercultures. It shows you’ve chosen to liftyour eyes above the horizon – andyou’re starting as you mean to go on inlife!
  6. 6. Fair enough… but what next?So we’ve established that travel is a good idea. But if you’re nowthinking:• Where should I go?• When should I leave?• What should I pack?• How much will it cost?• What jabs do I need?…then fear not, our 5 point roundthe world planner will help youorganise the perfect trip with theminimum of fuss…
  7. 7. 1.Do your researchSeems obvious, but it pays to do some research.This will help you get a clearer idea of what youwant to get out of your trip, and what are your chiefpriorities.• Read: travel sections of Sunday papers• Ask: friends and family where they’ve been• Browse: albums on Flickr for inspiration• Get inspired: Join and start a pin board of inspiration
  8. 8. 2. Where to go?First: begin with your ideal wish list of placesto visit.Second: Arrange them into your must-seepriority orderAs a general rule, the more off the beatentrack places are, the more your ticket willcost, so you may have to compromise oncertain destinations to get it within budget.That said, you may be surprised how manystops you can afford on a RTW air ticket –the number of stops increases more than theprice as you spend more.
  9. 9. 3. When to go?Most RTW prices are seasonal, so save money by departing in lowseason. Mid April-mid June are usually the cheapest fares.Think about the weather in eachdestination (you can’t guarantee sunshineall round!) Remember that seasons in thesouthern hemisphere are opposite to thenorthern hemisphere. Also check forMonsoon weather.Beware of events that could hike yourticket price, like the Football WorldCup, Olympic Games etc.
  10. 10. 4. How much will it cost?Prices for round the world tickets can vary significantly depending onyour chosen route and departure date.You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learnthat the most basic round the worldtickets start from around £1000.Brilliantly for travellers, the more youpay, the better value your ticket, becausemore stops are possible for small amountof money. Some fantastic and flexibletickets offer value, like the One WorldExplorer and the Great Escapade – oftenbased on mileage, not number of stops.
  11. 11. 5. Enlist expert helpExpert help will seriously improve your trip.Round the world tickets are complicated andcan be confusing for even the mostseasoned of travellers.Taking expert advice will save you moneyand hassle and help make the perfect trip. Aconsultant will maximise the value from yourticket, book side trips that get you off thebeaten track and hook you up with greattours and hotels as you need them. Best ofall, they will deal with your date changes –taking the pressure off you if there is ever astrike, cancellation or other hiccup.
  12. 12. Ready, Steady, Go!Here are two great value itinerariesto get you thinking:LONDON – HONG KONG – surface– SHANGHAI – SYDNEY –CHRISTCHURCH – surface* –AUCKLAND - – BANGKOK –LONDONFrom £975 pp inc pre-payable taxesand fuel surcharges.*Surface means you make your own way overland, rather thanflying. E.g. by bus, train or overland tour.
  13. 13. Or how about…LONDON – SAN FRANCISCO –surface – LOS ANGELES –AUCKLAND – CAIRNS – surface– PERTH – JOHANNESBURG –LONDON HEATHROWFrom £1,191 pp inc pre-payable tax and fuel surcharges.Sparked your imagination?....
  14. 14. To book yourIf you’re planning a round round the worldthe world trip, contact flights,Travel Nation. You’re hotels and tours,guaranteed friendly call the friendly teamexpertise and honest, first- at Travel Nationhand advice on making themost of your adventure! 01273 320580 Or Get a quote The world is waiting for you What are you waiting for?