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Session 16 Kjell-Åke Hvittfeldt


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Session 16 Kjell-Åke Hvittfeldt

  1. 1. Volvo LogisticsDay1
  2. 2. Corporate ValuesVolvo Logistics2
  3. 3. Three serious concerns The depletion of natural resources The acceleration of global warming The effects of exhaust emissionsVolvo Logistics3
  4. 4. Two main challenges until end 2010 20% reduction of 20% logistics cost CO2 emissions reduction &Volvo Logistics4
  5. 5. We want the CO2 emissions from transporting goods toand from our factories to be reduced now Fuel saving management 5 - 15% Efficient logistics 5% Blending of biofuel in diesel 5 - 30% Younger vehicles 5% 20 - 45% potentialVolvo Logistics5
  6. 6. We must find smarter ways to deliver Rate reductions: 20% Rate reductions: 20% Re-design and Re-design and process improvements: 80% process improvements: 80%Volvo Logistics6
  7. 7. Strategic “highways” Umeå Distribution Centres and factories Existing hubs Kotka New hubs Outbound flows Turku/Åbo Inbound flows Brevik Mixed Inbound & Outbound Gothenburg Älmhult UK Olofström Belgium Hub Central Europe Volvo LogisticsIberia Italy Lyon Italy
  8. 8. Volvo Logistics won the EIA Intermodal Award 2006 The Umeå “8” EuroBridge Gothenburg Olofström/ The Älmhult combinationBelgium Gothenburg Umeå Belgium Gothenburg Olofström/ Älmhult Belgium Distribution Centers and factories Hubs Rail Short seaVolvo Logistics
  9. 9. Viking RailVolvo Logistics
  10. 10. Volvo Logistics European Rail Concept Railway HUB Railway connections, Step 0 – Existing ”Train 8” Railway connections, Step 1 - Existing Railway connections, Step 2 - Planned Umeå Railway connections, Step 3 - Potential Skaraborg Mälardalen Gothenburg Malmö Olofström/ Älmhult Kaluga Hannover Gent Brest Wuppertal Frankfurt Prague Korn- Ingolstadt Bratislava westheim Lyon TurkeyVolvo Logistics
  11. 11. VLC Investmets in Intermodal TerminalsPossible domestic developments:- Göteborg - Mälardalen- Umeå- Olofström (Karlshamn) – Göteborg toconnect with Baltic Sea PortsVolvo Logistics
  12. 12. ”It takes a new way of thinking tosolve the problems caused bythe old way of thinking”Albert EinsteinVolvo Logistics12 Date
  13. 13. Volvo LogisticsDay13