Transportation 2040 Presentation to City Council May 29 2012


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Transportation 2040 Presentation to City Council May 29 2012

  1. 1. TRANSPORTATION PLAN UPDATEReport to City Council | 2012-05-29
  2. 2. Agenda• Timeline• Goals & Context• Trends & Targets• Policy Themes & Highlights• Questions
  3. 3. Timeline
  5. 5. Goals
  6. 6. More than just Mobility• Health• Safety• Accessibility• Affordability• Public Life• Resiliency
  7. 7. Challenges• Limited Road Space• Overcrowded Transit• Health Costs of Inactivity• Aging Population• Rising Fuel Prices• Climate Change• Affordability
  8. 8. Assets• Physical Environment• Fine-grained Street Grid• Good Land Use Planning• Engaged Population• Growing Downtown• Major Gateway• Olympic Legacy
  9. 9. The City’s Role• Maintain & regulate streets, public spaces• Guide land use, urban design• Support transit• Advocate & partner• Educate & empower• Provide leadership
  10. 10. Moving People, Moving GoodsMoving People 1. Walking 2. Cycling 3. Transit 4. Taxi / Commercial / Shared 5. Private AutoMoving Goods • Port • Local
  11. 11. Smart InvestmentsPrioritize efforts formaximum benefitPursue partnershipsTest new ideasthrough pilot projectsMonitor and trackprogress
  12. 12. TRENDS & TARGETS
  13. 13. New Targets & Indicators Build on Greenest City • Make the majority of trips on foot, bike, and transit • Eliminate dependence on fossil fuels • Breathe the cleanest air of any major city in the world Set new targets for 2040 Identify indicators to track progress
  14. 14. What Actually Happened
  15. 15. Since 1997 Plan: More Trips, Fewer Cars
  16. 16. 40%
  17. 17. > 50%
  18. 18. > 2/3
  19. 19. Directions on Specific Topics Land Use Goods & Services Walking & Public Space Cycling Transit Motor Vehicles
  20. 20. LAND USE
  21. 21. Land Use Themes• Locate major activity generators near high capacity transit• Consider higher densities near transit stations while recognizing local context• Build complete communities• Design buildings to contribute to public realm
  22. 22. GOODS & SERVICESPhoto: Don McKillican
  23. 23. Goods & Services Themes• Support different scales of movement from local to global• Protect and improve rail corridors• Reduce environmental and neighbourhood impacts• Maintain effective emergency response times• Review curb loading zone policies to improve efficiency• Ensure commercial laneways support effective goods movement
  25. 25. Walking & Public Space Themes• Promote a walking culture in Vancouver• Make streets safer, more comfortable, and more accessible• Provide more pedestrian space on busy sidewalks• Address gaps in the pedestrian network• Create vibrant and interesting streets and public spaces
  26. 26. CYCLING
  27. 27. Cycling Themes• Design for all ages and abilities• Expand core routes to serve high ridership areas• Provide secure and abundant parking• Pursue public bicycle sharing• Promote cycling as an everyday option• Focus on education
  28. 28. TRANSITPhoto: Eileen Kuettel
  29. 29. Transit Themes• Support fast, frequent, reliable, high capacity transit• Broadway is a top priority• Ensure the system is fully accessible for all ages and abilities• Support lower transit related noise and emissions to maintain livability• Support new funding sources to pay for better transit
  31. 31. Motor Vehicles Themes• Manage parking and traffic congestion• Improve safety for all road users• Support car-sharing and other programs that make it easier to drive less• Accelerate shift to low carbon vehicles
  32. 32. Timeline
  33. 33. Discussion