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Transparent Pakistan


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Transparent Pakistan focuses on giving transparency to Pakistani electoral system and political background of candidates in Pakistan.

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Transparent Pakistan

  2. 2. Agenda • Problem statement • Solution - Transparent Pakistan • Make it • Market it • Sustain it • Timelines and Financials
  4. 4. • National Assembly - 342 seats.• Senate - 104 members• Provincial assembly - 728 members.
  5. 5. Candidate eligibility criteria• Must be a citizen of Pakistan.• Must be over age of 25.• Must be honest and have a good character.• Mentally stable.• No criminal conviction.• No dual citizenship.• Withhold The ideology of Pakistan.
  6. 6. Voting Process• District Returning Officer appointed for each District• The list of polling stations is prepared and approved.• Election Schedule is published.• Nomination papers invited from contesting candidates.• Final list of candidates is prepared and published.• Election Symbols are allocated to the candidates• Votes casted at specified polling stations.
  7. 7. Data processing & the election commission • Votes are counted at the polling stations. • Statement of the count is prepared. • Results of count are announced at the polling station. • Un-official results are compiled and forwarded to the Election Commission. `• Contesting candidates are notified regarding place & timing fixed for consolidation of the result. • The consolidated statement is submitted to Election Commission. • ECP publishes the names of the candidates in the official Gazette.
  8. 8. Problem Statement• Lack of awareness.• No transparency.• Corruption.• Process not crowd-sourced.• Background/track record of candidates not accessible to public.• Existing sources of information (media etc) biased.• No singular platform for consolidating issues of general public.
  9. 9. Proposed resolutions• Complete transparency - candidate backgrounds.• Enabling general public to voice their opinion• Political information - completely accessible.• Virtual polls to authenticate support for specific candidates/parties• Listing cases/allegations/issues regarding candidates, constituencies• Complete social integration
  10. 10. Solution – Transparent Pakistan
  11. 11. Why Transparent Pakistan? • Crowd sourced, UGC platform that contains all of the aforementioned. • Technology independent, web + mobile (IoS, Android, Windows etc)- reaches 29m people. • SMS based data integration for polls, votes and comments/allegations (+120m ppl) • Wiki of Pakistan’s political scenario - constituencies, candidates, issues, allegations and free journalism. • Automated primary data collection (crawlers) through various data sources (wiki, ECP, NADRA etc). • Secondary data collection crowd sourced (UGC). • Virtual elections and polls in real time, in parallel with elections 2013 • Issues and allegations highlighted/prioritized through UGC and public voting. • Crowd sourced moderation, gamified for most regular, authentic contributors/moderators. • Sustenance ensured via NGO registration, donations and affiliation with local/international regulatory institutions that can prevent Mr. Malik from ‘pulling the plug’.
  12. 12. Why Transparent Pakistan? “O_o”
  13. 13. Make It
  15. 15. ` Constituency map of Pakistan SOCIALVOCIAL.COM/TRANSPARENT-PAKISTAN
  17. 17. Social integration plug-in. SOCIALVOCIAL.COM/TRANSPARENT-PAKISTAN Citizen journalism.` Constituency specific candidates
  18. 18. `
  19. 19. Users report issues relating to their constituency` Stars assigned highlighting the urgency of the matter.
  21. 21. Virtual Polling Votes and allegations by visitors. Allegations Most recent allegations` brought forward. Users have their say SOCIALVOCIAL.COM/TRANSPARENT-PAKISTAN
  24. 24. Petitions and legislature improvements • Get to know laws regarding specific issues • Suggest amendments in existing law • Create new petitions for amendments/legislation within assemblies at citizen level (EU/US)
  25. 25. Allegation validation processProof repositories• Three stages for the allegation process: – Green for any non validated allegation – Yellow for an allegation accompanied with some authentic doc or video, proving guilt of alleged candidate. – Red for serious allegations, thoroughly checked and validated from respective sources.• Citizen journalism/UGC – Report issues that need govt. attention.
  26. 26. Market It
  27. 27. Marketing and Promotions• Crowd sourcing, integrations and data sources• Conventional Marketing channels• Associations with top international institutions and political entities(TI, SAARC, WB, UN, USAID etc).• Affiliation with media institutes of Pakistan
  28. 28. Marketing Channels • Digital • Social • Search • Advertising • ATL & BTL
  29. 29. Sustain It
  30. 30. Associations With Intl. Institutions
  31. 31. Affiliation With Media Institutions OfPakistan
  32. 32. Timeline & Financials
  33. 33. Timelines and financials Phase Costs Duration Goal Make it(5 x platforms) PKR 1M 800 QH (160*5) Product Market it (5 x channels) PKR 30M 45 Days Reach (120 m+) Sustain it Everything 5 years TP Elections 2018