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Translinked Projected Strategic Outcomes


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Translinked Projected Strategic Outcomes

  1. 1. Strategic Initiatives: Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Local Local marketing & community outreach Streamlined government & regional collaboration Pilot implementation focused on leveraging business partnerships Regional Intermediary Multi-State & Multi-National Multi-state & multi-national collaborative board Multi-state & multi-national strategic asset, infrastructure & transportation plan Global branding, marketing & communication plan Supply chain management talent development Build on Existing Strengths International trade corridor Assets & Airports Infrastructure Supply chain skilled labor Integration Interstate highways Border crossing facilities Railroad network Driven By: Shared, collaborative, and transparent approach Economic Pilots to validate value proposition Development Policy refinement Job creation “Supply Chain Hub” Marketing & Branding the geographic region Communication Changing the cultural mindset Putting the region “on the map” Workforce AssetsTalent & Education Top supply chain management educational programs Availability of human capital