Dorset Transition Energy Survey 2009


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not-for-profit / independent / community Transition areas 'Energy Survey'.

Covers Transition areas in Dorset county only, England, UK.

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Dorset Transition Energy Survey 2009

  1. 1. Date: October, 2009 Transition areas: 12 Transition Energy Survey - DORSET Transition areas Survey: not-for-profit / independent / community 10 responded:
  2. 2. Snapshots of where we are in 2009 !"#$%&" 64% 7 yes 100% 18% $'%$()$*$ !"#$ Yes! 45% 5 yes, in !"#$ 36% Dorset 36% SnapShot 1: Does your Transition area SnapShot 2: Do you have members SnapShot 3: Do you have examples have an existing Energy Group or interested in training/ workshops? or experience of projects that are energy contact? working well / up and running? 64% 7 yes 100% 100% !"#$ 36% Yes! Yes! SnapShot 4: Are there other non- SnapShot 5: Are you interested in SnapShot 6: Are you happy for your transition groups in your area already working & connecting to other Dorset contact details to be shared amongst running energy projects? Transition areas on Energy projects? Dorset's Energy people?
  3. 3. Question 1 Does your Transition area have an existing Energy Group or energy contact? 64% Robin Walter Shaftesbury 7 yes !"#$ Steve Atkins email: 36% P E AT is supporting a Dorchester Purbeck wind farm application - we will soon be attending Bridport Renewable Energy Group all Isle of Purbeck Parish and Town Council meetings to deliver a statement that supports wind energy. Richard To f t Gwyn Jones Weymouth Energy Advice Poole Emerging group, met once so far Centre (WEAC) Contact: John Tomblin Bournemouth
  4. 4. Question 2 Do you have any existing or planned energy projects? (tick all that apply) Existing or planned Energy projects YES NO WORKING ON IT 5.00 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 Biomass Energy 0 Ground Hydro Efficiency Lighting Source Solar Heat Solar LED,etc Wind PV Water
  5. 5. Any other planned energy projects?... Transition BH has recently won funding for Transition Together, aiming to get households working towards energy efficiency. It is Considering scoping study of renewable hoped that Transition Town Christchurch energy options for Shaftesbury can participate in this scheme TT Dorchester Energy Group - electricity monitor WEAC operates in Weymouth library 10 case study. Electricity monitor lending facility. LED bulb library am - 12.30 pm on Monday and Wednesday, providing research, hopefully leading to an LED bulb library. Investigating advice and information on Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) community owned renewables. Bridging Transition to Dorset County Council through DEG & CSEG Energy Groups Bridport Supporting local schools with Eco Schools - ie Anaerobic Langton Matravers has just achieved its Bronze digestion; air source heat Award. Is now working towards its silver, with the support of Education Volunteer
  6. 6. Question 3 Do you have members interested in training/ workshops? (please include details including any training you may have already provided) Thorncombe Shaftesbury Transition Town Dorchester held an Open Transition Village probably yes Space with various expert speakers. Also have an amazing No training; as yet wealth of knowledge from Energy Group members Bournemouth Transition We have not provided any training Alaska Wind Farm Project - PEAT 100% are supporting this. William Bond may be happy to speak to other Transition groups BREG Bridport Setting up a about wind energy and his project. Yes! community energy supply company No training...we need training! (ESCo). Energy audit and renewable energy pre-feasibility assessment of buildings and businesses Poole Generally one of the aspirations is to know more and gain We have been trained by DEAC in skills. Don't anticipate GIVING training delivery of EE advice. JohnTomblin has been attended a 3 day NEA course i n TransitionSherborne has active - getting some could be good! members in personal energy descent, London. WEAC has run 3 solar including an expert member who gave a talk workshops in Weymouth on various energy aspects. Other members are Transition Christchurch interested in energy but have not attended any No training has been provided on solar thermal and solar PV, based on training ...keen to expand energy knowledge. local case studies
  7. 7. Question 4 What are the things holding back your energy group, if any? Time 6 Member Interest 5 Knowledge 4 Other 8 We’re Making Great Progress 3 Skills 1 Lack of Money 2 NIMBY’s No Lead 1 Planning 2 2 No Site / Tools 0
  8. 8. Other things holding you back?... Christchurch Weymouth Still at raising awareness stage, and hoping in early 2010 to Lack of public knowledge of WEAC's operation in the library establish active working groups including Energy Shaftesbury Dorchester Uncertainty about grants, lack of local info, no lead from NDDC, Our energy group is in early stages. We have good links with not sure where best to start, etc Dorset County Council and DA21 which is helping Purbeck Poole In the past there has been a protest group DART Early days yet. Focus and direction. Just forming so we need to (apparently a fairly small group). PEAT agree our purpose and areas of interest/ action members live near to where the proposed wind farm will be, and they are not concerned about it at all. We have visited the site and have asked many questions We are supporting a project that is being led locally. The application has not yet been presented to Purbeck District Council, but it will be happening soon. PEAT will be actively campaigning for support for local wind energy
  9. 9. Question 5 Do you have examples or experiences of projects that are working well / up and running? YES, IN DORSET NO YES, ELSEWHERE 0 1 2 3 4 5
  10. 10. Project Details?... Owen project will be presented to our District Yeatman's AD, Shaftesbury Guy's Marsh Council very soon... woodfuel boiler, We will then be asking Purbeck but not yet visited all the other Transition Towns in Dorset to support. Transition Poole have just started an Energy Group. Have Dorset: discussed individual small scale experimentation, and Poole small wind (up to ~ 6kW), solar thermal. solar how we might share skills and experience PV (~ 2kW and ~30kW: Portland Sailing Academy) Hertfordshire: smallwind + solar PV battery charging (~ 60W). Kingston Solar PV ( 600W and 5kW) both on canopies Maurward biomass and woodchip boiler (they Weymouth have planted their own Dorchester coppice for this). DIY solar water has been installed by a couple Bridport Best to attend our of our energy group members monthly meeting to get the full picture.
  11. 11. Question 6 Are there any other non-transition groups in your area that are already running energy projects? Community shop exploring bulk purchase of heating oil I believe there is a Dorset Energy Efficiency scheme YES The Alaska project YES YES Well, actually no! Up until very recently SWEP (Sherborne Wind Energy Project) YES YES was being pushed forward by a small group of dedicated people however they found YES little support and the MOD was very anti (our TT group was just forming) as they decided YES to call it a day. The information they gathered over a few years however is still there YES to be used so we are hoping to revive the campaign Age Concern / Energy saving: I think Swanage Community Partnership is looking into alternative energy I know there are individuals and groups with an interest I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know
  12. 12. Question 7 Are you interested in working with/ connecting with other Transition Initiatives in Dorset on Energy projects? “Potentially, but we are still as yet at very early stage of actually finding active members” “Small village therefore would be beneficial to link with other groups” “Open to suggestion” “Only local ones due to logistics” “useful to compare notes” 100% Yes! “happy to explore” “where are they??” “Networking and skills sharing would be good.” “We all need to work together with this..the more we network and share ideas the better” “Information sharing; bulk purchase of pv; FIT interpretation and implementation” “WEAC can provide examples and possibly training (solar seminars). Eco-house available for loan”
  13. 13. Question 8 Please can you include your contact details, and are you happy for your contact details to be shared amongst Dorset’s Energy people? Thorncombe Transition Village Transition Christchurch Julie Smith Transition Purbeck (PEAT) Collette Drayson 01929 422832 Transition Weymouth & Portland John Tomblin, 1 Stanier Road, Preston, Weymouth Tel: 01305 832180 Transition Sherborne 100% Luke Metcalf, Stable Flat, Haddon Lodge, Haddon, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Dt10 2LB 07817 662990 / Transition Bournemouth Theresa McManus, 12 Hendford Road, Ensbury Park Bournemouth, BH10 5AT. 07958 138053
  14. 14. Yes! Transition Town Dorchester Energy Group Steve Atkins, 07743958353 Transition Shaftesbury Robin Walter, 10 St. James Street, Shaftesbury SP7 8HA 01747 850978 Transition Poole Andy Hadley, 60 Vicarage Road, Poole BH15 3BB 01202 389782 (not formal chair of the group, just interested in progressing) Also; Gwyn Jones 0779 563 2607 Transition Bridport (BREG) Richard Toft 01308 424103 Summary Thanks to all that completed the survey. To Transition and beyond!.... Steve Atkins / Transition Town Dorchester Energy Group / December 2009