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Crossing Boundaries 3: Consumers Become Producers


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Slides from Adobe webinar, October 29, 2013. For a complete recording of the webinar, go to

Human beings have always been both artifact creators, and cultural developers of concepts and meanings that interpret their artifacts collectively. In the world of ubiquitous, time-shifted, liquid content, our consumers often provide the high added value content that completes our own production.

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Crossing Boundaries 3: Consumers Become Producers

  1. 1. Crossing Boundaries: Implications for the Content Industries -3- Ray  Gallon  &  Neus  Lorenzo   h8p://   Consumers  become  Producers   h8p://economic?mes.india?­‐18143149,width-­‐640,resizemode-­‐4/a-­‐satellite-­‐scavenging-­‐parts-­‐of-­‐defunct-­‐communica?on-­‐satellites.jpg  
  2. 2. Thank  you  for  amplifying  this  experience!   Participate and interact! h8p://­‐content/uploads/2011/12/microphone.jpg  
  3. 3. In the beginning, there was interaction
  4. 4. Human communication models ess   rsiven Recu i8er   Em Recept Exchange   h8p://­‐content/uploads/2012/02/saberscuchar.jpg   or  
  5. 5. From The Power of the Speaker… dvis ripa /bes8 h8p:/ /wp-­‐ n conte t/uplo an-­‐sen e-­‐rom 06/th 013/ ads/2 g   h8p://ww w.patrickh enrycente r. com/imag es/photos / henrynrw d.jpg  
  6. 6. …To the Power of the Audience
  7. 7. 1-Linear Model: Focus on Emitter's%20Model%20of%20Communication.gif
  8. 8. Broadcasting & Web 1.0 If  you’re  not  paying  for  it,   you  are  the  product!   h8p://­‐4e90709-­‐intro.jpg  
  9. 9. “Our broadcasts have the vocation to make the viewer’s mind available to our advertisers” -Patrick le Lay, ex-Director, TF1 TV (France)
  10. 10. l11.gif   t-­‐tv-­‐Ju oadcas -­‐br -­‐top-­‐10 k-­‐Jul11 ng-­‐wee -­‐ra? Nielsen loads/ om/up ner.c h8p://m erplan ediaspot. diabuy ospreypa p://w h8 p-­‐conten h8p://i.marke?­‐data-­‐point/net-­‐promoter-­‐score-­‐netpop.jpg   t/upload s/2013/0 2/Outdo o rUSAMag azi ne_Fanso meter_Ja n_2013.j pg  
  11. 11. 2 – Dialogue Model: Focus on Information Exchange Feedback   Past  Experience   Knowledge   Feelings   A`tudes   Etc.   Code & Referant Common  Code  &   Shared  Reality   Channel Message « Noise » (Enivronment, Culture, etc.) Past  Experience   Knowledge   Feelings   A`tudes   Etc.  
  12. 12. Participative interaction & Web 2.0
  13. 13. – Multilayered Crowdsourcing Layer  1:   Channel  and   star?ng  expert   advice  created  by   the  ini?ators   Layer  2:   Expert  advice   created  by  users   Layer  3:   Spare  parts  sold  to   users  in  context  
  14. 14. 3 – Iceberg Model: Focus on Receptors Customer  Experience   Website   Print  Materials   User  Interface   Sales  People   Ader  Sale  Svc.   User  Assistance   Explicit   Economic  Condi?ons   Local  Poli?cs   Implicit   Shared  Experiences   Social  Media  Strategy   Common  Culture   Space-­‐Time  Percep?on   Buzz  on  the  Nets   Change  as  improvement   Online  Communi?es   Group  vs.  Individual  Dynamics   Social  Roles   Corporate  Image   Learning  Styles   Fundamental  Values   Referen?al  
  15. 15. r itte Tw g#if# f inin #or# o m tes eter ory in#d r#upda t o ive# eS ecis r#was#f # h   D i He e):# • s T e# Jon no#spac Tw ersa wer v t#( ere# con wee r#2006# e## #th T e ning t#@ tur Firs ovemb egin rs.# •  l#fea #b ia #the acte 23#N e#offic dIn# •  In 0#char am 2007# nke # ec 14 y#Li #all. •  B #May# ed#b at’s eplies# # s 30 Th o#r ages l so #u –  N #mess ts# w#a o e   No # –  N #retwe o T h e d# • –  N 06:# te r,#20 #inven be n:# was vem #No #reply# nderso •  2 st#@ . #A fir obert#S by#R The First SOUR CE:(h iHer^ s^tw rs^in u se ven /# hem ted^t The <p://q First •  Pro Hash posed tag (by(Ch Mess ris( ina(on (23(A 2007 ugust :(( ( •  T w i<er(e xec said(i t(was u?ves( (“too nerdy ( .”( •  Ado •  Me pte s s i n a( featu d(as(an(offi “chan called(th re(in( e n July(2 cial( •  No Boyd els.”(Stow m( 009( w(als (p e o (u se name roposed(th ( –  Fac d(by:( eboo (“has k( htags e( –  L i n kedIn .”( ( – /13514 9/the] first]ev er]has h tag]re ply]an Retweet d]retw eet]as ]twi< er]u sers]i nvente d]t hem/( a eet^ etw nd^r RC E S OU :#hH p:/ ^firs /the 149 135 om/ qz.c / er^h t^ev ^a eply tag^r ash c& •  April&17,&2007.&Eri Rice&rebroadcast& t& someone&else’s&twee ng& for&the&first&>me&usi ”& t& the&word&“retweet. •  New&style&Retwee er& introduced&by&TwiL RT”& •  The&first&to&use&“ in&November&2009& ly& was&probab @TDavid&on&25& January&2008.&& everXhash m/135149/theXfirstX SOURCE:&hLp:// etXas tagXreplyXandXretwe dXthem/& XtwiLerXusersXinvente Goog le+(
  16. 16. Three Essential Features Demonstrate Empowered Users •  Ini?a?ves  that  start   informally  can  be     adopted  officially     •  Game  changing     innova?ons  not  imagined   by  “the  powers  that  be”   •  Copied  by  other  services   rs.   roduce lue  to   me  P rs  beco p  and  add  va Use velo sers  de .   U ct e  produ th IMAGE:  h8p://­‐moms-­‐on-­‐twi8er.jpg  
  17. 17. Services  are  delocalized    the    virtual re The  mo he  more   e   ,  t ac?vity we  have  of  th e     .   evidenc r’s  produc?on e consum Image Ref: •  Opp ortuniti es for u create sers to their ow n input •  The . y defin e other experie s’ nces a s well a our ow s n. Image Ref:
  18. 18. Point of View h8p://­‐medium-­‐large/the-­‐witness-­‐paul-­‐horton.jpg  
  19. 19. Just a slight adjustment in point of view… ...  can make the message meaningful for everyone
  20. 20. The New Value Culture Execu?ves   Producers   Customers   h8p://   h8p://­‐abstract-­‐word-­‐cloud-­‐for-­‐the-­‐experience-­‐economy-­‐with-­‐related-­‐tags-­‐and-­‐terms.jpg  
  21. 21. 4-Helical Model: Focus on Recursiveness Ref:  h8p://   h8p://­‐content/uploads/2012/10/communica?on-­‐2.jpg  
  22. 22. link   h8p://   link   h8p://www.gutenberg.o /images/006l.jpg   rg/files/11592/11592-­‐h reedom   F   is  always  a  risk   h8p://   link   h8p://, %20Amazon%20Rainforest,%20Ecuador.jpg  
  23. 23. A Recursive View of communication The  recursive  nature  of  stories  which  borrow  from  each  other   h8p://­‐content/uploads/2010/05/Jak-­‐zwi%C4%99kszy%C4%87-­‐zysk-­‐z-­‐serwisu-­‐WWW.jpg   h8p://­‐shot-­‐2012-­‐05-­‐09-­‐at-­‐9.45.17-­‐AM.png  
  24. 24. The power of consumers increases as they produce content Based  on  Gary  Hayes  2006   h8p://­‐content/uploads/2008/03/web1to31.jpg    
  25. 25. We’re All Experts Now g rywh d-Eve te onnec /1. http:/ H /-2Zy logsp bp.b -fan-C ports one-s -ph obile 600/m http:/ 6s/s1 8g /www XgHr o/z3t .uk/P ABG R/Ma AAA rch20 AAA 06/Fi jI/A fa.jpg 77vE hIuh Hg/U k l0lf
  26. 26. Increasing dematerialized culture     Image  ref:  h/p://   QR  technology  &  Bar  Code  readers:  ZXing  Decoder  Online     Ref.  ZXing  Decoder  Online:  h8p://?  ;  QR  Generator:  h8p://  
  27. 27. The Future is Mobile...
  28. 28.
  29. 29. The Power of User Stories y    is  risk e   n ova?o save  ?m   st:  inn e  and   planet y!   l   ne  be  ho om  hom ologica  own  wa s c •  Let’ buy  it  fr more  e ke  it  my   on  to  a  can  ma an   roved   u? I  c p b •   contri  has  im eally It’s  my st  for  me:  I  r my  business •  ,   his  is  ju rted  using  it •  T ce  I  sta •  S i n h8p://­‐OcN0XEXjsJY/Tp5-­‐2P0rgjI/AAAAAAAAKcs/xcUdx8nqHLM/s1600/Cast-­‐your-­‐ votes-­‐now-­‐for-­‐Peoples-­‐Choice-­‐Awards-­‐2011-­‐PeoplesChoice.com_1289522499238.png   h8p://   h8p://­‐20-­‐tendencias-­‐hot-­‐del-­‐nuevo-­‐consumidor-­‐y-­‐sus-­‐ aplicaciones-­‐al-­‐marke?ng-­‐presenta?on?from_search=1   h8p://­‐Pictures-­‐of-­‐-­‐Make-­‐your-­‐own-­‐website.jpg  
  30. 30. Four Communication Models, Four Audience Roles Emi8er   Exchange   Receptor   Recursivness
  31. 31. Whatever the Audience, They are the Protagonist h8p://­‐fans-­‐mock-­‐real-­‐with-­‐pro-­‐mourinho-­‐chant.jpg  
  32. 32. Ray   Neus   Email:  ray@transforma?   Twi/er:  @RayGallon   LinkedIn:  Ray  Gallon   Google  Plus:  +Ray  Gallon       Blog  –  Rant  of  a  Humanist  Nerd:     h8p://     Email:  neus@transforma?   Twi/er:  @NewsNeus   LinkedIn:  Neus  Lorenzo     THANK YOU Next  Webinar:  “Your  Most  Important  Stakeholder:  Your  customers”  20  November  2013