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Crossing Boundaries 5: The End of the Job Ethos: Blending Professional and Private Activity


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Fifth in our series, Crossing Boundaries: Implications for the Content Industries, for Adobe. Link to the full webinar recording is here:

Full connectivity, anywhere at any time, is changing our perception of the boundaries between professional and private life. Perhaps we are entering an era where terms such as “job, professional life, and private life” will be replaced by a simple, continuous concept such as “activities.”

Crossing Boundaries 5: The End of the Job Ethos: Blending Professional and Private Activity

  1. 1. Ray  Gallon  &  Neus  Lorenzo   Crossing Boundaries: Implications for the Content Industries -5- The  End  of  the  Job  Ethos:   Blending  Professional  and  Private  AcAvity     hBp://­‐content/uploads/2013/08/work_life.jpg  
  2. 2. Thank  you  for  working  with  us!   Ray  Gallon  &  Neus  Lorenzo   Integrated Life Strategies
  3. 3. Everyone needs to have the means to live
  4. 4. Tea break at work: personal or professional activity? hBp://o wp gazine/ om/ma uomo.c ltre -­‐conten o erful-­‐ph 11/pow s/2013/ d t/uploa tos-­‐27.j pg   hBp:/ /oltre uomo Can  we  really  separate  personal   and  professional  skills?   .com/ maga zin e/wp-­‐ conte n t/uplo a ds/20 13/11 /p owerf ul-­‐pho tos-­‐28 .jpg  
  5. 5. The Three Eights Hours  in  the  Day   8   8   Sleep   Work   Personal  Life   8   This  “classic”  way  to  organize  our  lives  has  become  pure  myth!  
  6. 6. Life is a Continuum
  7. 7. Our Waking Hours: Theory
  8. 8. Our Waking Hours: Practice hBp://media-­‐cache-­‐<  
  9. 9. Painting Our Personal Stories hBp://­‐world-­‐cup-­‐body-­‐painAng-­‐real-­‐madrid-­‐nature/287986/paint-­‐world-­‐cup-­‐body-­‐painAng-­‐real-­‐madrid-­‐nature-­‐d-­‐graphics-­‐autumn-­‐oil-­‐287986.jpg  
  10. 10. Specialist or Generalist? What  do  you  noAce  first?   Generalists  and   lifelong  learning     across  many  disciplines   are  key  to  the  new   "Age  of  ConnecAon.“                              Arnold  Beekes,   hBp://­‐rW06oQYeDbM/TjXXUubIbrI/AAAAAAAAA7s/d53Vwp6cSAc/s1600/octavio_ocampo_don_q1.jpg  
  11. 11. What Does an Ant on a Brick Wall Know About the Wall? EvoluAon  has  created  highly   specialized  species  that  occupy   disAnct  ecological  niches.   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2012/06/iStock_000019428857XSmall.jpg   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2013/10/db4eb6bekdb97c3d6965e81eefe8b2d4.jpg  
  12. 12. What Does an Ant on a Brick Wall Know About the Wall? The  human  mind  tends  naturally  to  surf  over  wide   EvoluAon  has  created  highly   areas  of  interest,  to  be  the  integrator  of  nature’s   specialized  species  that  occupy   specializaAon:  there  is  only  one  human  species,  but   disAnct  ecological  niches.   many  human  cultures.  (Jorge  Wagensberg)   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2012/06/iStock_000019428857XSmall.jpg   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2013/10/db4eb6bekdb97c3d6965e81eefe8b2d4.jpg  
  13. 13. Generalization vs. Specialization •  The  specializaAon  imposed  by  the  industrial  revoluAon   is  coming  to  an  end;  highly  specialized  tasks  are  being   taken  over  more  and  more  by  automatons  and  computers.     The  future  for  Human  acAvity  is  in  complex,  generalized,   conceptual  thinking  (OECD  Study,  2003)   “A  lifelong  career   in  one  domain   is  an  illusion”.                                                                              Arnold  Bee kes                                            from  A mersfoort,  The  Net herlands   s  gone.   mployment  ha “LifeAme  e ced  it.”.   rning  has  repla  LifeAme  lea   old  Beekes                                      ,    T  hArn etherlands                                     e  N                                          fro hBp://­‐needs-­‐generalists/   m  Amersfoort hBp://­‐content/uploads/ConceptualizaAon-­‐VisualizaAon.jpg  
  14. 14. Organizing Fragmented Reality is Conceptual CategorizaAon,  organizaAon,  planning  or     interpreAng  reality  is  a  process  of  dematerializaAon   and  culture  building.     hBp://­‐rMUrOpyPbA8/UXbYM0hSpKI/AAAAAAAACHE/fYgH6K2ig_M/s1600/ kilika_recortables_descargable_ni%25C3%25B1os.jpg   hBp://  
  15. 15. Canada, 1972 •  Canadian  autoworkers’  union   campaigns,  not  for  higher   salaries,  but  for  “dignity  on  the   assembly  line.”   •  Incumbent  Prime  Minister  Pierre   Trudeau  makes  an  elecAon   speech  in  which  he  says  we  need   to  end  the  “work  ethic.”   •  Trudeau’s  Liberals  almost  lose   the  elecAon  –  are  returned  with   a  minority  government.  
  16. 16. hBp://coaching-­‐­‐content/uploads/2012/03/passion_in_business.jpg   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2013/06/what-­‐career-­‐is-­‐right-­‐for-­‐me.jpg   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2013/04/Dream-­‐job.jpeg  
  17. 17. We need to work – we need activity. Do we need a job? “We  must  do  away  with  the  absolutely  specious   no=on  that  everybody  has  to  earn  a  living...The   true  business  of  people  should  be  to  go  back  to   school  and  think  about  whatever  it  was  they  were   thinking  about  before  somebody  came  along  and   told  them  they  had  to  earn  a  living.  “   -­‐R.  Buckminster  Fuller  (1970)    
  18. 18. Employment protection? Beethove n,          Did  th  Michelangelo,  Pic ey  have  a asso,    job?              Or  did  they  just  work?      job?  a have   dison ent?   E mas   st  inv d  Tho  he  ju Di r  did        O   Buckminster  Fuller,  in  "The  New  York  Magazine  Environmental  Teach-­‐In"  by   Elizabeth  Barlow  in  New  York  Magazine  (30  March  1970),  p.  30   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2013/09/worker_construcAon.jpg   hBp:// 223545-­‐1202240835749/4643038-­‐1242225110254/6117394-­‐1242662698870/md1.jpeg  
  19. 19. Ray  Gallon  &  Neus  Lorenzo   Concept of private and public “Collective Space” hBp://­‐3chbCJf8Daw/T4WNlQPh8VI/AAAAAAAABJc/h4osSEB0qOg/ s1600/207887_10150142907698860_601853859_6604836_6759774_n.jpg  
  20. 20. Job as a linguistic concept Ray  Gallon  &  Neus  Lorenzo   Post   Employment   Labour   Puesto   Profession   Profesión   Work   Empleo   Labor   Job   Trabajo   Faena   Task   Tarea   AcAvity   AcAvidad   Experience  Experiencia  
  21. 21. cope lity to taining pabi sus d ca nt in both nize nme sing orga viro our crea n e is s of de ealth y with the tion and restriction “W nera hysical ivel ffect lthy rege etap 1963 e r, ” Fulle r hea cal and m our lives. uckminster ou -R. B hysi p ys of the rd da orwa the f hBp://  
  22. 22. Virtual Wealth u 5DNq Ul83K IH8ep RE o4gIt ZjD8c   0OjeK 2013.pdf OOH v B5qje ource_No X mxh2 OpenS _ ce7ZX / /files fE6wfobr he_Future .com 3 t i.ning s4zpCCD ency_of_ /ap hBp:/ xzOGRkjQ vLoop_Ag P QK8x Z-­‐XteO/Go UnQ9 8 M X6zoM hBp://­‐ XteO/GovLoop_Agency_of_the_Future_OpenSource_Nov2013.pdf  
  23. 23. Building Added Value -­‐  Generalists  and  Specialists   -­‐  InteracAon  Clients  and  Producers   -­‐  Diversity,  Global  Values   -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  Integrated  media   Learning  communiAes   Value  communicaAon   CommunicaAon  plan   -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  CollaboraAve  tools   Team  building   Leadership  training   Project  management   Adapted  from:  hBp://  
  24. 24. Contribution to Society •  As  we  acquire  new  knowledge,  we  actualize   ourselves.   •  As  we  actualize  ourselves,   we  become  masters  of   some  subjects,  the  go-­‐to   source  for  informaAon.   •  As  the  go-­‐to  source  for   informaAon,  we  enrich   the  community  
  25. 25. Change Ethos: Searching for What? hBp://media-­‐cache-­‐  
  26. 26. Aha! Moments Can  you  remember  a  deep  learning  moment?   •  •  •  •  hBp://­‐content/uploads/2012/07/Find-­‐Your-­‐Passion.jpg   Where?   When?   How?   Whom  with?  
  27. 27. Is it a Job or Community Service? •  Ergonomic  design   •  Ecological  efficiency   •  Sustainable   development   •  Great  Customer   Experience   •  Affordability   •  Accessibility  
  28. 28. The New Blending: The End of the Job Ethos hBp://­‐content/uploads/2012/07/Find-­‐Your-­‐Passion.jpg  
  29. 29. hBp://www2.ediAons-­‐­‐etude/infographie-­‐amiAe-­‐travail/   Study: Editions Tissot / Opinionway Factors  promoAng  friendship  Aes  in  enterprises   Can  friendship  promote  business  and  career?   Yes,  o1en   Facilitate  signing     of  contracts  or   commercial  success   Facilitate  career   development  
  30. 30. The Things To Do •  The  Things  to  do  are:  the  things  that  need   doing,  that  you  see  need  to  be  done,  and  that   no  one  else  seems  to  see  need  to  be  done…  that   no  one  else  has  told  you  to  do  or  how  to  do  it.   This  will  bring  out  the  real  you...     –  Buckminster  Fuller,  from  a  leGer  to  a  10  year  old  boy  who  had  inquired  in  a  leGer  as   to  whether  Fuller  was  a  "doer"  or  a  "thinker”    (16  February  1970)   Not  jobs,  not  home  life,  just  ac>vi>es!  
  31. 31. A  CriAcal  Point  on  a  CriAcal  Path   hBp://­‐evacuaAons.jpg  
  32. 32. Private   Pubic   Virtual identities Physical  environment   Virtual  environment     hBp://­‐vztdFProByY/USRrQnnwUwI/AAAAAAAABWc/Al-­‐0XEkmL_c/s1600/7318269-­‐birthday-­‐cake-­‐with-­‐burning-­‐candles.jpg   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2010/11/03_office.jpg   hBp://   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2012/01/office_furniture2.jpg   hBp://­‐content/uploads/2009/05/wiki.png  
  33. 33. Changing paradigms Everyone has three lives: A public life A private life And a secret life hBp://­‐HAS-­‐THREE-­‐LIVES-­‐a-­‐public-­‐life-­‐a-­‐private-­‐life-­‐and-­‐a-­‐secret-­‐life_136577389236.jpg  
  34. 34. Changing paradigms Everyone has three lives: A public life A private life And a secret life I  input  very  liBle  informaAon  when  I  first   signed  up  but  yet,  Facebook  was  able  to   link  me  up  with  people  I’d  gone  to  primary   school  with.  I  found  it  very  unseBling.     I  had  to  shut  down  my  old  blog  once   because  some  creep  started  to   “stalk”  me  in  real  life  –  he  got  my   personal  info  just  with  an  email   address  and  even  went  to  the  extent   of  harassing  my  friends   I  wish  I  had  been  wiser  when  I  started  my  first  blog  when  I   was  thirteen.  It  was  a  private  Livejournal,  my  online  diary.   I’m  sAll  in  touch  with  a  couple  of  people  who  read  my  diary   for  5+  years  and  I  don’t  even  dare  to  read  up  on  my  past   myself  because  it’s  embarrassing.     hBp://­‐inc.jpg?w=620   hBp://­‐HAS-­‐THREE-­‐LIVES-­‐a-­‐public-­‐life-­‐a-­‐private-­‐life-­‐and-­‐a-­‐secret-­‐life_136577389236.jpg  
  35. 35. hBp://­‐workday/  
  36. 36. Integrated Life Strategies •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  hBp://­‐workday/   Any  Ame,  any  place   Self-­‐paced,  Autonomous   Self-­‐MoAvated,  Raising  awareness   AdaptaAve  producAon   Building  knowledge  and  pracAce   Focused  on  tasks   AuthenAcity   Credibility  
  37. 37. Lifelong Project “Quantum  theory   provides  us  with  a   striking  illustra=on  of   the  fact  that  we  can   fully  understand     a  connec=on     though  we  can  only   speak  of  it  in  images   and  parables.”   -­‐Werner  Heisenberg   hBp://  
  38. 38. Ray   Neus   Email:   TwiEer:  @RayGallon   LinkedIn:  Ray  Gallon   Google  Plus:  +Ray  Gallon       Blog  –  Rant  of  a  Humanist  Nerd:     hBp://     Email:   TwiEer:  @NewsNeus   LinkedIn:  Neus  Lorenzo     THANK YOU Link  to  Adobe  TCS  recorded  webinars:  hGp://