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Who can benefit from transcription services?


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Wondering how transcriptions increase efficiency? Here are just a few ways your business can benefit by transcribing your recordings.

Benefits of Transcriptions

Increase the chance of others finding your content on YouTube and other online video websites.

Save Time
Easily search documents for key terms, instead of having to replay audio or video.

Repurpose Content
Repurpose content into blogs, articles, white paper and ebooks.

Easily document each speaker; track time and data for your records.

Allow disabled individuals to easily access and benefit from your content.

Increased Visibility
Add transcribed keyword-rich content to your website for better SEO performance.

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Who can benefit from transcription services?

  1. 1. Who can benefit From . t.: i:aftn. scription? I —Presenl; ed: by, V ‘ @Transrc«Iri7‘_b; e
  2. 2. Transcription can be a powerful tool for building your business. The following types of organizations can benefit from transcription services: Large and Small Businesses 8 Academic ' Institutions Q? Medical Practices '*: iaid : "In-— ’ 60>) Journalists and Law the Media Offices Conference and Religious Convention Organizers institutions Video and Podcast Historians Producers . :.iII IlI'll . I lr. IiL‘-II-I~. <-Iii -. mil -» -I lit .5 "vl-'-'-I-‘VF,
  3. 3. Large and Small Businesses Delivering unabridged, written records of all points discussed during meetings or seminars allows employees to focus on the big picture. Perfect for. .. Strategy and planning meetings Tom 0. Conference calls i. a.. .a. i u. ... ... . . , Training seminars . " T” " ""‘ '“""" Kg Learn more at iranscribecom or callus at (877) 416-3693.
  4. 4. Academic Institutions Providing full written transcripts of lectures or presentations relieves students of the pressure to write down every word in their notes, improving their attenfion and engagement during class. Perfect for. .. Lectures I- Heame, K Guest speakers raw. A. .. .ia. ... Thesis interviews ‘ " "' " ""‘ Dissertation evidence Kg Learn more at Transcribecom or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  5. 5. Medical Practices when providing health care, it is critical that information is recorded accurately; transcription can reduce errors in transferring information from patients and into their charts. Perfect for. .. Patient histories Mmhaei H‘ Treatment recommendations Expert 4 iedu 4| Notes from patient visits " "' " ""‘ '“""" Learn more BK Transcribecom Kg or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  6. 6. Journalists and the Media Mostjournalists work on deadlines and have to keep a lot of information in their heads between the story and the computer keyboard, so handing over a complete transcript of an event they're covering ensures they get their stories and quotes right. Perfect for. .. Interviews _ Molly p_ Events , _ r I. ‘)H'l i. ‘i, —dIu Speeches ' """"i"' '"""' Kg Learn more at 1'ranscribe. com or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  7. 7. Trade Conferences Full transcripts of guests’ presentations or appearances can remove the pressure of having to choose which seminar to attend and provide attendees a more relaxed, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience. Perfect for. .. Panels Paul M. Speeches nu. “ Luriieremv Demonstrations . _ " "' " ""‘ Kg Learn more at i'ranscribe. com or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  8. 8. Video and Podcast Producers The ability to offer additional accessibility options, such as subtitles in multiple languages, in a video or podcast can significantly increase a producer's audience and reach. Perfect for. .. Subtitles A Drew 5_ Translation into other languages - mm Wei, Printable transcripts on the Internet : L "' " ""‘ '“""" Kg Learn more at Transcribecom or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  9. 9. Law Offices Often legal proceedings rely upon accurate, factual accounts of conversations and evens; transcription can provide full, irrefutable records of all interaction between counsel, clients, and others. Perfect for. .. I K Interviews 1 " " Tracy B_ Depositions ' n. ,.m I sq. “ Negotiations ""' " ""' ‘“""" Learn more GK Transcribecom Kg or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  10. 10. Religious Institutions Transcripts of sermons can be helpful to those parishioners who wish to revisit certain inspirational momens, as well as to those who arrive late or are unable to attend a service. Perfect for. .. 5°""‘°"5 Samantha P. Counseling meetings m, .m iza. .;. .). . Weddings -: ' M” " ""' “"""' Baptisms ' Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs Q Learn more at Transcribecom or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  11. 11. H I s to ri a n s First-person accounts are invaluable when it comes to accurately chronicling past events; the ability to create written records of interactions with those who have stories to tell keeps history from being lost. Perfect for. .. Documentation Anthony M l-“Irst-hand accounts = r . .., w. Hi . i., . . . . « Record keeping ‘I-jllylilui -mm Learn more GK i'ranscribe. com Kg or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  12. 12. If you like what you read, or have more questions, please contact our Account Specialist, Taylor. Taylor Stronach Account Specialist taylor@transcribe. com (877) 416-3693 Visit us at 33 Bronze Pointe Follow us Transcribe. com Swansea, IL 62226 @TranscribeCom Thank you for your time. Q Transcribe