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Academic transcription simplified!


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Published in: Education
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Academic transcription simplified!

  1. 1. transcription simplified! Q Transcribe
  2. 2. Academic Institutions Providing full written transcripts of lectures or presentations relieves students of the pressure to write down every word in their notes, improving their attention and engagement during class. Perfect for. .. Lectures Guest speakers Thesis interviews Dissertation evidence £3! Tra Learn more at Transcribe. com or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  3. 3. 8 Academic Institutions 0 Lectures Thesis interviews Academic lectures often deliver large Major research projecs can produce amounts of information. Cater to multiple thousands of hours in audio interviews. learning styles with a full transcript of the Transcribe this data for easy reference information covered. in the future. Guest speakers Dissertation evidence Emphasize attention on your guest Ensure that authors and researchers are speakers by providing a transcript of accurately cited with a transcription of his or her presentation after the event. your audio interviews. Learn more at Transcribe. com Egg or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  4. 4. ' x SPEED Q) we offer same business day, 1 business day, 2 business day, and 7 h business day turnaround times. Transcribe. com? ACCURACY Our team of US based academic transcription specialists guarantee 98% accuracy. AFFORDABILITY Prices start at $1 per minute. Get personal and affordable service with satisfaction guaranteed. £3! -I-ra Learn more at Transcribe. com or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  5. 5. A b O I N t Meet our accountspecialist: . My name is Taylor and I will be your Tra nscribe. com dedicated Account Specialist. Taylor Stronach OUR COMMITMENT We exist to deliver the fastest, easiest, and most affordable transcription solutions with the highest quality. Meet our academic transcription specialist: "The people at Transcribe. com are very responsive to questions and provide quick Feedback on the tasks. I love the positive and friendly atmosphere! " Hannah Oster Kg Learn more at Transcribe. com or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  6. 6. Trusted by PENNSTATE TEXAS*STATE_ sfk sf? sf? ix sf? g UNIVERSITY "The Transcribe. com team is exceedingly easy to work with, has - gone above and beyond for us in V an-vs-_sIrv Of _ times of tight deadlines. They are an “w‘F'“W"" CInCInn0tI incredible asset to our company, and I would recommend them to anyone. ‘ Jenny Benton Fischer TH! UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN BGSU. Iomlngauonsumuuvunxy Learn more at Transcribe. com £3! or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  7. 7. Pricing Sa 1 Business 2 Business 7 Business Business Day Day Day? » Day-S $S.00 per minute $3.00 per minute $2.00 per minute $1.00 per minute Add-on options: 11MEs1'AMp5 vER3A‘r| M We Accept: (D $.25 [,2] $.25 —— addL per minute addL per minute Learn more at Transcribe. com £3! or call us at (877) 416-3693.
  8. 8. Like what you read? Contact us! Taylor Stronach Account Specialist taylor@transcribe. com (877) 416-3693 Visit us at 33 Bronze Pointe Follow us Transcribe. com Swansea, IL 62226 @TranscribeCom Thank you for your time. Learn more at Transcribe. com £3! or call us at (877) 416-3693.