“www.lovetravelteam.com”Com (boiled rice)In Vietnam, com is eaten at the main meals of the day(lunch and dinner). Rice is ...
“www.lovetravelteam.com”Gio lua consists of pork meat wrapped in fresh banana leaves. The little bundles are then boiled.T...
“www.lovetravelteam.com”recipes. People eat grilled rice with eggs, bananas, or sapodillas.-------------------------------...
“www.lovetravelteam.com”Banh Tom (crispy shrimp pastry)Although Banh Tom is available almost everywhere in thecountry, it ...
“www.lovetravelteam.com”Nhi), dried onion, duck eggs, pepper, salt and different kinds of seasoning. All are mixedthorough...
“www.lovetravelteam.com”rare to see people with watery eyes and sweaty faces while eating it; nevertheless, everyonecongra...
“www.lovetravelteam.com”Lau Mam (Mixed Soup)Lau mam was a popular dish among farming communities hundreds of years ago, es...
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Vietnamese foods, Vietnamese Cuisine, Foods in Vietnam, what to eat in Vietnam, Vietnam Foods, Travel in Vietnam, Vietnam Travel Guide, Vietnam cuisine, cuisine in vietnam


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Vietnamese foods, Vietnamese Cuisine, Foods in Vietnam, what to eat in Vietnam, Vietnam Foods, Travel in Vietnam, Vietnam Travel Guide, Vietnam cuisine, cuisine in vietnam

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Vietnamese foods, Vietnamese Cuisine, Foods in Vietnam, what to eat in Vietnam, Vietnam Foods, Travel in Vietnam, Vietnam Travel Guide, Vietnam cuisine, cuisine in vietnam

  1. 1. “www.lovetravelteam.com”Com (boiled rice)In Vietnam, com is eaten at the main meals of the day(lunch and dinner). Rice is eaten together with avariety of different dishes and is made from differentkinds of rice. Typically fragrant rice is used, such asTam Thom and Nang Huong. An ordinary meal mayconsist of boiled rice and the following:Mon an kho (meal without soup) consists of dishes ofpork, fish, shrimp, and vegetable cooked in oil, aswell as vegetables, pickles, etc.Mon canh (meal with soup) consists of a soup madewith pork or spare-ribs, crab meat, and fish.In the past several years, people in urban centers havebegun to go out for lunch at the food stalls on the street. Consequently, there has been aproliferation of temporary food stalls along many sidewalks and public spaces in the cities. Somestalls are open until early in the morning to cater to regular customers. Around noon, owners canbe seen arranging tables and benches along the pavement to form makeshift shop floors. Aftertwo or three hours, when there are no more customers, they begin to remove all of their woodenfurniture, so that the place resumes its former appearance. A well served lunch for one is veryinexpensive.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Banh Chung (Sticky Rice Cake)Sticky rice cakes are a Vietnamese traditional dishthat must be part of Tet meals. As a matter of fact,every Vietnamese family must have sticky rice cakesamong the offerings placed on the altar to theirancestors.Bang chung is made of glutinous rice, pork meat, andgreen beans paste wrapped in a square of bambooleaves, giving the rice a green colour after boiling.According to the legend, under the reign of the HungKings, Prince Lang Lieu created sticky rice cakes andpresented them to his father. Bang chung won highacclaims from the King who awarded the prince histhrone.Making sticky rice cakes is a very meticulous job. Toobtain the best cakes, rice has to soak in water for anentire day. The pork meat must include skin and fat,the green beans must be of the same size, and thebamboo leaves must be fresh. Squaring off and tyingcakes with bamboo strings requires skilful hands.Sticky rice cakes are available at any time of the year,although one is sure to enjoy them with relatives andfriends during Tet. During Tet, rice cakes are servedwith gio lua and hanh muoi– lean meat pie and saltedsour onions.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gio Lua (Lean Pork Pie)Lean pork pie is available in Vietnam only and has different names in the north and south.Foreigners as well as Vietnamese are fond of lean pork pie. “www.lovetravelteam.com”
  2. 2. “www.lovetravelteam.com”Gio lua consists of pork meat wrapped in fresh banana leaves. The little bundles are then boiled.The most delicious part of lean pork pie is the top layer since it absorbs the flavour of the bananaleaves.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pho – NoodlesPho is the most popular food among the Vietnamesepopulation. Pho is commonly eaten for breakfast, althoughmany people will have it for their lunch or dinner. Anyonefeeling hungry in the small hours of the morning can alsoenjoy a bowl of hot and spicy pho to fill their emptystomachs.Like hot green tea which has its particular fragrance, phoalso has its special taste and smell. Preparations may vary,but when the dish is served, its smell and taste isindispensable. The grated rice noodle is made of the bestvariety of fragrant rice called Gao Te. The broth for Pho Bo(Pho with beef) is made by stewing the bones of cows andpigs in a large pot for a long time. Pieces of fillet mignontogether with several slices of ginger are reserved for Pho Bo Tai (rare fillet). Slices of well donemeat are offered to those less keen on eating rare fillets.The soup for Pho Ga (pho with chicken meat) is made by stewing chicken and pig bonestogether. The white chicken meat that is usually served with Pho Ga is boneless and cut into thinslices. You could consider Pho Bo and Pho Ga Vietnams special soups. Pho also has the addedadvantage of being convenient to prepare and healthy to eat.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cha Ca (grilled minced fish)Grilled minced fish has been served in Vietnam formore than 100 years. The Doan family of Cha CaStreet in Hanoi first invented this dish.A wide variety of fish can be used in this dishincluding sturgeon and tuna. Tuna is low in fat, has anexquisite flavour, and few bones. The bones areseparated from the meat and put into saffron water tobe later used in a sauce. The fish is marinated in saltbefore being grilled.What is interesting about this dish is that people canadd their favourite condiments: coriander, mint, dill,shallots, and more.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Com Rang (Grilled rice)Grilled rice is mostly served in the fall. Aftercollecting the rice from the fields, several steps haveto be performed to obtain excellent com. Afterremoving the grains from their hulks, the rice iswrapped in lotus leaves to keep it from drying and toallow it to absorb the lotus flavor.Grilled rice can be found everywhere in Vietnam, butthe best com is found in Vong village, 5 km fromHanoi. People in this village still use traditional secret “www.lovetravelteam.com”
  3. 3. “www.lovetravelteam.com”recipes. People eat grilled rice with eggs, bananas, or sapodillas.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Banh Cuon (Rice Flour Steamed Rolls)Eating banh cuon for breakfast is a great favorite amongmany Vietnamese.Banh cuon is made of rice flour. Thoroughly selectedrice is soaked overnight, then ground with a stonemortar. Food preservatives are put into the flour tomake the rice sheets softer and smoother. A screen ofcloth used to mold the rice sheets is fitted over theopening of a pot of boiling water. Flour is spread on thescreen and covered with a lid. After a few minutes, abamboo stick is used to strip the thin layer of flour offthe screen. Then it is rolled up and sprinkled with friedonions.A small village in a suburb of Hanoi is famous for its banh cuon. People there serve it with adressing comprised of lean meat, shrimps, mushrooms, dried onions, fish sauce, and pepper.All the ingredients are stir-fried and rolled into a banh cuon.Banh cuon is delicious when it is very thin, white, and sticky. It is even tastier when dipped in asweet, sour, and spicy sauce.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bun (rice vermicelli)Vietnamese vermicelli is a luxurious as well as apopular dish. There are different varieties of vermicellidepending on their shape: bun roi or stirred vermicelli,bun mam or twisted vermicelli, bun la or vermicellipaper, and bun dem tram or shreded vermicelli.Different ingredients can be served with vermicelli:grilled pork meat, fried rice cakes, snails, fried eggs,lean meat pie, chicken, and crab soup, to name a few.Each region and locality, even each restaurant, has itsown vermicelli dishes with their own recipes.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mien (vermicelli made of cassava)Mien threads are very long and tough, made from a kind oftuber plant called cassava. When served, the long tiny flourthreads are cut into smaller pieces. Like rice vermicelli,this kind of cassava vermicelli is used to make severaldifferent dishes, the most popular being Mien Ga (chickencassava vermicelli), Mien Bo (beef cassava vermicelli),and Mien Luon (eel cassava vermicelli).Cassava vermicelli is also used for different dishes whichare stirred in oil, such as Mien Xao Thit (vermicelli andpork stirred in fat), Mien Xao Long Ga (vermicelli andchicken tripe stirred in fat), and Mien Xao Cua Be(vermicelli and sea crab meat stirred in fat).-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “www.lovetravelteam.com”
  4. 4. “www.lovetravelteam.com”Banh Tom (crispy shrimp pastry)Although Banh Tom is available almost everywhere in thecountry, it is best at the Nha Hang Ho Tay (Ho TayRestaurant) on the banks of Truc Bach Lake, close to HoTay (West Lake) in Hanoi. While diners await the arrival ofthe hot fried shrimp pastry, they can enjoy the picturesquelake and landscapes offered by the vast expanse of waterfrom West Lake and the tree-lined Thanh Nien Road.The dish should be eaten as soon as it arrives at the table.The fried pastry is topped with red shrimps and is eatentogether with dishes of spicy vegetables mixed with sweetand sour sauce.To remind you of the local shrimping business, waiters willoften tell you that the shrimps that you have ordered foryour meal have just been netted in nearby West Lake. This will be a memorable meal that willensure that you remember your stay in Hanoi.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nom (salad)This dish is a combination of a variety of freshvegetables, usually used in salads in Westerncountries. The make-up of Nom, however, is slightlydifferent.The main ingredients of Nom include grated pieces ofturnip, cabbage, or papaya, and slices of cucumberwith grated, boiled, lean pork. Other auxiliaryingredients include grated carrot, slices of hot chilly,and roasted ground nuts. These are used to make thedish more colourful. All are mixed thoroughly beforebeing soaked in vinegar, sugar, garlic, hot chilly, and seasoned with salt.The presentation of the dish is also very meticulous. The mixture of ingredients is put into a dishbefore being covered with vegetables.To try a mouthful of Nom is to enjoy a combination of all the tastes life has to offer, includingsour, hot, sweet, salty, and fragrant tastes. The dish helps with digestion at meals and parties. Itcan become an addictive aid to assist the real connoisseur enjoy more food.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nem Ran or Cha Gio (fried spring roll)This dish is called Nem Ran by northerners and ChaGio by southerners. In Hanoi, the introduction ofNem Ran dates back to a time when Cha Ca had notexisted. Although it ranks among Vietnamsspecialty dishes, Nem Ran is very easy to prepare.Consequently, it has long been a preferred food onspecial occasions such as Tet and other familyfestivities.Ingredients used for Nem Ran comprise of leanminced pork, sea crabs or unshelled shrimps, twokinds of edible mushroom (Nam Huong and Moc “www.lovetravelteam.com”
  5. 5. “www.lovetravelteam.com”Nhi), dried onion, duck eggs, pepper, salt and different kinds of seasoning. All are mixedthoroughly before being wrapped with transparent rice paper into small rolls. These rolls are thenfried in boiling oil.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Faifo Dainty (Danang)Faifo dainty is a fairly unknown Vietnamese dishnamed after an old street in Hoi An.Dainty fiber is carefully made by putting rice in watercontaining ashes from wood found in Cu Lao Cham.Then, the rice is ground and quickly boiled to make afibrous mixture. Dainty can be preserved only oneday, which is why it is boiled and dried. Dainty fibershave a dark-yellow colour.The filling for dainty consists of lean pork and othercondiments that are stir-fried. Then, the dainty is cutinto finger-long pieces that are dried and grilled.Finally, the filling is put into the dainty. For a saltier taste, one can add fish sauce. Chicken meatcut in squares combined with small shrimps can also be added to the recipe.Although dainty is not a popular meal in Vietnam, it is still served in certain restaurants in HoChi Minh City.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tom Chua (Hue Sour Shrimp)When Hue natives living outside the city returnto their homeland, they usually have sourshrimp. Tourists also make sure to buy somejars of sour shrimp before leaving Hue.Because of the national reputation of this dish,some cooks and merchants specialize in makingsour shrimp. In the past, people made this dishat home, but now it is easier to buy it at themarket.This dish can be prepared with any kind ofshrimp. The recipe includes a number of steps that must be performed in a specific order. First,the fresh, clean, and dry shrimp of approximately the same size are put in wine along with drybamboo shoots, garlic, and chili. The ingredients are kept in a closed container at roomtemperature for three days. Then the container is put in a cool, dry place. After five or sevendays, the sour shrimp are ready.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Com Hen (Hue Mussel Rice)Hot white rice is part of every meal in Vietnam, butonly Hue mussel rice is served cool. Hue people, afterdeciding that no food should be wasted, havedesigned this dish using leftover rice.This dish includes Chinese vermicelli, bamboo shoots,lean pork meat, and an assortment of green vegetables(banana leaves, mint, star fruit, etc.).The broth obtained after boiling the mussels is used toflavour the rice. Ginger, sesame, and chili are alsoadded to the broth. This dish is very spicy and it is not “www.lovetravelteam.com”
  6. 6. “www.lovetravelteam.com”rare to see people with watery eyes and sweaty faces while eating it; nevertheless, everyonecongratulates the cook for such a delicious meal.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hue Beef Noodle SoupOne must have years of experience to cookexcellent Hue beef noodle soup. This recipe mainlyconsists of shredded meat and rice noodles. Mostrestaurants and merchants in Hue do not make therice noodles themselves; they buy them in Van Cuand Bao Vinh, two villages located near Hue.Learning how to make a clear broth from bone andmeat is also a difficult task, but cooks have thesatisfaction of seeing customers enjoying a goodmeal. The secret of this recipe resides in the meat–this is why it must be bought directly from theslaughterhouse early in the morning. The meat is then shredded, boiled, and taken out of thewater to obtain a delicious clear broth.The amount of salt put in the recipe varies depending on the season; during summer, Hue beefnoodle soup is served with soy bean, mint, and different kinds of lettuce; in the winter, the recipeis saltier and lemongrass and fish sauce are added.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cau Mong BeefCau Mong beef is a specialty of Cau Mong, located 15 km from Danang, Dien Ban district,where nearly ten restaurants serve the dish. Cau Mong beef has been served for a long time andis found in many places outside Danang, such as Hoi An, Tam Ky, Vinh Dien, and Ho Chi MinhCity.The meat along with its skin is cut in thin slices, half cooked, and eaten with nem, which consistsof fish sauce mixed with soy sauce, sugar, chili, garlic, lemon, star fruit, vervain, and greenbanana.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hu Tieu (My Tho Noodle Soup)My Tho seafood noodle soup is different from Chinesenoodle soup, nam vang soup, and Hue beef noodle soup,because it contains soy bean, lemon, chili, and soy sauceinstead of herbs and lettuce.Back in the 1960s, a shop in My Tho, 70 km from Ho ChiMinh City, started serving this dish using a secret recipefor the rice noodles. Ever since then, its reputation hasgrown to become a very well known meal in Vietnam.It is said that the most delicious noodle soup is made withCo Cat rice, from the most famous rice growing area ofMy Phong village, a suburb of My Tho.The sweet aroma of the broth comes from the meat, driedsquid, and special condiments.My Tho noodle soup is a traditional dish specific to the south.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “www.lovetravelteam.com”
  7. 7. “www.lovetravelteam.com”Lau Mam (Mixed Soup)Lau mam was a popular dish among farming communities hundreds of years ago, especially inthe southwestern provinces. Nowadays, lau mam is considered a delicacy and is often served tospecial guests. Lau designates the broth, and mam the salted fish.The main ingredient used in the broth is marinated fish to which meat and vegetables are added.Various ingredients, such as seafood, fish, and meat, are prepared on separate plates. Guestschoose and boil their meat in the broth. The meal is accompanied by several fresh vegetables andaromatic herbs.This dish is particularly enjoyed since so many alternatives are possible, offering a wide array ofdelicious flavours.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Canh Chua (Fish Sour Soup)Canh chua originated from the Mekong Region, more specifically from Dong Thap Muoi. Canhchua is a fish sour soup made with fish from the Mekong River and so dua flower. This dish ismostly served when the so dua flower first blossoms at the end of the rainy season. A feast isorganized and the fish sour soup is among the delicious meals prepared for this event. Fish soursoup must be eaten very hot. It must also be eaten all at one time since the taste is altered whenthe soup is reheated.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chao Tom (Grilled Shrimp Paste)Foreigners often say that grilled shrimp paste is a very unusual dish made from very simpleingredients. The recipe consists of clean shrimps placed in coconut water. The shrimps are latergrilled and ground to obtain shrimp flour. The flour is mixed with fat and sugar to finally obtainshrimp paste. This dish is served with fish sauce.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Banh Cuon Trang Bang (Rice Cakes)Trang Bang, located 40 km from Ho Chi Minh City, is where one can find the best rice paper andrice cakes.Both can be found everywhere, but nowhere are they better than in Trang Bang where they aremade from local rice. The rice flour is roasted for four or five hours and made into thick cakes.Once the cakes are dried, they are placed into nylon bags.These cakes can be eaten with shrimp, meat, salad, and coriander. During Tet, the cakes areserved with roasted meat, eggs, and sour mustard.Visit the website: “www.lovetravelteam.com” to get more information aboutVietnamese Foods “www.lovetravelteam.com”