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Traklight presents Lani Anderson: Health and Wellness Tips


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Hard to Lead When You Feel Like You're Running Behind the Pack.

Lani Anderson L.Ac. spends an hour with us sharing tips and tricks so your body and mind can be healthy. Being in the fast past business life, sometimes our health can fall into second priority. Lani explains how our health and wellness is what drives and sustains our productivity so we can be at our best.

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Traklight presents Lani Anderson: Health and Wellness Tips

  1. 1. Hard To Lead When You Feel Like You’re Running Behind the Pack December 10, 2013 Lani Anderson L.Ac. Jill HowardAllen, COO of Traklight "TRAKLIGHT", "ID YOUR IP", "IP VAULT", and "IP CLOUD" are registered trademarks of The PIP Vault, LLC. © MMXIII The PIP Vault, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. HARD TO LEAD WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE RUNNING BEHIND THE PACK Is brain fog and lack of energy and focus killing your success?
  3. 3. LANI ANDERSON L.AC. Why Brain Health? • • • • Sole Proprietor High Stress Warning Signs Tips and Strategies to stay ahead of the pack
  4. 4. STRESS Cortisol the hormone of stress Cortisol has beneficial effects on our bodies in small doses. Biological changes occur with chronic exposure
  5. 5. CAN CRISIS BE AVERTED?  5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and many more are headed toward the disease  Executives are among the first to see the effects of brain decline  Humans are adaptive and many ignore signs and symptoms  The good news is that we can build our brain’s natural defenses
  6. 6. AWARENESS, OWNERSHIP, PROACTIVIT Y You wouldn’t franchise the most important parts of your business to someone else why would you do it for your wellbeing? Honesty and personal responsibility Consistent action
  7. 7. MIND~BODY~SPIRIT Our brain’s neurons need oxygen, glucose, and stimulation Nourishment Movement Meditation
  8. 8. HEALTHY BODY HEALTHY BRAIN  But I’m healthy Doc  Fitness to avoid heart disease and weight issues  Signs of brain decline that creep up on us  Moodiness  Facial features sag  Slowed Mental Processing
  9. 9. EARLY WARNING SIGNS Three most common areas where Poor Brain Health appear 1. Depression 2. Fatigue 3. Digestive Problems
  10. 10. DEPRESSION Imbalances in the firing in the brain lead to hormone and chemical imbalances Vicious cycle Anti-depressants Tip eat 1 handful of cashews a day to lift mood
  11. 11. FATIGUE When the brain fatigues the entire body fatigues Sensitivity to stimulation and everyday activities Oxidation, Inflammation, Toxicity Tip take 1,000 mg of DHA a day
  12. 12. DIGESTION  Antacids, another gift of stress  Chronic GI problems  Indigestion, Acid reflux  Gas, Bloating, Abdominal Pain  Constipation, Loose stools  Food sensitivities  Tip sing in the shower and gargle
  13. 13. YOUR BRAIN The brain is divided into sections. Left and Right Frontal Parietal Temporal Cerebellum Occipital
  14. 14. FRONTAL  Executive functions, responsible for:  Planning, Motivation, Impulse control  Fine motor skills, Activating muscles  Symptoms of decline Depression, Slow movement, Poor handwriting  Build Brain Endurance ID the problem  Inflammation, nutrients, neurotransmitter communication, blood sugar, stimulation.  Tip devote time each day to intellectually stimulating activities
  15. 15. TEMPORAL  Responsible for:  Hearing, Speech, Memory, Smell  Hippocampus  Deficiencies  Ringing in the ears  Loss of smell  Sleep disturbances and insomnia  Low energy during the day  Tip practice good sleep hygiene
  16. 16. PARIETAL  Responsible for:  Awareness of environment  Sense of touch  Deficiencies:  Inability to recognize shapes  Unstable in darkness  Clumsiness  Tip have someone write on your arm
  17. 17. CEREBELLUM  Responsible for:  Coordination  End of stage movement  Balance  Deficiencies:  Dizziness, vertigo  Nausea  Clumsiness, poor balance  Tip bring out your inner child and run and jump
  18. 18. OCCIPITAL Responsible for: Visual information Deficiencies: Floaters Difficulty processing visual information Tip, give your eyes a rest during your work day
  19. 19. CONCLUSION 1. Eat food high in tryptophan (Cashews, Brewer’s Yeast) 2. Take 1,000 mg of DHA a day to boost Nrf2 3. Sing in the shower and gargle to stimulate the Vegas nerve 4. Devote time each day to intellectually stimulating activities reduce TV 5. Practice good sleep hygiene by removing light and sound stimulation 6. Have someone draw shapes on your forearm 7. Do jumping jacks or run on variable surfaces 8. Give your eyes a rest during your work day. Cover your eyes and look at your hands as you draw them away from you.
  20. 20. CONCLUSION Eating right may not be enough Regular exercise is a must Annual Lab Analysis
  21. 21. CONCLUSION Please Contact Us For ~ Presale of Brain Health book to come out next year Interest in Customized Programs New Year Wellness Program Phone - 310-928-7054 Email - Lani Anderson L.Ac.
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