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Increase your Social Capital for Crowdfunding: Practice Safe Crowdfunding


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Learn how to increase your social capital from Leverage PR's Joy Schoffler. TIps and Tricks for growing your crowd BEFORE you crowdfund. Brought to you by Traklight.

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Increase your Social Capital for Crowdfunding: Practice Safe Crowdfunding

  1. 1. "TRAKLIGHT", "ID YOUR IP", "IP VAULT", and "IP CLOUD" areregistered trademarks of The PIP Vault, LLC. © MMXIII The PIPVault, LLC. All Rights Reserved.19 June 2013Joy Schoffler, Principal, Leverage PRMary Juetten, Founder & CEOIncreasing your SocialCapital for Crowdfunding
  3. 3. Joy Schoffler is the Principal of Leverage PR, a full service publicityfirm specializing in finance, legal and technology PR services.Leverage PR works with the leaders of the crowdfunding industry,investment firms, investment associations, and high potentialstartups. Firms Joy has worked with have risen over a $100 millionin capital (more than $20 million was raised directly by Joy), madethe Inc. 500 list multiple times, and been acquired.Joy additionally founded a first of its kind publicityplatform for crowdfunding and growth phase companies—CrowdBuilder allows companies to leverage the power of publicityto increase investor dollars, close new accounts, and grow theirbusinesses. Joy is the Chair of the Publicity Committee for the CFPAand sits on the Board for CFIRA on the Ad-hoc Committee. Joyserved over 8 years in the Army Reserves and Guard as a Financeand Public Affairs Officer.Get Social: @joyschoffler | SCHOFFLERPRINCIPAL OF LEVERAGE PR
  4. 4. When you stand out—others notice• Investor dollars• Mainstream press• Expert reputation• Speaking engagements• Analyst interest• Writing opportunities• Partnership opportunities• Customers• Better terms with suppliersWHY MEDIA ATTENTION MATTERSGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  5. 5. • Build a high-quality social media presence• Acquire a number of targeted high-qualityfollowers and fans on all of your social profiles• Conduct all of the work needed to prime yournetwork for a crowdfunding campaign orproduct launch• Secure several media hits• Build a high quality digital presence completewith new bios, better branding and strongercompany messaging• Lay all of the groundwork for crowdfundingcampaignsBUILDING YOUR CROWDIN UNDER 6 WEEKSGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  6. 6. What does the outside world see when they look at yourcompany?Your online presence is everything!• Websites• Logo/ design• Business cards• Social media profiles and streams• Bio• Branding and imagingWEEK 1GETTING READY FOR THE SPOTLIGHTGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  7. 7. To Influence you have to become an Influencer!• LinkedIn groups for your Industry•• Klout• The golden rule• Share good content and engageBUILDING SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCEGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  8. 8. WEEK 2PLOTTING YOUR COURSE• Every good publicity campaign begins with a clearunderstanding of what a company wishes toaccomplish• Short term, medium term and long term goalsneed to be defined• PR campaigns should achieve your overallbusiness objectives, to be considered a successGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  9. 9. Research and Writing the Keys to Publicity Success•Build a media list•Set Google Alerts and craft your pitches based on these alerts•How to find the perfect investors online—without soliciting themBUILDING A TARGET MEDIA LISTGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  10. 10. Failing to Plan is Planning to FailComponents of a Successful Media Plan:• Press releases• Why email is more effective than a press release• Speaking engagements and award nominations• How to turn recommenders into contributors• Content creation best practices• The “pitching” schedule road map• Editorial calendars and lead timesWEEK 3PLANNING FOR SUCCESSGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  11. 11. Tell a Good StoryPR isn’t simply about stating facts or announcing straightforward news. It’s abouttelling a good story to the right audience at the right time. A great press release/emailpitch is crafted to tell the story behind the words, to trigger ideas and possibilities inother people’s heads and to indicate the direction your company is going, withoutstating it explicitly.What is your Story?Not sure how to tell your story? Here are a few steps you can take to find your angle-Break your organization down into three categories:• People• Mission• Events“NIM" test: new, interesting, and memorable.WEEK 4HOW TO GET INVESTOR AND MEDIA ATTENTIONGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  12. 12. Closing the media on a story and closing investors for a capital raise follow a similar path—master one and you will succeed at both!PITCHING AND REVISIONSBetter bring your best to the mound• Best times and days to pitch• How should you pitch?• Who should you pitch, first- the A,B,C’s of successful pitching• Create compelling sound bites• Revise your pitch around the message people hear• Develop a 20-second elevator pitch• What problem are you solving with your solution?• Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised• Use feedback to revise your pitchGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  13. 13. Create Content• Get your name in the marketplace• Increase SEO• Organically climb to the top of search engines• Position yourself as a thought leader• Provide journalists and customers with resources• Earn trust with journalistsWEEK 5THE ART OF CONTENT CREATIONGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  14. 14. • Research your target market and find a topic they would enjoy• Create an outline• Answer the following questionso What is the objective?o What is the topic?o Who is the target reader?o What is the problem that will be addressed?o What is the proposed solution?o Is there any primary research on the topic?BLOGS AND WHITEPAPERSGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  15. 15. • Offer an exclusive on data• Set Google Alerts for your industry• Connect to reporters on social media• Share their content• Comment on their stories• Offer to help them• NEVER MISS A DEADLINE• Don’t Pitch off Topic• HARO and ProfNetWEEK 6BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE MEDIAGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  16. 16. Capitalize on your 5 minutes of fameTHE INTERVIEWGet ready for “The Interview”• Prepare and ensure you have data/trends on hand• Be on time• Work your goals into your angle• Use data that shows your strength• Learn how to talk and write in sound bites• Transition an interview to highlight key topics important to you• Stay in control of the interview• Recognize and avoid landmines• What to say if you don’t know an answer you should• Always send a follow up interview summarizing the data andpoints you want them to printGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  17. 17. • Being quoted as a subject matter expert will give you an advantage over yourpeers who are just telling people they are experts• Dramatically improved search results will increase site traffic and be moreimpressive in the online due diligence process for investors and contributors• Increases your credibility to potential customers• Could be used as a way to show there is a market for your services• Include coverage in investor packages and deal rooms to increase company profileCROWDFUNDING COMPANIESA SPECIAL NOTEGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  18. 18. Want to Build Your Crowd?WEEK 2CrowdBuilder is a step-by-step platform that incorporates all of the tools, systems,templates, expert knowledge, reporting and on-call expert social media and publicrelations talent needed to help companies gain the visibility they need to skyrocket tosuccess in 6 weeks.Within 6 weeks you will have:• Built a high-quality social media presence• Acquired a number of targeted high-quality followers and fans on all of your socialprofiles• Conducted all of the work needed to prime your network for a crowdfunding campaignor product launch• Secured several media hits (one is guaranteed or we will refund the cost of the Basicprogram back to you*)• Built a high quality digital presence complete with new bios, better branding andstronger company messaging• Laid all of the groundwork for your crowdfunding campaignGet Social: @joyschoffler |
  19. 19. Are You Ready to Leverage Publicity to GrowYour Business?All Traklight referralswill receive an 5%discount off allCrowdBuilder ServicesEnter“TraklightWebinar” atcheckout to receiveyour discountinfo@leverage-pr.com512-271-9489Get Social: @joyschoffler |
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  21. 21. Mary IPHELPU to 72727 for the latest white paperOr visit