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Taking the Plunge Into Entrepreneurship; How to Dive In Intelligently | Webinar with Jennifer Hill


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Jennifer Hill was an international startup lawyer who left a stable career as a senior attorney to launch a tech startup company. Sixty Vocab is an adaptive gaming platform (online and mobile) to learn, retain and recall conversational foreign language vocab. Sixty Vocab was selected by Forbes as a 2014 Start-up to Watch and a semi-finalist in the Milken-Penn GSE Business Plan Competition for the nation's most promising edtech startups. It was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as well as BBC Capital in a story on how to ditch the 9-to-5 life. Sixty Vocab just launched its mobile app for iOS and Android featuring an offline mode for convenient learning anywhere anytime.

In this webinar, Jennifer provides guidance on how to take the "jump" as an entrepreneur and what it looked like for her business, Sixty Vocab, once she did.

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Taking the Plunge Into Entrepreneurship; How to Dive In Intelligently | Webinar with Jennifer Hill

  1. 1. Connect to the Audio Otherwise, you won’t hear the webinar.  Click on the phone icon to connect. Please mute your microphone. Also under the phone icon.
  2. 2. Taking the Plunge into Entrepreneurship: How to Dive in Intelligently Jennifer Hill (Speaker) Co-Founder Sixty Vocab Emily Ely (Moderator) Digital Content Coordinator Traklight Presented by
  3. 3. Taking the Plunge into Entrepreneurship: How to Dive in Intelligently Jennifer Hill, Co-Founder, Sixty Vocab
  4. 4. Roadmap • Background • 3 questions to ponder • Personal Prep • Business tips • Key tips for success • Q&A
  5. 5. Background (… most importantly, I was raised in Arizona!)
  6. 6. We believe there is a better way to learn. HOW By creating personalized e-learning programs that provide a simpler and faster path to learning WHAT Think flash cards + gaming. Our memorization tool revolutionizes how people retain and recall any type of information
  7. 7. Why I made the jump
  8. 8. Background: your strengths & passions • Skills and experience • Core competencies • Extra curricular activities • Passion projects ….
  9. 9. Questions to Ponder • What motivates me? • What scares me? • What’s for dinner?
  10. 10. You’re ready when you’re ready • How to get ready • Letting go • Looking forward • Defining your flow
  11. 11. Preparing yourself for the jump • Focus on the idea • Vision for the workday • Impact on your lifestyle • Taking stock of your finances • Gaining family support
  12. 12. Preparing your business for you Finances Team Idea generation •Where from? •How long? •Temperature? Viability •Experience •Testing •Market Timeline Exit strategy Resources
  13. 13. Tips for Success • Build your personal advisory board • Get quality legal, accounting & IP advice – Entity selection – Tax advice – IP Protection • Remember: tomorrow doesn’t look like today
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Thank you! Contact Us Keep in touch with Jennifer Hill
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