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Developing a Winning Crowdfunding Pitch


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There is a plethora of platforms, thousands of hits, millions of dollar$ but how do you stand out the crowd??

Join Jill & Megan as we explore and dissect successful and…not so successful crowdfunding campaigns from a marketing perspective.

• Content strategy
• Successful reward structure
• The art of the update
• Brand power
About the Presenters:

Jill Howard Allen received her BA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. She has 20+ years of experience in marketing including Southwest & launching their corporate booking tool, SWABIZ. & Ding!.

Megan Knedler attended Iowa State University and Arizona State University for her BA in Marketing and MBA. She has both agency and brand experience building campaigns valued at over $110 million annually. Her research includes consumer behavior (gender & generational), user experience & strategic marketing for startups & entrepreneurs.

Published in: Business, Education
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Developing a Winning Crowdfunding Pitch

  1. 1. Developing a Winning Crowdfunding Pitch! 7.17.13! Jill HowardAllen! Megan Knedler! ! presented by ! TRAKLIGHT.COM!
  2. 2. Getting to know your presenters:! •  University of WI! •  20+ years experience! •  Launched Southwest Airlines Social Media, SWABIZ & Ding!! •  Live in a world of rainbows & unicorns – They like me here! •  Professional squirrel spotter! •  Iowa State & Arizona State! •  Brand advocate w/agency experience! •  Geeks out over case studies & market research! •  Momma bear to Harper & Anders! JILL! MEGAN!
  3. 3. What it takes to win.! ! ! Bottom line: PREPARATION ! !
  4. 4. Let’s break it into steps.! 1.  Iden'fy  your  IP.   2.  Protect  your  IP   3.  Pick  a  pla8orm.   4.  Raise  social  capital.   5.  Develop  your  pitch.  
  5. 5. Identify your IP.! Never. Never. Never. (one more time) ! NEVER. Start to crowdfund before you’ve identified & protected your intellectual property. !
  7. 7. Protect your IP.! •  Identify! •  Educate! •  Legal Documents and Labeling! •  Secure Storage! •  Do-it-yourself! •  Consultants ! •  Professionals!
  8. 8. Pick a platform.!
  9. 9.! TAKE THE QUIZ! INC Magazine's Roadmap for Picking a Platform: !
  10. 10. TIP   Write down your goals. Find a platform that meets those goals.! Highlight nonprofit status Keep everything we raise Has technology category
  11. 11. Raise social capital.! •  Minimum of 6 weeks out! •  Create your content! •  Hire a PR agency!
  12. 12. Develop your pitch.!
  13. 13. Typical Campaign Elements! !Your brand!! !Video! !Rewards! !Pictures! !Updates! !Comments! Social Links! Information- who are you? what is the $$ for?! Emails!
  14. 14. Meet your competition.!
  15. 15. Reward Me!!
  16. 16. Case Study: Lessons Learned
 (megan couldn’t help it.)!
  17. 17. What they do.! •  Genetic Art! – Ts! – Portraits! •  Channels! – Obsessed pet owner! – Animal organizations!
  18. 18. Campaign attempt #1!
  19. 19. What went wrong?! 2!
  20. 20. Seriously?... Try again?! •  Lessons learned! •  New plan of action! •  New cause! •  New business ! !opportunity!
  21. 21. The new plan.! •  Pre-Selling! •  HEAVY PR! – Social Presence! – Local media! •  Partnering! •  Get it in writing! •  New rewards structure! •  SCHEDULE!
  22. 22. UPDATE! Interested in contributing??! !!
  23. 23. Case Study: Crowdfunding is one piece of the strategy.
 (seriously, she has a problem.)!
  24. 24. What they do.!
  25. 25. How they prepared.! •  Prepared almost 6 weeks in advance! •  Research! •  Networked!
  26. 26. The campaign guts.!
  27. 27. The results.! ! •  Met goal 1 week early! •  Ended 15% above goal! •  Local media coverage!
  28. 28. The BIG picture results.!
  29. 29. questions?! @traklight! www.facebook. com/traklight!! #practicesafeCF! 855.828.0261! !
  30. 30. DEAL   Get started with traklight.! 10% OFF ID your IP Visit Use the coupon code WEBINAR07
  31. 31. drop us a line.! JILL! MEGAN!!! ! Help Save the Cheetahs!! !